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This Just In: PETA Activist Arrested

Written by PETA | June 18, 2010

One of our top activists has just been arrested for participating in an anti-circus demonstration in Dallas. Her crime? You tell us, Dallas P.D.! No one will even tell us why she was arrested! Watch the action for yourself:

Thanks to Animal Connection of Texas for capturing this on video, and hang in there, Meggan! We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Krasimira Buyuklieva says:

    Bravo Meggan!! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  • William Scott says:

    About a month ago Meggan protested the circus with us here in Corpus ChristiTexas. She is the sweetest young lady I know. We had a permit to Demo on the busiest street downtown. Aout 20 feet behind her on the Corpus Christi Beach were hundreds of people wearing almost as little as Meggan. Next to us were two radio DJ’s I think their show is called “Two fat jerks in the morning” or somthing like thatprotesting our Peta Demo. They were also giving out free hot dogs. They had no permit to demo and they had no food handlers license both of which are required. Although police were there for crowd control and public safety no one was arrested or ticketed. Maybe Dallas should take some lessons from Corpus Christi.

  • bryan says:

    on july 17th ringling i comming to staple center i wanted to know if peta i gonna be there . ?

  • Pam Davis says:

    Yes she was an absolute hero and made us all proud. I too saw the perv DPD officer sneaking peaks at her trying to put her shirt on. We didn’t continue the protest after she was arrested as it was over. They waited until it was over as it was planned to arrest her. That I have no doubt. It was totally bogus charges and no I don’t think there was a permit but it was a PETA protest so maybe there was? PK Davis ACT

  • ami (: says:

    omg finally somone decent comes along who cares and ws determined. how can she be arrested hen there are people out there who are making millions out of poor suffering animals. i dont know u megan but u sound like a hero keep goin well dun xx

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Pam After Meggan was hauled off were the rest of you permitted to continue the protest? What were the charges? If you were in charge of the police and needed to arrest a member of a group safely and peacefully how many officers would you send?

  • Pam says:

    I was there and we were ALL applauding as they hauled her off in the patty wagon. Jeezzz 15 DPD officers to handcuff one small girl? Our Dallas tax dollars at work!! Bogus charges and one friend standing there asked the cop if ‘he was ashamed’ he mumbled.. We love Meggan and she TOOK ONE FOR THE ANIMALS that is a REAL HERO!!!

  • Lauren Holt says:

    Megan you are a truly beautiful wonderful person. Thankyou so much from all of us in the UK. We love you. xxxx

  • Fred says:

    I have a feeling she was arrested due to being nude in public and that the 36 officers there were that many in case of a riot. This may not be due to it being PETA but just a general riot protection as there have been some bad riots in Dallas in the past. Also I have a feeling she was given her Miranda rights I have been around the DPD enough to know they always give those rights. She would’ve been charged before she got dressed otherwise she’d had no reason to change. Now is it fair? depends. If you have a permit to protest then there’s a bit more clout to the whole situation and she may get off easier for being nude in public. That’s one thing we haven’t heard here yet was there a permit. That would say a lot right there too because if you didn’t have the permit then you are lucky it’s just the one case of arrest.

  • Chloe says:

    One of my friends protested Ringling Bros. here in Little Rock a couple of years ago and the LRPD just told her to stop or she was going to jail and she pushed their buttons and kept on protesting and her mother had to bail her out of her cell. I protested last year in Monroe Louisiana. The police or Animal Society never got me but some people told me I was getting on their nerves and needed to shut up. I at least got to protest in the cold for four hours. I never got naked but I gave out fliers buttons and DVDs with video footage. The show was over a man with a Ringling button on his jacket said I needed to go and he didn’t want to catch me at another show ever again or my $$ was in jail for sure. I told him they were stupid $$ animal abuses and ran.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    What injustice? Everyone I know who ever happened upon police in their birthday suit has met the exact same fateincluding myself when I was a teenager. This has nothing to do with “what” she was doingrather “how” she was doing it. No one from ACT got arrested for protesting at University of Texas at Dallas just a couple of months ago ne? And that’s a state institution.

  • RRRR says:

    Marissa I just know you are right. People blame the cops but it’s the sleazy POLITICIANS that force the cops to do things like this. Politicians get donations from RICH PEOPLE who own circuses. THE MAYOR OF DALLAS IS THE CULPRIT HERE!

