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Johnny Depp Reveals His Inner Lizard

Written by PETA | February 22, 2011

Just call him Captain Jack Gecko. Johnny Depp, who lends his vocal talents to the upcoming animated film Rango, expresses his affection for his scaly friends in the current issue of Us Weekly

“I’ve always had an affinity for lizards, and have always felt close to them and inspired by them,” he said. “So when I was asked to play a lizard, I thought, ‘I’m halfway there.'” 

Unfortunately, even though no lizards were harmed in the making of Rango, PetSmart is shamelessly attempting to cash in on the film’s reptile-friendly message by offering a $10 discount for “any reptile” to customers with Rango ticket stubs. In case you need a refresher, here’s why that’s a really bad idea:

Please take a moment to drop a line to PetSmart urging them to cancel this irresponsible promotion, which encourages impulse buying of these special needs animals and is sure to put them in harm’s way

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • online pharmacy says:

    It would be even better if you stopped selling live animals altogether. There are many animals that are already available for adoption.

  • online pharmacy says:

    thats really bad… very much senisitive too.

  • Yuvil says:

    We should teach our children to respect not only adults but every species on earth.

  • Lee says:

    They way Humans treat animals makes me sick and disgusted to be a human, wish there were more poeple interstsed in helping animals with out thinking “MONEY” like most charity organisations these days. poeple that agree should try get together and form a larger animal care and welfare society world wide,(like Peta =) ) especialy for wild animals such as lizards, snakes, birds and other mammals they are misunderstood by the public and should be protected from that. I think that owning pets such as snakes and lizards etc, should be licensed…but who will try implement it…another thing i hate is the circus, makes me so angry!

  • EVA says:

    I cannot believe what people do for money!!! even their lives are insignificant next to the lowest meaning of money… sometimes humans do not appreciate the important things in this world like family, nature, real love, innocence of simple and pure self beings like animals…in stead of this they value superficial and stupid things not essencial for their happiness, their real happiness, not the cincunstancial one like simple dirty money!!! and to get it sometimes humans are capable to kill their selves, their close family, and of course innocent animals!!! Lets see if in this supposely evolution human we start to look deeper at the real meaning of life, respecting the other self beings and respecting us…

  • Pat Mims says:

    Please stop this policy of selling live animals. People buy them and have no ide how to care for them and the animal suffers.

  • BmN says:

    I really couldnt even watch it, i dont want to. just looking at the freeze image is too much. My bf has a snake and though im a little scared of him i’d never dare let anything happen. or any animal its just soo heart breaking that anyone would do anythings to something that has a heart. This may be an assumption but i really do believe that if you have it in you to hurt and animal you have the ability to hurt a person. its sick.

  • KLW says:

    Please stop this irresponsible discount policy on reptiles. It would be even better if you stopped selling live animals altogether. There are many animals that are already available for adoption, and you should be promoting responsible animal care and stressing the responsibility that comes with a pet. The animals don’t have a choice — we choose to keep some as pets, and if we don’t then choose to care for them responsibly and humanely, we should have someone treat us as we do the animals.

  • Mark Dando says:

    After visiting these so called ‘Pet’ superstores I have been less inclined to use these places for quite some time now. I now use ‘Chemist Direct Discount’ The UK’s Online Chemist. Save up to 70% Online. Free Delivery They have certainly saved me quite a bit on dogfood..

  • Lindsay Conklin says:

    PetSmart, get with it! Do whats right by animals and make your best attempt to save some lives.

  • gerry says:

    When will all the useless, shamefull, killing stop. Shame on you Pet Smart..I thought you were a better company than that !!!!

  • Ivy says:

    Please don’t allow this. I use to work at a Petsmart and I’ve seen it all. People don’t realize the lizard or snake that is a couple inches grow to be 3 feet long and get expensive and need proper space. This is very very very sad.. don’t encourage people to neglect. 🙁

  • Abbey says:

    This so wrong, I feel adopting animals is the way to go. DO you buy children? No exactly. Drop this advertisment, stop selling animlas. Everytime I walk into Pet Smart they are selling kittens for 140$ plus, when you can adopt from the SPCA for 50$ which then the profit is returned back into adopting and caring for other animals.

  • Kelly says:

    So many people buy animals because they seem cute on the movie screen but actually owning and properly caring for one is a whole different story! Please dnt encourage people to but a lizard that they are only getting after seeing a cute cartoon!

  • Mich says:

    I never buy from PetSmart because they sell animals. I only go to pet stores that just sell supplies.

  • melmac says:

    Is the discount for a pet or food? You do not specify. If it’s for a pet, I am a bit curious there because reptiles are dangerous as far as the bacteria in their mouths. If it’s for food, at least they’re encouraging people to get food from a place that knows animals better than most stores (Wal-Mart, Target, etc).

  • regina says:

    Please cancel the irresponsible promotion of reptiles on sale to customers with Rango ticket stubs. Causes impulse buying that’s bad for the animal.

  • OneVoice says:

    PetSmart you are my go to store for food and bedding and books and all sorts of things, but please there are so many amimals out there that need rescuing, please quit selling them and just continue to provide the things we need for them!

