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K9 Trooper Wants His Job Back After Kicking Dog

Written by PETA | May 15, 2008

A lot of people were pretty shocked to see this video of a North Carolina state trooper hanging his dog from a railing and repeatedly kicking the animal, who had refused to let go of a toy. Well now Sgt. Charles Jones, who was fired last September after his partner released the cell phone video of this incident, is fighting to get his job back.

In the meantime, PETA is fighting to ensure that the District Attorney in the county where this incident occurred files charges against the sergeant. We’re reminding the DA that animal abuse is an indicator of deep mental disturbance and often leads to further violent acts. You can watch the video and judge for yourself who’s got the right end of the stick here.

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  • L says:

    Oh yeah real good training methods. And the next time kids refuse to eat their broccoli let’s tie them to a lamp post and whip them! And heck after they DO eat it let’s just leav ’em hangin’ for fun! I need an address. NOW.

  • kacey says:

    Thanks for the update Jim. I am disgusted along with you. “Second chances” are meant for board games….NOT lateral transfers like this. Unbelievable!!! Town manager Bruce Radford is an absolute moron that has nothing but rocks in his head.

  • Jim says:

    Just to update everyone. “Officer” Jones has been hired by the Apex NC Police Department! My town! This was announced today and I am absolutely disgusted. Our town manager Bruce Radford stated “We believe in second chances.” Our town council meets July 15 and my wife and I intend to go and protest his hiring. It’s a sad day for our town.

  • kelly says:

    corey you don’t get it…i’m not just as bad as the cop…did you read the other comments? i’m saying the cop deserves to have his butt kicked for what he did that doesn’t make me just as bad as him..i wouldn’t harm an animal there’s nothing wrong with putting the “smack down” on the monster that beat a poor animal. you’re full of yourself.

  • BC says:

    Write to the Governors office in North Carolina. Just Google “North Carolina Governor”. Its the second link and click on contact us. Together we can make a difference and at least be heard. Keep this jerk away from animals and people.

  • katreena says:

    I do not believe this man or should i call him something else should never have his job back….where I am from a police dog is still a police officer. I personally know an officer of the k9 unit and his dog is his bestfriend would you kick your bestfriend.. This dog is still part of the police force and this guy should be charged with assaulting a police officer. There was a Case in Canada recently where a dog was chasing a man who he believed was carrying drugs the dog chased him and was shot however the dog survived to be on the force the man was then charged with attempted murder of a police officer which carries a min sentence of 15 years that man is still rotting in prison right now and i am glad for it and i think this officer should be put away and throw away the key he is obviously not all there in the head and i agree a padded cell may come in handy as well. I hope the DA does not allow him to have his job back they were right in firing him and it should stay that way. Katie Sudbury Ontario Canada

  • kacey says:

    Bethy….if you can’t read this you definitely are visually impaired. Time to go get the peepers checked.