  • RRRR says:

    The various circus company owners are corrupt crooks who use people for their own devices and pay off people to harass whistleblowers. I suspect that the corruption here is not the cops but the POLITICIAN getting a fat handout from the circus company who ordered the cops to do the dirty work for his “clients” the circus owners What politician ordered this? And was Rick Berman the corrupt lobbyist of Center For Consumer Freedom who has circus owners as clients and puts pressure and donations on politicians greasing things here to harass legal whistleblowers? Here’s the Rick Berman CCF Consumer Freedom story httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titleCenterforConsumerFreedom and why they harass Peta and animal activists httpwww.consumerdeception.comindex.asp

  • Virginia says:

    Was she Mirandized when she was arrested? It doesn’t appear so in the video. Even if she was arrested for a legitimate reason she’ll have to be released without charges if she wasn’t read her rights.

  • Hary says:

    Such a great activist. Also I am glad you guys are still doing the Imogen demos those were the best.

  • John Carmody says:

    Hey Megan I was looking for a real hero for animals and i think i found one you! That’s right thank you for standing up for animals’ rights. Here in Ireland ARAN done that same demo in five cities and it was a huge success. Everywhere we took it we got tons of press coverage including TV which showed cruelty under the big top. Well done again and keep a big smile on your face because we’re all right behind you….almost! Thanks from your friends at ARAN in Ireland.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I would say they will use the nudity as the excuse. Which is why if the sqaure dance demonstration I am planning doesn’t work out I am having trouble getting dancers due to work schedules I plan on going to the Honda center dressed as St. Francis of Assissi holding the bullhook I was sent as a staff to let people really see it and offering DVD’s. I am a former Mormon missionary so I have experience with “tracting” handing out information and I have a very tough skin.

  • Marissa says:

    The responding officers didn’t make the callthe brass did. Higher ranked law enforcement officers had 2 take orders from the mayor of dallas + other forms of bureaucracy. I’m a law enforcement officer from a different state + a vegetarian! I doubt the patrol officers had a choice in the matter. I support Meggan.

  • Carla* says:

    Meggan you are AWESOME!! We got your back!! Unlike Ringling this beautiful girl was arrested for trying to expose the truth by exposing her BLOODY back!! Down with Ringling and all the BS they get away with!! If there weren’t people out there insisting on supporting Ringling there would be NO protests… that simple!! Thanks Meggan you are a true animal defender!!

  • Melinda says:

    This doesn’t make me afraid to demonstrate. I’m going to get out there and protest injustice to animals. I’m feeling that my first stop may be the furrier down the street. That place just bothers me every time I drive by. I don’t live in Dallas though so hopefully my peaceful and LEGAL protest won’t get me arrested. Sigh. What kind of world is this? What about freedom of speech and freedom to demonstrate?

  • keith says:

    Tough ” Ole Boys and Gal ” that Dallas PD. How many did I count to arrest her. 356 ?..shame on you.

  • Katherine says:

    I know Meggan she is one of the nicest and most passionate people on the planet.

  • John says:

    This is the biggest crock of bologna I’ve ever seen. There was no violence. Dallas police needs to be sued for unlawful arrest false imprisonment and fro being just plain moronic. It’s called Animal Abuse Dallas Pd Arrest ringling bros!

  • Toby says:

    A topless man wouldn’t have been arrested… well actually maybe he would be for loitering but not charged with nudity even if he had breasts it’s a completely sexistunjust law she shouldn’t be charged with anything anyway assuming the banner had a good message.

  • Buddie says:

    Hmmm…. I wonder…….. Well she is partially naked in public. I know I wouldn’t want my kids to see a naked woman in public.

  • RI Vegan says:

    Another step backwards for mankind. Is this “serve and protect”? By the looks of how out of shape those cops are the average animal intake in Dallas may be a bit higher than here in RI. I’m sure they don’t want PETA influencing people to stop torturing the animals. Nice work DPD I’m sure everyone feels safer.

  • Nicole says:

    And yet if they were fighting for Abortion or People in Africa or something the police wouldnt care.

  • Shari says:

    You rock girl! l am protesting in San Antonio as I type this! Dallas needs to lighten up or arrest Ringling Brother’s for animal cruelty leave Peta alone! By the way I am wearing a prisoner costume as I am typing this! I could be next!

  • ocean17 says:

    that is outrageous but not surprising. you would think that the “police” would have something better to do. proof positive that we live in a corrupt consumeristdrone corporatocracy where real rules and commonsense doesn’t really apply… a conformist dissillusioned greeddriven uncreative society where the green god rules. a working class hero is something to be.

  • MH says:

    Public nudity perhaps?

  • char says:

    There was no reason whatsoever for this arrest. It was one of the most peaceful laidback demonstrations I’ve participated in. SHAME on the Dallas Police!

  • Davis says:

    Seriously Dallas Police Department? You guys are a bunch of morons. PETA please sue them for injustice! Go Meggan! D

  • Niranjan says:

    PETA Activists are Freedom Fighters!!!!