  • Stephanie Thigpin says:

    I just viewed that video of sick & nearly dead snakes. That was so sad, please rethink your policies regarding these poor creatures, this is indefensible.

  • Cindy says:

    Please don’t ecourage people to buy an reptile they cannot take care of or are unfamiliar with.

  • Rosy Tyree says:

    If you truly care for the welfare of animals, you will not allow this to take place.

  • Lavinia Bakker says:

    Please stop this irresponsible promotion! This is not going to be in favor to the reptiles you claim to love so much.

  • Mary Dougherty says:

    Please cancel the irresponsible promotion of reptiles on sale to customers with Rango ticket stubs. Causes impulse buying that’s bad for the animal.

  • Michelle Oxenham says:

    The agony suffered by these beautiful, innocent animals is unnacceptable and completely avoidable. We can evolve beyond human ignorance to create a far more beautiful and compassionate planet.

  • yannick says:

    Who do you petsmart people think you are ?

  • Chris says:

    These people seem to confound animals with toys… really sick!

  • Lizzeth Hermosilla says:

    what a shame!!, don’t buy animals!! let’s adopt!! let’s make the right choice! It’s so sad to see that people just don’t care about them 🙁 how long will they suffer?……….

  • Amy says:

    This offer will only put these beautiful, special needs creatures at the mercy of irresponsible and naïve 6-year-olds. Reptiles as pets are NOT for everyone!

  • Shubham Kasera says:

    To Petsmart Your company is surviving on the sales you do by selling animals. Its your moral responsibility to alteast take care of them and give them to only who would take care of them. By offering a discount with every ticket purchase of Rangi, you are actually inviting lot of people with no prior experience of keeping a reptile, and inturn be responsible for their not well kept conditions. I would sincerely request you to withdraw your promotion and save them from people who would eventually not be able to take care of your children.

  • Diana says:

    please, be respectful with life.

  • linsy metcalfe says:

    Stop exploiting animals for money.. I will not shop at any pet smart till they stop selling live animals or start using more humane shipping methods also providing medical attention by trained staff when needed!!!

  • Kristen Cobb says:

    Living things are not yours to buy and sell. If you insist on doing so at least do it responsibly.

  • Katie says:

    This “Rang ticket discount” is such an irresponsible campaign. Obviously you DO NO care about the homes your animals go to. Because if you did, you would not be urging these impulse buys. People do not realize just how much work and care these animals need. So once they get them home, the animals are the ones that suffer. They will end up either dead from improper care, or abandoned because the parents realize that they undertook too big of a commitment. You need to cancel this promotion NOW if you really say you do care. But from what Ive seen you wont. I dont know how you can sleep at night knowing your irresponsible, greedy behavior is killing animals all over the world. You make me sick.

  • Michelle I. Cavanaugh says:

    Petsmart, Please don’t proceed with the reptile promotion. People will come in to get the discount to buy a reptile but they will either end up giving the reptile away, let the reptile loose, or end up killing it (probably not even meaning to) all because they didn’t do the research on how to properly take care of a reptile to begin with. This is just a bad situation all together, all for Petsmart to make a buck and not care about the consequences.

  • Pamela Weichmann says:

    Taking ownership of an animal, especially one with special needs such as lizards and other reptiles, is a responsibility that not all understand. By promoting a discounted price for a reptile with a ticket stub, you are only prompting impulse buying of animals. How would it appear if hospitals gave medical bill discounts to women who become pregnant after seeing a baby-themed movie? Caring for a child and caring for an animal require the same responsibility. For those who disagree, your disagreement is an example of the already existing problem. Please do not cause helpless animals to be purchased on an impulse or a fad, only to be neglected in the near future. Please cancel your ridiculously embarrassing promotion.

  • Ananda Leela says:

    Be human! Help animals!!!

  • Annie Patenaude says:

    Be human! Stop That!!!

  • Erica says:

    Please cancel your irresponsible reptile promotion (offering a $10 discount for “any reptile” to customers with Rango ticket stubs) and stop using animals for commercial reasons, they deserve a peaceful and free life just the way we do, If you are interested in improving your business think about the bad image you are acquiring by stealing animals from their natural habitat and caging then for sale.

  • William Watts says:

    Reptiles are very hard to care for. Please STOP encouraging people to get them as pets.

  • sharon mack says:

    Clyde Peeling once said that a snake does not make a good pet and I agree.Snakes should be able to live in their natural habitat,able to roam animal,reptile,rodent,rabbit,ect all the above should be caged.Please remove your offer.

  • Animal Lover says:

    You have to stop this! Retiles may not have emotions, but they feel pain. Encouraging people who are not fully committed to caring for these animals is irresponsible. After learning more and more about the practices of Petsmart I won’t be spending any more of my money there until changes are made. It’s not compliacted, just CARE.

  • Rebecca says:

    Even though I am not a big fan of reptiles that is so sad. They don’t deserve to be treated that way and PetSmart should have known better. What kind of “pet friendly” place does these kind of things? They can feel pain just like us.