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Just Another Day at Burberry …

Written by PETA | January 18, 2008


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  • jenn bunny=] says:

    wow i rlly used to like burberry i feel dumb for evr buying one thing from there im gonna tell evryone i no tht wears burberry to stop and conceider joining peta2 or helping the fight agianst burberry and others places tht use animal cruelty! i 3 animals…..but HATE burberry pp

  • Jaya Wang says:

    Burberry should have their Human Skin Spring Collection for Fashion Week…wouldn’t that be the latest fashion craze… I wonder where they would get their human skin from…would it be China!??!!?! “Lastest Human Skin Collection available in the hottest colour Chinese Yellow Orphans”

  • Breeze says:

    This is Heartless Cruel! I cried when I watched the videoI can not get the image out of my headskinned alivethe animal lifting its head and looking directly at the camera. I have to ask how such a person could just stand by let this happen to such beautiful creatures sell their furs as well……. This has nothing to do with tree hugging SAKKI! I hate to burst YOUR bubbleof how perfect YOUR life is. I know you will read thisSO If your life is perfectwhy are you spending your time reading these posts from us tree huggers… hmmmm? I DARE YOU TO GO TO THE WEBSITE FOR PETA WATCH A FEW VIDEOS

  • vegan girl14 says:

    if you hate burrberry then dont shop at neiman marcus they are the number one sellers of fur in the united states and we should boycot them to. END ANIMAL CRUELTY!

  • sonia says:

    PLEASE STOP ANYMAL CRUELTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS SIMPLE AS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sanaz says:

    This is for Sakki! Im sorry to burst your bubble but I work go to school and have a life i assure you but standing up for something that I believe in is important to me. You may think you have a life i’m not disagreeing with you but you have no heart. Why exactly dont you agree with PETA? you actually think animals should be skinnedabusedtortured? Free publicity for burberry? lol it is also publicity for PETA and we are letting others know of what Burberry is doing. SO please before you come on this site and tell everyone how ignorant you are take a second…think about how ridiculous you sound and then i beg you to please keep your thoughtless comments for yourself and your ‘busy life’

  • tanasha. says:

    I think burberry is a hideous line anyway. Even if it looked good why buy it? All that use of fur is hurting the minks foxes etc. When all the source of fur is gone what is burberry going to do? Did they EVER think that? People like Nicole disgust me. We have cotton that can keep us warm! Even if I had all the money in the world I wouldn’t step foot in a burberry store never the less look at it.

  • mimi says:

    i hate burberry!!! and its way 2 expensive 2 shop there either way

  • frank says:

    bugging them more and being completely rude and obnoxious will not get them to stop. it is thier choice to do it and you cant control what they do with THIER business.

  • Meggy hutchison says:

    I love fashion. But i only love fur when it is on its rightful owner. I want to be a designer and i swear that i shall never use fur. Its so disgusting and the videos bring me to tears. I think these people that say only poor people who cant afford the fur are obvisouly heartless Fers!!!

  • jordan says:

    don’t these fools understand what they’re doing!? i mean HELLO! everyones always like “awe save the animals” then they go and skin them just to make a couple bucks. don’t they see what they’re doing?? they’re killing innocent animals and soon enough they’ll kill the whole lot of them and they’ll be extinct. honestly. american people these days. i think im gonna get a bad tan and movie half way around the world.

  • Zeke says:

    burberry is the most disgusting fur industry ive seen yet.animals dont deserve to have their skinned ripped off for the sake of fashion

  • Meagan says:

    They just don’t get it what if animals went around killing humans for their skin? They don’t so why should burberry think they have the right to do it to animals?

  • josh says:

    Fuck burberry there horrible monsters! never buy from them

  • cjf says:

    All of you people against Burberry need to get a life! If you don’t like or agree with their way of conducting business then don’t pay any attention to their product. Your protesting is giving them a ton of free publicity. I don’t agree with PETA but you don’t see me out protesting against that that is because I have a job that I have to go to every day! I hate to burst your bubble but I don’t think a few tree huggers are going to change the way Burberry does business! Back to work I go!

  • Sakki says:

    Well you know what? I bet that “Joe” person is some rich fag that cares about himself and money. I believe that he deserves to get skinned alive himself see how it feels…OH nevermind I think he should get tortured by Shion from Higurashi!!!

  • Claire says:

    Once I was at this fund raiser and they had restaurants from all over the city bring their finest soups. I had a big bowl of soup and there was a lady wearing a fur vest in front of me. Of course I felt it first to make sure it was real and then I wiped my soup on the back. She was old and didn’t even notice! Also when I see someone wearing fur I go “Excuse me but is that real fur?” and if they say no I say “Good for you ma’amsir” but if they say yes I scoff and say “That is disgusting. Good day.” Heheheh… by the way I’m about to be old enough to join Peta2’s street team! I’m gonna get so involved…

  • Jasmin says:

    I can’t believe this it’s horriable I HATE them!

