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Just Say ‘No’ to Drugs—Don’t Drink Milk

Written by PETA | January 27, 2011
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Every year, hundreds of discarded cows bound for slaughterhouses from dairy farms are caught under the influence of drugs—illegal levels of antibiotics, that is.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerned that those antibiotics are making their way into the cows’ milk. The agency had planned to start expanding its testing of milk for unsafe levels of antibiotics and other drugs this month, but—wait for it—the dairy industry threw a fit. Shocker.

Throwing out every cockamamie reason that it could think of, the industry managed to stall the FDA—but hopefully not for long. “The agency remains committed to gathering the information necessary to address … this important potential public health issue,” the FDA said in a statement. “F.D.A. is concerned that the same poor management practices which led to the meat residues may also result in drug residues in milk.”

Of course, the best way to avoid drinking a drugshake is to avoid cow’s milk altogether.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • just say no to drugs says:

    I heard of almond milk, I want to give it a try.

  • Noelle says:

    Cow’s milk is just gross all around (unless you are a baby cow). I drink almond milk instead, and enjoy knowing that I have no part in any of this.

  • Seamus McCartney says:

    I believe animal milk should be banned from human consumption as it is just ethically uncalled for, how could drinking milk that was intended for someone’s baby be healthy for us. Milk contains all the necessary nutrients for the young of these animals NOT for humans! P!nk was spot-on in here latest music video ‘Raise Your Glass’ when she showed people hooked up to a breast milk contraption feeding the cows. That is the way I always seen it.

  • Dena Besser says:

    Did’nt Jesus toss the business men out of the temple for their greed..should the living things that are sold as cash for food and inhumanly killed deserve this in the name of greed. I was always taught that greedy was a naughty word..Take a look at the cattle that live on factory farms that go crazy from being locked up in crates …all…their..lives ..only to be slaughtered in the name of greed….I cry everyday..

  • Brooke says:

    I totally agree with Tom’s comment 100%

  • Shelly says:

    Reading these sorts of things makes my stomach churn. Eventhough I am not vegan, I am vegetarian therefore I still consume dairy I make sure that all my dairy is organic so as to not consume these sorts of harmful chemicals. The FDA shouldn’t be able to be “stalled”. They should barrel through those so called “dairy” companies because they control their products and they are trying to make sure that they are following the standards they have set for them!!

  • DianeDi says:

    All dairy products, injected with Monsanto’s Posilac, fed GMO’s, organic, raw or other still carries great risk to human health… not to mention the tremendous suffering to these animals.   Their calves are taken at birth for veal meat, and these mothers are milked literally to death and ground up for fast food beef.  They are fed an unnatural diet, injected with antibiotics, due to overcrowding, plus standing in their own feces.  They basically lack all humane rights to a normal life.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure as heck would much rather have a lovely meal of rice or potatoes with colorful roasted veggies, tossed salad and whatever else that doesn’t involve a “face” or it’s “mother”.  

    Oh, and for anyone that wonders “so where do I get my protein and calcium”… just put the above quote into a Google search… chances are it will open your eyes, big time.  

    Dairy is liquid meat – no matter what anyone says… it’s loaded with 80+ hormones, bioidentical is the growth hormone with humans.   Gee, now how is this a bad thing you might ask?   It seems to stimulate cell growth, however it goes straight to cancer cells.   Dairy promotes cancer cell growth

  • autumn says:

    Got Milk ? NOT !

  • Jon says:

    Just a few thoughts on life for everyone.   Do you think that milk straight from the cows that were absolutely never treated with hormones doesn’t have hormones in it?  FALSE.  All milk (including human breast milk, as a matter-of-fact) has hormones that are naturally produced by mammals.  Also, antibiotics, when used properly are probably the most effective means for treating diseases in dairy cattle; it’s the same way we use antibiotics to treat humans.  It would be a far greater tragedy to allow animals to wither away and die in pain because of an illness that could have been fairly well prevented and treated.

  • Carla* says:

    How many commercials are coming up now a days airing about the goodness of milk? My guess is their getting desperate cause people are getting smarter. Cow’s milk belongs to her calf, duh!! And with all the toxins that are associated with it why would any body want to do that to their bodies??

  • Rebel Sportsman says:

    Milk never hurt anyone accept the ones who need dietary suppliments ya’ll know science is not always right dont believe others statistics.

  • p-oh'd says:

    Throwing out every cockamamie reason that it could think of, the industry managed to stall the FDA…. WOW! I can now see just how much the FDA REALLY cares about the average person. Accepting those ridiculous excuses is beyond my comprehension. Why would the FDA wait to test cattle – why not go ahead with the tests right there and then? I know exactly why the dairy industry halted the FDA’s investigation. It comes in two parts. Either they wanted to purchase untainted cattle for the FDA to test or they are hoping the drugs will work there way out of the cattles system before the FDA returns. Either way our governments suck for their ability to always ALWAYS slither away from their responsibilities. Just another reason why… I WILL NEVER VOTE!

  • Tom says:

    There are ways to reduce the amount of antibiotics children take in by using organic milk.  Cow’s milk is still necessary for some children who are allergic to soy and nuts and who’s mother’s can’t produce milk.  to “ban” cow’s milk isn’t realistic.

  • shannon says:

    Nursing mothers are advised to consult with a doctor before being prescribed antibiotics, medications, or even using OTC meds due to concerns that what they consume could be harmful to their child. So why is it that the dairy industry can pump cows full of antibiotics and growth hormones yet claim that these substances aren’t affecting the health of humans who consume cow’s milk?

  • sandra says:

    and they force it into babies!horror!

  • Finny says:

    Do people really think the FDA cares about them, and is trying to help? The FDA is chaired by some of the SAME people that work at the big dairy, meat, and agriculture businesses. I highly recommend watching ‘Food, Inc’. As for the milk, since I became a vegan over 1 year ago (I was previously a vegetarian) I have only had the flu ONCE this past year. I used to get strep throat and tonsillitis at least 4 times per year. So I’m convinced that the antibiotics and everything else they put in milk products was making me, or aiding in the process of, making me ill.

  • Diya says:

    Can we just go back to the old fashioned way to get milk?? why do people have to add antibiotics in there?? Stop this for the sake of humanity and for the animals’ sake!!

  • shilpi says:

    Milk has become a deadly concoction now. It’s important that we spread awareness about it and ban its sale altogether. It’s important that everyone gets to know about the true face of the dairy industry

  • sarah says:

    I don’t believe that milk should be banned but the hormones and chemicals that the FDA says are safe for us to consume should definitely be banned as they are in Canada, Japan and all of Europe.

  • Really? says:

    Thankfully organic milk does not have these antibiotics. Love the milk at Trader Joes!

  • Bhuston says: