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No Justice for Dog Killed by the U

Written by PETA | April 12, 2011

Prior to last month, when it announced (after a vigorous PETA campaign) that it would no longer experiment on animals from shelters, the University of Utah (the U)  regularly conducted cruel and deadly experiments on lost, stray, and abandoned cats and dogs. One of these unfortunate souls was a dog named Sunny, whom employees at the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS) described as “very sweet” and “timid.”

When Sunny was dropped off at NUVAS by the police, shelter workers scanned her and found a microchip indicating that she belonged to a rescue group called the Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC). Even though state law says that shelters must make “a reasonable effort to … find the rightful owner of the animal,” NUVAS didn’t even bother to call UAAC to try and find Sunny a safe and loving home. Instead, it sold her to the U for $50. The U also scanned her for a microchip, found that it lead back to UAAC, and, again, made no attempt to reach the group. Instead, according to the Associated Press, she was used in an experiment and killed, and her heart was cut out.

A simple phone call would have saved her life. No one at UAAC knew about the fate Sunny had met until it was too late.

PETA and UAAC have filed complaints with the state and will continue to seek justice for Sunny.

Thankfully, animals in Utah shelters are no longer at risk of being tormented and killed in experiments like Sunny was.

You can help save other animals from suffering in laboratories as well by taking a moment to e-mail your U.S. representatives asking them to divert public money away from cruel and crude animal experiments and give it to humane, relevant, and lifesaving non-animal research.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • jeannette says:

    the shelter and the university should be held accountable for what happened to Sunny, both parties knew that she was microchipped but BOTH CHOSE to IGNORE IT. I hope that they are punished and justice served.

  • charl says:

    the people who did this have no heart or soul lets hope ur a experimental animal in ur next life you heartless enomtionalness [expletive] sunny xx

  • D.Davis says:

    No justice for killer dogs.

  • Ashlee says:

    Just think, for all the rapist, murderers & pedophiles we have in jails. Innocent lives are being taken for our selfish species. Or maybe they should test on each other. These people are so pathetic, I would shoot them myself…

  • Suzanne E. Deets says:

    We all know it takes a certain kind of immune person to work the ranks of an animal shelter….Could we all please understand that spaying and neutering is the most important thing in reaching the end to these attrocities. So very sad. Sad for all of us.

  • karolina says:

    WTF how can they do this i hope they burn in ****, i swear when i turn 18 i am going to america and if i see anything like this i will…

  • chicagogirl says:

    I am soooo sad looking at her poor little scared face. This poor baby had no one to love her. I am so angry at the people who could do this. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD???????

  • ana says:

    please stop it

  • Carol says:

    Why do these idiots keep getting away with such cruelty and injustice under the guise of science and being for “our” good. These people should wear the deaths head badge and two SS’s they are just as disgusting and just as revolting.

  • Adelene says:

    I am curious after reading the fate of Sunny. My question – how, in the first place, was Sunny ‘taken’ from the UTAH or….did he escape? Was there no secured room for dogs and/or other animals? Thank you and may Sunny’s soul Rest In Peace.

  • silvia says:

    poor little soul, she left this world with no love but lots of pain. My heart is bleading, so terribly sad.

  • silvia says:

    poor little soul, she left this world with no love but lots of pain. My heart is bleading, so terribly sad.

  • gailland says:

    comment peut-on encore accepter tant d’horreur: quand y aura-t-il des lois pour la sauve-garde des animaux de la flore; sommes-nous des monstres?

  • Mah says:

    We want JUSTICE for animals !!!! We seak for the animals rights to live naturally out of any fears, pains,and tortures !!!! We won’t let you continue this cruelty !!!

  • Debra Doll says:

    Someone should CUT out the person’s heart who did that to Sunny! Oops! They do not have one. This makes me sick. I only wish I had more money to donate to PETA. How can this even be legal?

