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Jon Stewart on Manhattan’s ‘Sad-Eyed Carriage Horse District’

Written by PETA | September 24, 2009

On last night’s The Daily Show (basically the only show I watch, other than Glee) Jon Stewart slipped in a quip about Manhattan’s West Side—he called it the “sad-eyed carriage horse district.”


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“You’ll come for the sad eyes, you’ll stay for the feeling that the horse is … really, really not enjoying it.”


Couple that with a recent episode in which Jon stood up to Liam Neeson’s claim that the horse stables on the West Side are miniature luxury palaces, saying, “I don’t think living on 52nd and 11th is a holiday for a horse,” and I’d say that Jon is a regular hero for horses.

I think we should all join Jon in speaking up for horses who are abused in the carriage industry.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • marie ferguson says:

    Please get those poor horses off the streets and get motorized cars. that is pure abuse, and it has to stop

  • Annie says:

    I was in central park yesterday skating at Wollman and passed by the horses out in brutually cold weather. It left me extremely angry and sad. Something needs to be done to end this industry as soon as possible. Why isn’t more being done by the mayor and city of new york this is obviously in plain sight of all to see the cruel and unusual punishment and abuse of animals. The tourists will not miss the carriage rides trust me there is plenty to do in New York.

  • marie says:

    I was a tourist in NY City and I remember those horses with their sad eyes and heads hanging down in cold weather I can’t understand anyone who finds that romantic how cruel are those people.

  • roxanne says:

    Sad Eyes indeed. Thanks Jon for your kind words and Thanks Peta and NYClass for all that you do for the horses.

  • Vava Watson says:

    Horsedrawn carriages represent danger to both people as well as the horses themselves. These animals are subjected to the hard pavement day in and day out and also subjected to harsh weather conditions. This dangerous and inhumane industry should be prohibited from not only New York City but ALL cities.

  • Susie says:

    Thanks Jon for speaking out on behalf of the New York “horse taxy”. It’s cruel and inhumane. No horse should have to endure the heat smog and car fumes. Keep up the good work.

  • alison gar says:

    Jon Stewart is not only sexy and smart he’s kind. Got it all! He may singlehandedly win for those beleaguered “carraige horses” who have no life just labor.

  • Fred Countryman says:

    Thank You PETA I need to say that I disagree with the way PETA has conducted them selves in the past. However I now Apologize Sincerely And thank your Organization for having more Integrity for the truth then all of the major news In America! This is about the Glenn Beck Frog thing. All I can say is if the so called news took the time to ask As you good people did the world would truly be a better place Again I Applaud you Integrity

  • Brien Comerford says:

    It’s unfortunate that we live in a deified celebrity culture but it’s nice to know that there are many humane and compassionate celebrities that care about the animal kingdom.

  • Edward says:

    What so Jon is now an animal rights activist for a line that is 10 seconds long?

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Why don’t we offer Mr. Neeson the opportunity to live in a horse stall for a month. He can live exactly like a horse does and his trainer can hose him down and groom him after he finishes his shift pulling tourists around Central Park. I hope he likes the taste of horse feed. We’ll see if he still thinks a horse stall is like a “miniature luxury palace.”

  • Alicia says:

    I can not believe I haven’t seen anything on Peta about wild horses being rounded up in the mountains and going up for auction. The auction is today or tomorrow I believe and there will be close to 60 horses auctioned. There will first go to “adopters” and the horses that are left are auction for slaughter. Why aren’t you guys all over this? Maybe you are but I check daily and haven’t seen a thing. Great source for news on this subject.

  • Yuri says:

    I agree that this type of transportation is cruel to the poor horses and should definitely be banned. I have already signed the petition and welcome all of you to sign it with me and put an end to this once and for all. Together we can make a difference.