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John Norris = Vegan

Written by PETA | January 16, 2008

I’m going to shut up and let the man speak for himself here in a sec, but I feel like I need to admit that I spent pretty much my entire adolescence in a constant state of anticipation about what John Norris, Kennedy, Duff, or Jon Stewart (different incarnation) were going to say next on the popular music channel “MTV”. John is busy informing a whole new generation on MTV News, but he also took some time recently to talk to my star-struck friend Nicole Nuss about (among other things), why he doesn’t eat stuff made out of animals. The whole thing is just too cool for words.

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  • Brandon Becker says:

    Much respect to John Norris for living vegan and standing up for animal rights. PETA should have given him a Proggy Award. He is much more deserving than Gourmet Magazine Wolfgang Puck and Burger King!

  • Kay says:

    Good for him very respectable

  • Carol says:

    RIGHT ON. This is too cool. I love when celebs use their star power for awareness and the cause.

  • Pamela L. says:

    Good for you John Norris The more vegans the better for the environment and especially the animals I want my MTV!

  • Anonymous says:

    being vegetarian is a much healthier way to live than eating things that lived..animals do not eat us why should we eat them..technically arent meat eaters cannibals..arent we all animals! just because you think you are superior you are not..thanks to all the nonanimal eaterscelebrity and all

  • amber Falobas says:

    I remember when he used to do celebrity news on TRL wait does he still do that? Ahh i miss carson daily hosting that show. anybody know if carson is vegan or vegetarian? or nice to animals at all? See i wouldn’t know if John was still on MTV cuz…I watch Fuse they have more animal friendly rock bands on there

  • Teddy Peugh says:

    Good Job !!!!!!

  • Karmarh says:

    God bless John Norris.

  • SMT says:

    John Norris is right on simple but true

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I’m glad that he pointed out that we as humans have the ability to understand this philosophy. For as long as I can remember people would say “We’re at the top of the food chain we can eat meat because we’re smarter than animals”. I never understood that reasoning. The fact is the onus of responsibility is on us BECAUSE we have the ability to understand animals. So what if a lobster can’t do calculus? Lobsters have no reason to do calculus. We humans have the ability to understand form and function. The purpose of a lobster is not to behave like a human or to prove that it’s intelligent. The purpouse of a lobster is to behave like a lobster and keep the ecosystem healthy something that we humans can only dream of doing. Great message.

  • K says:

    John Norris is vegan?! Whooa so awesome!

  • VS says:

    Love it! John Norris rocks!