  • Blainne Knaus says:

    this makes me sick. And really sad we have sick disgusting people in this world who would do something like this to a poor Innocent animal. I’m glad I’m not president id put everyone of them to death like they deserve.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m sorry but WHY OH WHY isn’t this being taken to a court of law? Two groups; first the Utah animal shelter followed by the University BOTH scanned the animal and found where the chip led. The shelter disregarded the information and SOLD the dog to the University. The University, after scanning the dog found where the chip led and proceeded to experiment on and kill this kind animal. PETA; You MUST prosecute these people to the fullest. And if the punishment for this is “lame” then let’s make a new law that holds these places accountible with extremely harsh and expensive fines and some jail time too. This was not an earth worm they killed it is a DOG; one of the most intelligent and feeling creatures the people of this earth are blessed to have. This story made me sick and will bother me for the rest of my days. This just cannot EVER happen to another dog again. PETA; the media must get this story and put it out there for EVERYONE so see. Did this made AOL news?

  • Lisa says:

    All i can say is im glad myself and my pets dont live in the USA,this would never happen in the UK as a huge Country you should be ashamed of yourselves for letting this happen not only for Sunny which we know of but if that can happen to her ask yourself how many more has there been which we dont know of. i read the article and they stated “No one wanted it” God bless you Sunny xxxx

  • miriam says:

    thank you PETA!

  • Aysha Besher says:

    I’m begining to sympathise with those guys who raid laboratories and free animals. Yes, I know it breaks laws but these acts should be against the law, not saving the animals. Too bad I’m no longer young…

  • Ozzie says:

    What goes around comes around and every dog will have its day. The perpetrators who had a hand in this and every other act of cruelty against animals need to be brought to justice. The laws that protect animals are inadequate in all countries around the world. And as animal activists we need to stay strong and true for the voiceless and innocents. Turn your tears and anger and direct them into action. Write letters,and support petitions and in your every day life.

  • elke andrea weiler says:

    yesssssssss in defence of animals everywhere

  • animalempath says:

    too many people are not aware of all the things that are done to animals,and the vast numbers of animals that are suffering on a daily basis.whether its simple neglect,abuse,or being taped down while bleach or drano is poured in your eye,being embalmed alive,or military tests where they force poison down your throat and film your slow,excruciating death.or hang you in a sling from the ceiling,shoot you, give you no pain killers and watch you slowly die.I won’t even get into what an animal goes through to become your hamburger.or how they force electric prongs into the anus and through the intestines of animals.sorry but its the truth.I dont want you to believe me.look it up.get sick over it, and do something to stop it.and dont let up,or it won’t stop.go on youtube,to start.type in dog abuse.make yourself watch at least 15 entries.videos dont lie.go on from there.see how abusers are let right back out to do it is a known fact that serial killers, etc.all started by abusing animals.first its pets,then you,or your child.and we stand there shocked asking “how could this have happened?”it happens because we dont do anything to prevent it.the people in labs,military,meat plants, etc.have to be sick, really sick,to work there and do those normal human being is capable of committing such atrocities.and they are living among us.crying,feeling bad,being angry,bitching and complaining does nothing.we must band together and demand tough laws.making abuse a felony with a 5 year mandatory minimum sentence, and forcing them to register like child molesters do, will make it easier to identify and track them,and is good to know if one of these monsters is your neighbor, so you can protect your kids,pets,and make sure they do not acquire a pet.not reporting abuse makes you as bad as the ones doing it,it allows the suffering to go on.please report abuse.use confidential to lines if you must.if you work in a place abusing animals,report it.take the news.please do cant claim to love animals and then go back to your tvs,sports, etc.,and have done nothing after reading what’s on this site.”trying”is an excuse.either you are,or are not,doing something.we can make things change,using legal,nonviolent requires unity and perseverence.when the life of an animal becomes valued,the life of humankind will automatically be valued a hundred times [email protected]

  • bosky says:

    justice to the innocent, punishment to the cruel mankind

  • Julianne Noon says:

    Again, speechless. Again, angry. Again, hopeless but thankfully again, committed. Committed to back Peta and protect animals like Sunny from the disrespect and pain of arrogant human beings. I and many others are with you Peta, all the way.

