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Joe Biden Buys One, Gets One Killed

Written by PETA | December 12, 2008

I was extremely disappointed to read that Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife bought a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one from an animal shelter. Obviously he or his wife blanked on Ingrid’s letter, which asked him to consider adopting and explained, “Every year, U.S. animal shelters are forced to euthanize millions of wonderful, deserving dogs and cats because of the lack of good homes.”

Ugh. I’m sorely upset about this—not to mention worried that his supporters will now all run out and get purebred German shepherds. I mean, not only is it really out of touch with dog issues to buy a dog from a breeder—or plain cold-hearted—it’s such a bad idea that one New Mexico county has just banned selling dogs from pet stores altogether. At least some Americans know what’s up. So what’s with our future vice president?

If it weren’t bad enough that Biden chose to buy from a breeder, we are now trying to confirm the accuracy of a report that was sent to us alleging that he bought his dog from a known puppy mill operator! An anti–puppy mill activist who claims to have firsthand knowledge of this particular breeder’s operation writes, “When I was there, she had dogs living outside in [I]gloos and a large side building wrapped in blue plastic … the barking was deafening … her inspection report states approximately 100 breeding dogs … she sold more than 275 dogs in 2006 … it was a stupid move on Biden’s part … a puppy mill, for sure.” Wow, Biden—if this is true, you’ve left us speechless.

Well, we decided to remind Mr. Biden and his home state of Delaware that every time someone buys a dog from a breeder, a dog in an animal shelter is killed. We will be running the following PSA on every station we can in Delaware:



Mr. Biden may have let us down, but we’re still pinning our hopes on President-elect Obama, who said, “[a] lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Luke says:

    my letter to senator kennedy DEAR SENATOR KENNEDY Bo is a pure bred Portuguese water dog a relatively rare breed whose breeder Martha Stern said is not a “rescue”. She explained dogs that don’t work out are returned to her and she will sell them to someone else. There is no chance a dog like this would ever have needed rescuing. If OBAMA cannot even honor a SIMPLE promise to adopt a shelter dogwhat makes you think he will honor more important key issues? This tells you a lot about him It’s no longer about a dog but it’s the ability to keep a promise. Now word is spreading fast about Obama’s inability to make good even with a simple promise. This dog thing is deeper than you think.

  • mario says:

    I don’t see why Joe has to be forced into adopting a puppy from a shelter if he wants to buy one from a breeder you guys want to adopt all the puppies from the shelters well good for you but Joe did nothing wrong in fact I’m a go buy me one as soon as I can and it has nothing to do with protesting against anyone it’s my personal desire to do so….!

  • Gail says:

    Listen before you people get all up in arms about the Obama’s dog let me tell you some things. NON SHED puppies are hard to get at shelters I finally got one after nearly 2 years of trying. I only adopt dogs from shelters. They come in and go out in about a week or less. The kids have allergies so they need a non shed pup not A MIX. Also shelter pups come from puppy mills most of the time. They come with problems many are shy. Just go to shyk9 at yahoo to read all the posts from people who own them. I love my pup but she’s been a project and I am still working on trying to get her over her fears. Not a dog you want to throw on a busy family with kids. While it would be nice for Biden to adopt a older dog from a shelter maybe he wanted a puppy. You can’t force someone to want something. Lets just hope the dog wasn’t from a puppy mill. I don’t understand why your group wants to crucify good breeders. The problem isn’t them it is the puppy mills that will put a responsible breeder out of business. It is a good idea to check a shelter first before you purchase a dog but if you don’t find the one you like go to a reputable breeder. I am sure the Bidens thought they did.

  • preeti says:

    Never expected this from you Being Ignorant ?

  • Janis Bates says:

    Rena.. you are ignorant. Not being supportive of a shelter is just plain stupidity. Have you seen any footage of Puppy mills?… because that is what you are supporting when you buy a pet from a store. You are an idiot. And why even have a pet if they are not going to be IN your home?

  • Jessica says:

    Although I agree that it may have been a better choice for him in the public eye to rescue a dog rather then buy one from a breeder there is NO shame is buying a dog from a breeder in my opinion. I have rescue dogs its my personal choice to do so. However it seems you people are collectively saying that the dogs breed are less worthy of having a happy home then a rescue dog. The fact is ALL dogs deserve to go to a good home no matter where they come from. If you want to get upset and fight for a cause fight for where ANY and ALL dogs wind up and that the people who take care of any dog treat them well. No matter where that dog comes from.

  • Teri says:

    This is powerful. Will any of the stations broadcast it as a public service announcement? That is one of the strongest statements made on film that i remember seeing. Best of all it would probably be given a Grating.

  • BONNIE ASKEY says:

    this is just a shame!the money he paid for a special breed dog is a disgrace.the animals you get at a shelter are very loving animals even though they may not be a highly breed dog they are wonderful pets. because i know. once again you let a dog down and that poor thing suffered thanks to you!!!!!!

  • Cynthia says:

    A shelter dog will give so much love because they are thankful to be alive. My cat was adopted and is extremely grateful it obvious to anyone who meets her. It would be nice for a politician to take a strong stand against puppy mills and by adopting a pet from a shelter will drastically increase the rate of adoptions thus saving so many lives.

