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Jon & Kate Minus Dogs

Written by PETA | September 18, 2009

Oh, reality TV stars, will you never learn? Jon and Kate Gosselin—who don’t exactly have a stellar record when it comes to animal companions—have allowed their marital disputes to affect their family, and I’m not talking about their eight kids.


thezaz.nationallampoon / CC
Jon Gosselin


Jon has packed up the family’s dogs and is returning them to their breeder.

Returning them—like taking a sweater back to the mall.

Jon claims that Kate doesn’t take care of Shoka and Nala when it’s her turn to look after the family, saying, “It’s not fair to the dogs to not be wanted in their own home.”

We can agree with him on that. It’s also not fair to buy dogs from breeders when millions are sitting in animal shelters waiting for homes. And it’s not fair to dump your dogs when they’ve outgrown their puppy cuteness and are becoming a tad inconvenient. Dogs aren’t disposable.

If you aren’t going to be able to provide an animal with a home forever, you shouldn’t get an animal in the first place.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • vane says:

    jon and kate shouldnt have gotten those dogs in the first place. they should have known it takes great responsibily and love to take of pets. they should have known that the kids were gunna practictly abuse the poor dogs!!!

  • karla says:

    The dogs were free to them I think that we should forget all about jon kate.I loved the show now I wont turn it on for anything..He is a dirt bag jerk that should have to return everything that was given to him work for a living kate should move on forget the jerk is around make sure he never has another thing in his life!!!

  • Celeste says:

    Give me a break. You must be the coldest SOB to just return them like a pair of jeans. Grow up!

  • Abs says:

    Can we return the entire family please?

  • Tara says:

    They’ll give up thier 8 kids once they aren’t bringing home the bacon anymore.

  • Barbara Smolinski says:

    These 2 idiots deserve each other and more stupid that that is the fact that people watched these morans on TV. Now they are rich because of this. So many derserving people who really live lives of quiet desperation and these 2 and their tribe just keep getting more attention. The dog breeder didn’t care when they were given the dogs it was just more money to breed more unwanted dogs!

  • emma says:

    hilarious he said “she” doesnt take care of them when its her turn seems to me that noone is taking care of anyone! i would no more abandon my dog than i would my son we are a family. my dog looks at me with total admiration and love and in actual fact she is more dependent on me than my son! shame on them both.

  • kim says:

    these folks should not have had a pet of any kind. i also feel that they should have thought about how the children might have felt when they have to say “well no more doggies here” KATE and Jon… its time to get a real life. Children get attacted to animals and we all doless Kate god help those children.

  • Michele says:

    I can’t even watch this show it is just SO ridiculous. A bunch of selfish people airing their family problems on tv. And now we find out they treat their animals like objects disposable when no longer wanted.

  • Courtney says:

    How refreshing it is to know that SOME people have compassion in this world to see the corrupt nature of breeders and breeding animals in general! It truly makes me SICK! I totally agree with this article…however I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Kate Gosselin D

  • Kelly says:

    They are gross. They should not have kids or animals since all the care about is fame and money.

  • mmc says:

    If the dogs were around too much stress it’s better they should go back to the breeders.People don’t realize when they take on owning a pet how much responsibility it really is.I never could understand why they got two dogs..they had enough to take care of.As far as the children being rough with the dogs that’s what little children do. They don’t realize they’re so rough. I think with that many young children they should have waited until the kids were older. We all make mistakes.I think both Jon and Kate are in a tough situation and truly love their kids. Divorce is hard on everyone whether you are famous or not. Lets hope they can learn to be civilized to each other and maybe someday they can spend time together with their kids.Some people are too quick to criticize every move they make. They did a lot of foolish things but haven’t we all?I wish them well because I love those kids and so do their parents!!!