  • DIANE M. KASTEL says:


  • penny says:

    This is sick! It’s unreal that the people who scanned Sunny for a chip did nothing to contact her family. SHAME ON THEM AND THE U!!!!

  • bulldog says:

    my heart breaks for sunny and the other babies who suffer at the hands of these criminals.

  • Ingrid says:

    Yay, let’s abuse and discard animals then put them in cold, fluorescently lit labs and cut them up while they’re awake. Because we’re a great, and not at all sociopathic species. In fact we’re awesome. Wait, is that a chimpanzee I see over there? And we haven’t infected it with HIV yet? Well what are we waiting for!

  • michiez says:

    i read this on perez hilton.. but his website had a totally different dog. so sad. cant believe people in the first place would ever do an experiment on a dog knowing it does have a place to go. let alone do experiments AT ALL. sick people. this is why i hate people

  • diana maia says:

    this is not fair!!all animals have rights!!

  • Gina says:

    A stray Dog is not a disposable Dog. All animal testing must stop.

  • Virginia Schmidt says:

    These kinds of things probably happen more often than we know about. It never seizes to amaze me how many cruel and stupid people there are in this world, and how many animals are the subject of this kind of stupidity. It’s time for these crimes are held accountable.

  • Eileen Young says:

    I am just so totally SICK of these research labs. They are run by people that have NO ethics. We do not need to use animals in this Century. These people obviously enjoy torturing and maiming, and inflicting terrible pain on innocent animals behind closed doors. They make me mad, and this has to stop. This is the kind of thing that people do when they are young and then move on to human beings. They know this is wrong, but they know that they can get away with it. I hope they rot in H— for eternity when their time comes, and it surely will.

  • Marianne says:

    this is a HEARTBREAKING story. PETA, I looove you for what you do for animals. It is incomprehensible what humans do to them every single day…

  • coach says:

    some person commented on when “god gave us dominion over the animals… wait a minute ..who saz god gave us dominion..well who knew that “god” would create human s that are mean people…

    do not buy any products that test on animals.yes u must “look” to see what companies are available but it beats the hell outta god gave us dominion…barf

  • kim says:

    u have got to be kidding me. scanned 2 and none of the people even made a phone call! that is just disgusting. this death was unnessary.

  • Debbie Gosselin says:

    this just reminds me that i will never ,ever visit utah.

  • Fairfax Co. says:

    the people who do such of thing to animals will be punish. Bad things will happen to them or their children. Sunny, RIP

  • Nicole says:

    Vomit. Just vomit. They should experiment on themselves and if they decrease the dodgy genepool in the process that’s just a bonus imo

  • Dawn Kelly says:

    How dare they do this to ANY animal how many kids cried looking for thier pets?

  • Angela Stingo says:


  • Beth M says:

    NUVUS should be prosecuted for this. An independent agency needs to check out this animal “shelter”. What is the point of getting your animal family microchipped when the shelters don’t do the right thing and let you know about the found family member?

  • Ed Lisowski says:

    This issue really pisses me off. Testing on animals is so barbaric in the first place and a animal shelter should be a stepping stone to finding them a good home. Shame on them!

  • Deena says:

    I fully believe, as I have been taught, that in the Bible when God gave us dominion over animals….THAT IT IS TO BE RIGHTEOUS DOMINION, A SACRED TRUST GIVE TO US BY GOD TO PROTECT AND LOVE THEM!!! Things like this and all the animals that are abused sickens me to tears and a feeling of being physcially ill.

  • maria says:

    As a shelter worker in the UK, I can reassure everyone that shelters in the UK do NOT do this. We work tirelessly to reunite lost animals or find them new homes. This is too shocking. I didn’t know a civilised country like the US did this! 🙁

  • Eggie says:

    What a sad story. Poor Sunny. And shame on those who scanned Sunny’s microchip and then did nothing with the information…why did they even scan the microchip if they weren’t going to follow-up?

  • Karen says:

    This article makes my heart hurt and I feel so sick….how can people live with themselves when they cause so much pain,suffering and death of an innocent animal? God bless your soul Sunny, I hope you are running happily in heaven!