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No Justice for Dog Killed by the U

Written by PETA | April 12, 2011

Prior to last month, when it announced (after a vigorous PETA campaign) that it would no longer experiment on animals from shelters, the University of Utah (the U)  regularly conducted cruel and deadly experiments on lost, stray, and abandoned cats and dogs. One of these unfortunate souls was a dog named Sunny, whom employees at the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS) described as “very sweet” and “timid.”

When Sunny was dropped off at NUVAS by the police, shelter workers scanned her and found a microchip indicating that she belonged to a rescue group called the Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC). Even though state law says that shelters must make “a reasonable effort to … find the rightful owner of the animal,” NUVAS didn’t even bother to call UAAC to try and find Sunny a safe and loving home. Instead, it sold her to the U for $50. The U also scanned her for a microchip, found that it lead back to UAAC, and, again, made no attempt to reach the group. Instead, according to the Associated Press, she was used in an experiment and killed, and her heart was cut out.

A simple phone call would have saved her life. No one at UAAC knew about the fate Sunny had met until it was too late.

PETA and UAAC have filed complaints with the state and will continue to seek justice for Sunny.

Thankfully, animals in Utah shelters are no longer at risk of being tormented and killed in experiments like Sunny was.

You can help save other animals from suffering in laboratories as well by taking a moment to e-mail your U.S. representatives asking them to divert public money away from cruel and crude animal experiments and give it to humane, relevant, and lifesaving non-animal research.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Linda C. says:


  • pj54 says:

    There is no reason for people to do these things to animals. They are just latent serial killers who like to see the blood and pain of innocent beings.

  • 1simba says:

    it almost gives you an empty feeling knowing someone went the effort to chip sunny to have her robbed from her family and her life… The U should have a fine, sanctions and criminal charges filed against them for not returning property that didnt belong to them! Curse you U!

  • In Defense of Animals Everywhere says:

    This just makes me more angry after I wrote the University about using animals in experiments and they just wrote me back and were seemingly uncaring about how I felt. They have no care about how they cruelly treat and maim animals. This has got to stop. If you see a petition sign it. That is one way of helping stamp out cruelty.The second step is to become vocal. If you are in the area of the University organize a protest and get information out to the public on what they are doing. We need a public outcry to end this.

  • Misty molano says:

    This is amazing. It makes me sick, and my soul ache. Poor sunny. He didn’t have to die and for what? 50dollars. O didn’t lnow shelters did’ a disgrace.

  • marlene hebert says:

    They should be held liable,shut down,fined and jailed,after I beat the crap out of them!

  • FriendsForSealsorg says:

    This has to stop. Animals have feeling and emotion. They are ours to protect.

  • Jana says:

    it is easy to hurt and kill some1 who isn t able to protect himself and there are no ears to hear his crying for help. Human rights are above all in this world but what about others? they feel- sometimes a lot more then people.

  • Beatrice C says:

    These abandoned animals already losing love from their owner, and their life ended without a proper organ attach with it. They wasn’t born from a rock, they have their own parents as well. For those who want to have pets, please think properly will you willingly to taking care of it. Why this animals ended to shelter, that was not only one side responsible, it was the previous owner as well! For those shelter that carrying the name and the responsibility of taking care this animals, doesn’t give you the right to send them away by letting them die cruelly!argued war is killing people, torturing animals is nothing huge different from war! stop being stupid

  • G says:

    To all the people at the University of Utah: Believe me your day will come and u will all painfully remember what u have done to each n every animal.

  • Tamara says:

    I have lost all faith in humanity…people are just evil creatures! RIP Sunny!

  • Tammy Robertson says:


  • yvonne says:

    Amazing so many ppl still don’t understand that animals are not ours. They are a different species and have the same RIGHT to live and to be respected like any human. Enough of this Lets move into the new era where animals are treated with respect. Let s show that we are the most intelligent species showing that we care. And sick ppl able to perpetrate such acts should be jailed

  • Kathy Barnett says:

    How would we have felt if Sunny was our lost family pet?

  • dawn w says:

    Crying. I feel sick.

  • Nancy A. Speed says:

    As an animal rights activist, I make certain that our dogs are chipped. Obviously, having them chipped will not save them if they are taken from my home and taken to a shelter if they are NOT going to be scanned and returned to me. All of us MUST make certain that our companion animals are sold to the research dept. at a university – then be at risk of suffering horrific tortures, and die. THEN THIS MUST END!!!!!!!!

  • dilek demirel says:

    dear sir/madam please stop cruelty to animals and animal experiments by diverting the public money to humane,relevant and life saving experiments.thank you. dilek demirel

  • Tammy Robertson says:

    This is a total outrage!! My soul is sicked!! My heart is broken!! How and why is this allowed?? Who are these people that can live with themselves after torturing and killing animals???