  • natasha says:

    why do people keep saying the same thing? No one can predict the future so no one can blame them for what has happened. Yes it was prob for tv to get the dogs but it’s over and done with now its’ already happend and it can’t be fixed. Better to take them back to the breeder. They are lucky that they had a breeder that was willing to do so.

  • liz says:

    Kate is one reality star from hell! Not only is she uncaring of her dogs and then she only cares about herself and making money off her kids! This is a perfect example of why no one should buy from breeders!

  • Kim says:

    I heard Kate say on one of the shows that dogs should be in kennels and was horrified. Why did they get pets I wonder if they didn’t plan on making them part of the family. I had to stop watching them at that point. Too bad most breeders seem to think dogs belong in kennels as well. Sad all of it.

  • katrina says:

    Ok i tought we were talking about the dogs..Not dissing on jon and kate! I would like to see you guys take on what there going though..Just stick to helping animals..Not dissing on people you havnt even met.

  • katrina says:

    Ok look..I can understand how your upset about them not getting a dog from a pound..And i agree that they should have..But at least They arnt dumping them in a pound right? And they could have kept them and just not taken care of them. But look step into their shoes for a minute..Men with cameras are chasing around you and your kids..There are lies going around about you and your exhusband and you have to leave your kids every week because its your your exhusbands turn..Its better for the dogs not to be around so much stress anyway

  • Debra says:

    I agree this family should have NEVER gotten dogs in the first place is anyone REALLY surprised they are returning them….I have a feeling those kids were pretty rough on the poor things…its amazing they survived actually…

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    Why don’t they just hire a nanny for the dogs too?

  • Shawna says:

    I dont want to say too much but they obviously see kids and animals as OBJECTS.

  • lori rockefeller says:

    Next thing he’ll be trying to get rid of his kids…what a jerkuprooting those dogs from the only home they have known WTF????

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Time for Child Protective Services to come and get all eight kids. I think they are being exploited for financial gain and that is not right. When I was a kid my dad’s hobby was taking home movies and I cannot tell you how much I resented having a camera in my face every waking moment everywhere we went Disneyland the first day of school every year or even just normal everyday activities…I would be doing my homework and look up to find the camera whirring away. Cancel the t.v. show and let them raise their eight kids the same way all divorced parents do. Oh and John…once you sink into oblivion what woman do you think will want to live with or marry a man with 8 kids under the age of 10?

  • Bluebell says:

    The majority of people wouldn’t abandon their children if they became “difficult” and it’s no more acceptable to dump animals if caring for them becomes a hassle. It’s called responsibility and it’s something you automatically taken on when you get a pet or have a child.

  • Bobbie Heels says:

    I have been so disappointed in them in the last year I am not surprised. What an example for their children. When they were splitting up I tried so hard to make excuses since I absolute love those little kids. What a mess.

  • Dave says:

    There are shelters and rescues filled with beautiful dogs that look just like those two. Why would anyone buy from a breeder? The breeder dogs have health problems and hip problems anyway.

  • Dave says:

    I believe that Kate abandoned their two pet cats when she decided to take fertility drugs.

  • Aneliese says:

    I never understood why the two got dogs. You’d think taking care of eight children is enough.

  • Tom says:

    All that may be true but the reality is they have the dogs and they don’t want them any longer. so what is the solution? I see three. 1 Send them back to the breeder. 2 send them to a shelter. or 3 keep them where they may become neglected or mistreated because they aren’t wanted any longer. To me the best of the options available is to send them back to the breeder

  • Bridget says:

    Jon said in an interview that the kids beat the dogs up try to ride them bite them pull their ears and tails etc. I think it’s better for them to return the puppies before they grow up and MAUL those kids. Poor puppies they don’t deserve to be treated like that. However they should never have gotten these dogs in the first place. How stupid to get not one but TWO puppies and large breeds at that when you already have eight young children. I blame the breeder as well for selling their dogs to these people.

  • Riley says:

    I am not surprised! They just got them for more t.v. time but at least they are going back to the breeder.