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Village Demands That PETCO Leave

Written by PETA | October 21, 2011

UPDATE: PETCO CEO Jim Myers announced that the company will not reopen the Johnson City store where approximately 100 animals died in flooding last month. The company is reportedly looking for another location in the village, but outraged residents don’t want a PETCO store anywhere nearby. The district attorney’s criminal investigation of PETCO employees’ actions and the animals’ deaths continues.

The following was originally posted on September 19, 2011:

PETA joined dozens of animal advocates who participated in a protest calling for PETCO to leave Johnson City, New York, after the multibillion-dollar company opted to abandon hundreds of animals—about 100 of whom drowned during massive flooding from Tropical Storm Lee.

Despite highly publicized flood warnings and mandatory evacuation orders, the company had the gall to call the flooding “completely unpredictable” and intentionally left the animals behind, which Johnson City Mayor Dennis Hannon called “absolutely disgusting.” Nearly 100 animals, including birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, mice, and reptiles, suffered and died as a result. Cars that passed the 70 demonstrators honked and waved in support, showing that Johnson City residents are ready for PETCO to start packing.

PETA and Mayor Hannon called for a criminal investigation last week, and now that investigation is under way. Please join us in thanking Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen for taking the case seriously. E-mail him at [email protected] or call his office at 607-778-2423. Please be polite in your correspondence with Mr. Mollen and his office.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • kiki says:

    petco should be sued why animmals have to die sad bad the petco should never be allowed to vput up a petco again

  • furry yoga london says:

    So heart-wrenching to see this going on – seriously, why wasn’t action taken to secure those animal’s wellbeing? Baffles the mind, it really does…

  • Windknot says:

    Well said joester. We can’t change what happened and yes there were other influences. For one moment…. STOP….. and think about the people that worked there! I would dare say that they were there because they loved being around animals….. and now they are without a job and shunned…….. shame on you!

  • Lindsay says:

    The animals on the Petco sign shouldn’t be smiling! They should be frowning 🙁

  • Bozz says:

    they need to be investigated there is a lot of cover up of cruelty to animals in some of there stores out there other employees that report the abuse to management are made examples of an fired while the other employees that are abusing them are kept they add on extra charges for diffrent handling fees that was never done……here;s a thought petco get rid of your bad employees that abuse the animals…..and start listening to the good employees swallow your pride an hire back your good workers look over your records you keep in your offices

  • Bozz says:

    Petco should be investigated i have known of employees that worked there……they have reported abuse of animals in there grooming department they where pullled in the office an fired and the other employees that abused the animals still work there today 5 employees where fired for reporting this abuse where is the justice in this

  • Dave Lounder Motion Pictures says:

    Petco … where the pets ‘die?’ SAD!!

  • Ashley says:

    i was at this protest bc i love animals & im completely disgusted with what happened. i wish more people came out to support the animals & i hope these people are fully Charged! ive lived in this area my wholelife & theres NO reason those animals shoulda been left behind to suffer&die! Petco needs to take there Disgrace Of a Pet store outta our town bc NOONE will shop there now so there gonna loose business so they might as well leave. RIP all you poor defensless animals, we will bring you Justice!

  • blackcat says:

    Just like any area that was affected by the flood, there was AMPLE warning to evacuate! Just because the employees were given only a few minutes from when the police arrived to tell them they needed to leave, doesn’t mean that one of the many employees of the store couldn’t have the forethought to plan to move the animals in case of emergency. I will say the same thing to this store and its supporters that I say to all of the people who needed to be rescued from their homes during the flood: This was no surprise, weather forecasters told you there would be flooding, there is NO EXCUSE FOR NEGLIGENCE!

  • Lynda says:

    Thank you PETA and thank you Gerald Mollen! I don’t live in J.C. but I used to and I hope to see justice served! I live an hour or so away and I new the flood was going to be worse than 2006.

  • joester says:

    So I was waving in support? Better get some glasses so next time you can decipher the message a little better. If PETCO is going to have any charges for negligence, the the police should share some blame. They PREVENTED the employees from even trying to rescue any animals. I live in Vestal, and we NEVER anticipated the water rising to the RECORD levels it ended up at.