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Joss Stone’s New PETA Ad

Written by PETA | March 26, 2007

Listening to British R&B songstress Joss Stone hum a tune is pretty much all it would take for me to fall in love, but Joss clearly wanted to make sure she had all her bases covered by a) being really frickin pretty, b) going out of her way to help animals, and c) being (as I may have mentioned) really frickin pretty. And in case there’s any doubt about any of that, here’s the brand-new ad she did for PETA to promote vegetarianism. The lovely ad, which lists all the positive qualities that Joss identifies herself with, neglects to mention that she is just as pretty as a picture, but I’m sure that was only because they ran out of room. Check it out:

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  • nini says:

    she is wonderfull !

  • hayati laham says:

    my compliments to joss stone! also in switzerland we are very much veg. if you like you can visit my homepage! enjoy it!

  • kris shulfer says:

    i love joss she speaks her mind about everything!!to see someone you respect being an active part in PETA makes me love her even more!!! love ya joss!!! sunshine wisconsin

  • Jeremy Jenkins says:

    I’m a great fan of amazing lady Joss Stone! Knowing that she is a vegetarian brings her even closer to my heart and when I enjoy her sound I think wow my favorite artist is also a star for animal cause and my salad and my fruits taste better from before because I know that I’m not alone in my fight for the abused creatures but one of the most lovely artists is fighting for the same cause!