  • Kate says:

    There are a couple of different kinds of breeders those that are responsible and are trying to better the line of dog and those that are there to make money. In any case a dog needs a home. and until breeding is regulated by setting up certifications for the breeders so that they are educated we will have those in it for money. But first and foremost all dogs and cats need to be spayed or neutered. And the pounds and shelters that are adopting should not be adopting out without the animals surgery already being done. Discount vouchers are just paper do you really think that small towns have the money to follow up on all of them to see that the surgeries have been done. If the spaying and neutering is more regulated you would not have the millions of stray dogs hat need to die. Problem solved. But people are greedy and ignorant. I work in the veterinary field and have for 10yrs always promoting the spayneuter policy. The excuses are varied and go from one extreme to another on why they wont do it. Then you have people promoting hybrid dogs. HYBRID DOGS ARE NOT BREEDS THEY ARE MUTTS THAT COST A LOT OF MONEY. you cannot breed a labradoodle with labradoodle and get a labradoodle. You have to have a lab and a poodle. So stoning Mr Biden because he is one of millions who bought a dog from a breeder because he was looking for a specific type of dog for his family I cannot agree with. However if he does not spay or neuter said animal I will help and throw the first stone.

  • Xane says:

    Truly Rodolfo!

  • Claudia says:

    Well this is because he Biden is a politician. That is that a politician does isn’t? promise for a better world but that’s pure… blablabla

  • Rodolfo says:

    Don’t dogs from breeders deserve a home????

  • Kathleen Simmons says:

    I also am not happy that Biden got his dog from a breeder. Maybe he could get a companion animal for his dog then he would look a little better to all of us that care for shelter animals. I also think the video is powerful.

  • Susan says:

    Now that he knows better next time he’ll do better.

  • Wise Woman says:

    Does this mean that if people dont’t adopt a newborn child that this kills them too?

  • Wink says:

    Give Biden a break. Joe almost always supports and even sponsored or cosponsored some animal rights bills. As stated before there are some reputable breeders who usually breed just one litter at a time. If someone wants a purebread there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t come from a pet store or a “mass breeder”. Don’t alienate one of our friends and don’t look for Obama to adopt either. They have to find a hypoallergenic dog due to one of the kids. So they will probably be getting a purebread too.

  • One MAD SOB says:

    Everyone Write Biden and let him know how dissapopinted you are in his actions. Write Obama and let him know how you feel about his number 2 man. People stand up for yourself and start the reality of “change”.

  • Rena says:

    Just because there are animal shelters does not mean one HAS GOT to BUY their pet at the animal shelter. I tried to adopt a kitten. The shelter had so many demands. I refused to allow the ‘shelter’ the privilige of determining where my cat would live. My cats stay in a heated garage… oh how horrid said they. I went to a pet store. And no longer support the financial needs of the shelter.

  • Danielle says:

    I LOVE that video or commercial whichever it shall be called! I think it should air everywhere on every channel. It’s so true! My dog is adopted my cats were strays that we still have and my horses were adopted. ADOPTION IS THE WAY!

  • suse says:

    i just don’t believe he’s that stupid!!!! AND TO BOOT if you just have to have a ‘pure’ bred dog there is a rescue organization for every breed you can think of!! YES even the socalled ‘fancy’ ones. as i type i sit next to a ‘pure’ poodle and a ‘pure’ maltese both from their respective rescue organizations. they came from DEPLORABLE conditions. if he HAD to have a german shepherd he could have done himself a huge favor to seek out a german shepherd rescue group because that’s where all the poor dogs that don’t get bought from the breeder he helped out will end up!!! that of course is unless you intended to breed it god forbid because the extremely small cost if any covers the alteration shots and anything else the dog may need. if you can afford it clearing throat because you OBVIOUSLY can please consider paying to the rescue group what you would have paid these damn breeders. joe biden you live in a doglovin’ country for shame. PEOPLE REMEMBER TO CHECK FOR AN ORGANIZATION THAT RESCUES THE BREED YOU WANT!! even if you have to drive a little say to a big city you’ll still come out cheaper! and i SWEAR they know what you did and will love you forever like nobody ever has. forget the ‘i have to raise it from a puppy crap’ and they have those too!!! did i say FOR SHAME?

  • Suzanne says:

    I have always adopted from a shelter….about 20 years ago when the Humane Society called me and said they had 15 rabbits that needed a home I decided ENOUGH was enough…..I already had 4 cats 4 dogs a dozen or so gunnie pigs and about 2 dozen rabbits! There is only so much one person can do!

  • Max says:

    Are you kidding me? I mean really Joe Biden is one person and now the whole world is going crazy that he didn’t adopt? It’s his life let him live it and don’t judge him.

  • Mike says:

    I myself have never bought a dog. I generally get them from freinds that have to many and are looking for homes for the them but Biden has the right to purchase a dog if he likes. It isn’t PETA’s or you right to tell him what to do. You people need to get real. Let Peta adopt all the animals.