  • Mathias says:

    mabey we should cage and electracute them and feed their carcases to each other

  • Taylor says:

    Nicole dear. you’re part of the problem. the ignorant ones. the ones who could care less. the ones without the hearts to see that fur KILLS animals. not hurts not scars not scratches not bruises. KILLS MAIMS TORTURES. how would you like to be killed on the street for the fur that you wear? ignorant people are the problem.

  • Peter Johnson says:

    I’m truly upset over yet more fur stories… Seeing the videos of how these poor cure innocent animals are murdered and treated by these bastards makes me angry. I was educated like most of us meaning it’s inexcusable to bring harm on any other living creature for financial amongst other gain. When people who still wear fur coats get dressed can I ask you all something. Do you see the skinned yet still alive animal dripping with blood looking in dispair what’s more what do it’s eyes tell you ????? last but not least to me anything fur is so out of fasion its not funny. your supporting and furthermore promoting animal cruelty. I certainly hope you suffer 1000 deaths.

  • Helana says:

    Funny considering the circumstances. But on the other hand rather sad How they kill animals is just terrible. I mean honestly we would be charged with 3rd degree murder is we did HALF the stuff they did to those animals. This is coming from the mind of a 13 year old and I have more sense than those jerks at Burberry.

  • Dragonchampion says:

    those skinners! No matter how I try to look at it it still disgusts me. They are worthless filty horrid disgusting people and deserved to be skinned themselves. I say we should all go and riot at Burberry! Free the animals! Brun the machines! Flick with the law they didn’t fight burberyy that fox in the video is ENDANGERED! DIE BURBERRY SCUM OF THE EARTH!

  • Chelsea says:

    I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years now and I am so disgusted by the things people do for fashion and popularity. I can understand the people who eat meat who are ignorant to the cruelty the animals endure but the people who have a clue and don’t care are just stupid and heartless. I don’t see how anyone could be so cruel. There are many students at my high school who make fun of the vegetarians and vegans and I just can’t believe the things they say. Cruelty is NOT funny! It IS a big deal! And it DOES have an affect on people who have brains. People who don’t even care about animal cruelty when they see it are seriously insane. Arn’t human beings supposed to have feelings and emotions? Can’t they see how these animals are suffering? Are they really that blind to what is real? The people at Burberry are so persistent to stay blind to what is real just so they can all go home to their big mansions and sleep on a bed of cash and feel good about themselves because their company made 12 million dollars this week. They are SICK! and not only that they have to be the STUPIDEST people to ever walk the earth. Money is the true evil. Money keeps people like this so blind to the fact that they are killing animals for NOTHING! I think pouring paint on their furs and making signs and advertisements are all fine and ok. But if these people are so persistent to stay ignorant they are never going to stop. It’s a sad thing but i believe that nothing can help save these animals. The only way is to stop everyone from buying their stocks… but we’ve already learned by now that this is not as easy as it sounds. Everyday more and more people become aware of this evil and are stopping themselves from being apart of it. That is what really counts. People are learning. And someday maybe everyone will.

  • Laura says:

    Hello Im Laura I was thinking about some videos that are shown in as the subject matters too much for me I think that the person who has entered to that “farm” was allowed by someone so I can trust that person and whats more if the killing of animals matters for the person who was filming instead of not having any success he could have tried to open the cages Ithink that if I were in hisher place I would ve tried!!! kisses Laura

  • sara bohack says:

    nicole then what the hell are you doing on a PETA site!? ANYWAY people that wear and buy fur are as much culprits and killers as the fur industry themselves. We expend money on somthing that was once attached to the skeleton of something ALIVE. imagine someone saying “do YOU wear human skin??? yeah i heard its all the rage!” lmao thats basically what all fur wearers are doing buying DEATH.

  • Alfredo says:

    Antes fomentaba sin saberlo semejante atrocidad ahora me arrepiento de haberlo hecho.

  • bobby says:

    up with minks down with Bureberry

  • Helana says:

    Thats rather funny considering th circumstances Down with burberry!Up with animals!

  • Dinora Hedberg says:

    for somebody to say that only poor people complain about burberry because they can not afford it is as sick as the one that kill the poor animal for food you are not only rich but estupid and ignorant where is the compasion if you feel this way why are you in the Peta site idiot the site is for people concern about animals wellbeing

  • Karysha Jones says:

    i’m only 11 and i cried at the vid when the showed how painfully those poor animals had to die. they don’t deserve to die like that. i’m only a kid but SCREW BURBERRY AND LET THE FRIGGIN ANIMALS GO FREE!!!!! C

  • Alexis says:

    I am sick they hurt these animals we have to fight im 13 and i go to a private school with the “rich” kids come monday say bye to your bloodberry glasses!