  • Selena medina says:

    unconscious people don’t realize how inhumane this act of cruelty is. these poor dogs are innocent animals and don’t deserve to be treated that way. Im sure most people who do this act have pets and mostly dogs. Doesnt thay make these people realize that they also have the right to live???

  • Audrey Wickham says:

    any form of cruelty to animals should not be excepted in any country and in this day and age animals should not be used in experiments. dogs are careing, loving and loyal animals that deserve love and respect from humans. they have been domesticated by humans for years and help them in many ways for example helping the blind and working with humans to seek out drugs at airports etc. dogs should not be used in cruel experiments. please have some compassion and a concience.

  • CHRISTINE says:


  • Keely Hurst says:

    Thank you PETA, so very much for all that you do! There are millions of us out there who do care. We do know all you do… and we love you for it!

  • Lynne says:

    This article makes me feel sick. I worked for five years in a local animal rescue centre. we went to great lengths to trace owners of micro chipped animals and heavily promoted the use of micro chips by chipping all our animals and encouraging the public to bring theirs in for chipping. To think that a chip was found and ignored is bad enough but to then sell on the poor creature to be tortured in a lab does not bear thinking about. These people should be prosecuted for theft to start with and birched for their other various misdemeanours!

  • Michele says:

    Extremely disappointed at The U!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!! There is absolutely no reason to use live animals for ANY research!

  • Astika Bhugeloo says:

    There really should be a much greater government effort to protect innocent animals.

  • Kaligula Bobir says:


  • Patricia Webster says:

    What is there to say except those people are pure evil.

  • konna rodi says:

    IF YOU START KILLING YOUR KIDS WILL BECOME KILLERS. Killins is always the same, no matter who is under your weapon. Beware.

  • leslie says:


  • Karen says:

    It’s not right to do such horrible things to living beings. This poor dog could have been saved had they called. Please do all you can to save animals not finance those who hurt them. Thank you so much, Karen

  • Save Animals says:

    This breaks my heart. I’m sitting here in tears after reading this. What is wrong with people?!!!

  • Kushagra says:


  • Kathy LeMay says:

    Seriously. Do the right thing.

  • Myrna Rodriguez says:

    I URGE you to divert public money away from cruel and crude animal experiments and give it to humane, relevant, and lifesaving non-animal research. This is too cruel and barbaric. It shouldn’t be supported by our government.

  • Christina Truong says:

    I am very saddened that this happened to Sunny the dog. I am more than saddened because I am also outraged. I ave a dog that is micro chipped also and if that happened to him, I will do everything to shut that place down who did this.

  • karine lenaerts says:

    is there some human laft in you???? Or are you ALL just a …………………..!!!!!!!!

  • Tavia Danch says:

    Please divert public money away from cruel and crude animal experiments and give it to humane, relevant, and lifesaving non-animal research.

  • Christina Truong says:

    This is very sad that Sunny was micro chipped but was not returned. I have a dog who is micro chipped also. If that happened to him, I would be very sad and angry and seek justice.

  • Angel M. says:

    This is an outrage, and the NUVAS should be sued and fined for their lack of decency and care of a living being. CLOSE DOWN NUVAS!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

  • Cheryl martin says:

    Torture of the innocent is never justified. It’s barbaric! Make sure this never happens again.

  • Kimberley Maunder says:

    I am frustrated by the fact that so many petitions or actions are for people living in the US only, surely you could have petitions for the world to sign not always US representatives????

  • Angela Rupar says:

    Please stop abusing these innocent animals by sending them to labs. It’s simply not right!

  • Tara Shaw says:

    What is wrong with our society……Why does this continue to go on? We need to respect ALL living things not torture and kill them!

  • Ericka Chamberlain says:

    This has gotten out of hand. BARBARIC to say the least. PUT A STOP to this NOW!!! People how torture these animals day and night and a sick!!!!! God help these animals and stike the people who do such harm to helpless animals.

  • Tanya Davies says:

    Hrd to believe in this day and age that animal testing still happens! Are we all cavemen??? It must stop now!

  • jenn m says:

    So terrible. I mean, there are other ways to do research than taking poor defenseless animals out of shelters, where they are mean to be taken care of until adopted to LOVING homes. Torturing them to death is not what I would call a loving home and honestly, what are we learning from shoving needles and tubes into an animal while cutting them open while conscious? I guess, what we are learning is that there a lot more sadistic freak shows in this world than we thought! Anyone who does this needs to be put in jail before they start doing this to humans too

  • Jennifer hernandez says:

    Please stop this disgusting cruelty

  • tokyoval says:

    Poor Sunny. Let’s hope animals in Utah shelters never have to go through this again

  • Angela Taylor says:

    animals feel pain too

  • Samantha says:

    This absolutely disgusts me.. How people do these kinds of things is beyond me.