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Facebook Photo Gets Animal Abuser Busted

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 6, 2011

In a rare case of legal protection for a rat, a Denver woman has pleaded guilty to a cruelty-to-animals charge for torturing and killing a rat. Tashaya Abbott and Alison Milke bought a rat from a pet store to feed live to a snake, but the snake did not eat the animal for four days—during which time the terrified rodent was confined to a tank with the snake. So the young women reportedly electroshocked, shot with blow darts multiple times, and finally crushed the rat to death. Evidently thinking that this animal’s horrific suffering and death were something to laugh about, Milke posted a photo of the rat to her Facebook page and boasted about the crime that they had committed.

A PETA supporter alerted us, and we immediately notified law enforcement and pushed for the women to be prosecuted.

The judge ordered Abbott to pay a $125 fine and complete 50 hours of community service and banned her from owning any animals for a year. There is still an outstanding warrant for Milke, who is believed to be in Florida now, and PETA is pushing hard for her prosecution as well.

If you spot any evidence of potential animal abuse on social-networking sites, contact PETA right away, and we will work to have the offenders prosecuted.

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  • tara says:

    She got away with it if you ask me. She should have had a stiffer fine. What do you think of, rate my rat in NY. They’re just tryin to get by

  • mah says:

    psyco , brainless , mad people don’t know how to entertain themselves !!!!

  • Kris Aaron says:

    I kept two rats as pets and was always amazed at how intelligent and affectionate they could be. One would come when his name was called, how smart is that? Rats deserve better press than they get, and yes, this was sickening. I just renewed my member ship with PETA and glad I did.

  • Michelle says:

    Glad to see that they are paying for their crimes and thanks who ever blew the whistle, nice observations.

  • OddWheelz says:

    I love rats. I raise my own for my snakes. But they are spoiled rotten: great diet, fresh water, and they’re FRIENDLY, cuddly, because of hand raising. Yes, it’s hard to do, (have a few “keepers” and a very sweet mated pair) but THEY ARE NEVER ABUSED!

  • billy williams says:

    Anyone who would torture & kill ANY living being like that is on their way to becoming a future serial killer,-SICK!

  • veganvulcan says:

    For those who choose to “own” a pet, it is my firm belief that you take FULL responsibility for EVERY aspect of that animal’s welfare to the best of your abilities – and sometimes that is not enough. If you take an animal out of its habitat, force it to become dependent on you, domesticate it to abide “your” rules of behavior, even to the point where their own survival instincts cease to exist… How can there not be strict and severe punishment for crimes committed on them?

  • Jackie says:

    It takes a special kind of stupid to not only torture a rat, but to post an image of it on the net.

  • Elizabeth says:

    It’s really depressing how cruel and awful [too] many humans are. This is particularly terrible instance, but similar stuff is in the news every day. Maybe we need to spay/neuter the human race. Thanks PETA for standing up for those who have no voice and no rights. It makes me very proud to be a member.

  • Robyn says:

    So Milke fled? She’ll undoubtedly get more time for fleeing itself and having a warrant out for her arrest then for the abuse of an animal. God forbid either one of them have children. They deserve a stiffer penalty, but atleast its something. Highly doubt it will make them think about what they did. People like that never change.

  • Leah says:

    Any form of cruelty is abhorrent to me, but especially to animals and children, since they don’t have the strength or abilitiy to speak out about it, or defend themselves. This is the act of a total coward – it’s easy to hurt the defenceless. To find it amusing pushes it one step further – I should HATE to know people like this. Whoever reported this to Peta, Kudos to you, and thank you Peta for following up on it.

  • kris says:

    I’m sure snakes don’t want to be kept by idiots like this.Let them go free.

  • Capi says:

    I have pet rats myself so this was especially sickening to me. Thank you for doing your part PETA and I hope this rat is getting the best treatment in pet heaven right now.

  • rachelle says:

    how sick and sad. it breaks my heart that people are so disconnected from compassion and the pain and torture they inflict on innocent, defenseless animals. rip little ratty <3

  • sylvie doyon says:

    If you think that only rats are given to snakes,, thinkd about all the cats who deseped, them to sometimes are given to them.

  • Erin Sloan says:

    For all the small minded folks out there saying we need to ban the keeping of snakes, get real. In that case since there are more than enough cases of people leting their dog mual a cat I guess dogs should be banned as well. And since there are plenty of people who either abuse cats or let their cats kill rodents, they need to be banned as will. Stop detracting from the fact that it was a sick individual that did this and the snake played no part in this at all. PETA seems to be absent in the fight against rattlesnake roundups and did nothing when sent footage of rattlers who had their mouth sewn shut at roundups in Oklahoma. All they sent was a donation request. They is very little use for live feeding, but if you think banning snakes is the answer your being narrow minded to think that cats or dogs should not be outlawed as well.Until PETA stops ignoring the blatant abuse wild snakes endure in our own country at roundups they have no room to act as though this in any way plays part to the thousands of responsible keepers including myself.

  • Van says:

    Thank you Peta!

  • NIKA says:

    I truly find owners who feed live animals to cold-blooded reptiles and such to be not normal. It shouldn’t be done, as there are other alternatives to feeding one’s snake.

  • Mauicowgirl says:

    Yes, they should outlaw owning snakes, yes they eat rodents in the wild,and they should stay in the wild, not in a person’s home.

  • megan m. says:

    how about a higher fine and in addition to community service have her complete therapy as well because obviously she has a freaking mental problem if this was funny to her!

  • Dave says:

    Personally, I think anyone who feeds another living thing to something else is disgusting. it’s not much different than if someone broke in your home & killed you. They value their lives just as much as you do yours.

  • Pamela Thompson says:

    How would they like it if we came along and took their children away

  • Cecil Evans says:

    I’m glad there is groups out there willing to stand up for animals. Kudos. I think human civilization should be retaught basic ethics.