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June Is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Written by PETA | June 4, 2009

Best Cat in the Universe: Ziggy


Just think—the next Best Cat in the Universe could be waiting for you at your local animal shelter. Kinda gives you goose bumps, doesn’t it? If you have the energy, resources, and, most importantly, lap time to devote to a feline companion, you can’t go wrong by adopting a cat from an animal shelter. But just in case you need some convincing, here are the top 10 reasons why shelter kitties rule:

  1. You’ll get the best selection in town—animal shelters are usually full to overflowing (unfortunately) with cats of all shapes, sizes, ages, energy levels, and temperaments.
  2. Shelter cats are often already spayed or neutered (or else the cost of the surgery is included in the adoption fee). What a deal! Animal shelters also often throw in lots of swag, such as cat food, toys, and treats.
  3. On a related note, shelter cats are almost always already housebroken, and many have been trained to use a scratching post too.
  4. Many shelter cats are adults whose personalities are already developed, so you know what who you’re getting.
  5. Lots of shelter cats are mixed breeds who are less likely to inherit the congenital defects that plague (inbred) purebreds, including heart and eye defects and cleft palates.
  6. If you have kids, having a cat can actually help prevent them from developing allergies.
  7. No need for an electric blanket (or a masseuse)—cats make excellent bed-warmers.
  8. No need for a big-screen TV, either. Cats provide all the entertainment you need.
  9. You will finally learn the answer to the question “What do you do with an empty paper bag?
  10. And the number one reason for adopting a shelter cat is, of course, that you’re saving a cat’s life. Which is really the only reason that matters, isn’t it?

Written by Alisa Mullins

P.S. After you’ve given a kitty a forever home, you should check out this book: 250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You.

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  • terri c says:

    Ziggy is the pic on my June 2012 PETA “Rescued” Calendar! <3 Kudos to his rescuers!

  • Tucker says:


  • Lynlle says:

    i got my kitty sylvester from the Michigan Humane Society and i love him sooo much!!! 3

  • Nikki B says:

    My cat is a shelter cat and is the best cat my husband and I have ever owned!

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    We have 2 shelter cats a mum and daughter who are so affectionate and loving and we have 2 from friends litters that they couldnt find homes for!My youngest daughter is training to be a vets nurse and we currently have a stray that someone handed in to the vets. She gave birth on sat 6th June to 3 beautiful kittens. As we also have 3 rescue dogs 2 labradors and a st bernard we cant really afford to keep the others but we’re going to make sure they go to good homes only!We will also insist that the kittens are neutered when they are old enough so that they dont add to the population problem!I would never go to a breeder when there are so many dogs and cats out there looking for a good home!

  • Michelle says:

    I bought the book of Ingrid Newkirk’s “250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You”. It’s very insightful and eyeopener as well. I would also like to recommend “277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know” very informative and wellwritten too. These 2 books combined can make very helpful resources to catlovers like me who will be adopting cats this June!! Enjoy our kitties!!

  • Sarah says:

    Shelter cats and dogs are the best!! I have two shelter dogs and they are perfect!! 3

  • Bry says:

    My mum doesn’t like cats. But when I go out on my own Imma get myself a cat. 3

  • mel says:

    DDD the reason for spayingneutering a cat or any animal is to reducecontrol the population count. It’s not out there for cats or dogs to have more than one litter of kittenspuppies in a year. And with each litter being 57 animals that’s a lot of new animals being created and many do not have homes or if they’re strays end up dying of many causes human and nature. And if you’re worried about doing that being cruel to the animal don’t dispair. They are anesthetized so they don’t feel any pain. The only thing that you have to deal with is the possibility of them being finicky and not wanting to “go” in litter that is paper. The vets don’t want pets with surgery to go in regular litter as it’s dusty and can infect the incision site. My case I would love to have a cat but I can’t afford to have a pet in my home. The pet fee here is too high in my apartment place it’s the max they can legally charge which is a good portion of my normal check. Plus there are other fees that I simply cannot afford to pay that come along with a pet. Therefore instead of adopting a pet I can’t take good care of which would be cruel to the pet I instead will go to shelters and give them as much love as I can that’s always free.

  • Lex says:

    My cat is an adult from a shelter and he is the most loving affectionate cat I have ever met. He runs up to me when I get home he hugs me with his paws never turns down cuddles and sleeps beside me every night. He’s litter trained leash trained healthy and perfect in every way. YAY shelter cats.

  • nancy low says:

    i adopted 2 humane society cats this month..what a joy they are!

  • mary ivey says:

    Saturday June 6th We will be adopting 2 shelter cats to add to our home. We already have 2 shelter house cats. They are very spoiled and loved. I wish everyone who has room would go out and adopt 1 kitty or 2 on saturday.

  • Nia G. says:

    I have a shelter cat and wish my allergies would allow me to have more! He’s the best cat and a great family member!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    My cat is my closest comrade. Felines are intelligent entertaining sociable and refined. The unenlightened people that don’t like cats need to undersand that they are the babies of the lion and tiger family. Cat abusers should be tossed in lion cages.

  • Marlar in Kansas says:

    Shelter cats are the best! Both of my fur babies are adopted! I volunteer at a local shelter and help socialize feral mothers and their kittens. 3 words to live by… Adopt Spay and Neuter

  • Jo C says:

    My cat is a shelter cat she loves all kinda bags even the green ones

  • michelle says:

    in maryland they had on the news that majority of shelters are not charging adoption fees during the month of june for cats. great time to go get one who needs a home!

  • Aneliese says:

    My kitty’s a shelter cat! Wouldn’t have one from any other place.

  • AAG says:

    Kitty Power!!! I live with four silly cats and all are beautiful!!!!

  • Annie B. says:

    I want a shelter cat so badly. I remember last time I volunteered at my local animal shelter there were so many cats that the staff had to pile them in tiny cat crates on top of each other in the hallway. Trust me if I didn’t live with my parents who forbid me to get one I’d have a cat right now. and no I can’t move out I’m still a minor

  • DDD says:

    Whats the deal with neutering and spaying yur pets?