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Joe Biden Buys One, Gets One Killed

Written by PETA | December 12, 2008

I was extremely disappointed to read that Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife bought a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one from an animal shelter. Obviously he or his wife blanked on Ingrid’s letter, which asked him to consider adopting and explained, “Every year, U.S. animal shelters are forced to euthanize millions of wonderful, deserving dogs and cats because of the lack of good homes.”

Ugh. I’m sorely upset about this—not to mention worried that his supporters will now all run out and get purebred German shepherds. I mean, not only is it really out of touch with dog issues to buy a dog from a breeder—or plain cold-hearted—it’s such a bad idea that one New Mexico county has just banned selling dogs from pet stores altogether. At least some Americans know what’s up. So what’s with our future vice president?

If it weren’t bad enough that Biden chose to buy from a breeder, we are now trying to confirm the accuracy of a report that was sent to us alleging that he bought his dog from a known puppy mill operator! An anti–puppy mill activist who claims to have firsthand knowledge of this particular breeder’s operation writes, “When I was there, she had dogs living outside in [I]gloos and a large side building wrapped in blue plastic … the barking was deafening … her inspection report states approximately 100 breeding dogs … she sold more than 275 dogs in 2006 … it was a stupid move on Biden’s part … a puppy mill, for sure.” Wow, Biden—if this is true, you’ve left us speechless.

Well, we decided to remind Mr. Biden and his home state of Delaware that every time someone buys a dog from a breeder, a dog in an animal shelter is killed. We will be running the following PSA on every station we can in Delaware:



Mr. Biden may have let us down, but we’re still pinning our hopes on President-elect Obama, who said, “[a] lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”

Written by Christine Doré

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  • lauren says:

    Little publisized fact one should know about shelter animals that are put down they are sent to schools teaching medicine. While it is sad that many end up in the garbage many are training the same people that will be medically treating us for the rest of our lives. There is another problem with shelter dogs you don’t know where they came from. Puppies may be different as one could assume that they haven’t as of yet been abused but I don’t like full grown dogs I do know playing with my small children.

  • J G says:

    I disagree. When buying a German Shephard you want it registered with a history of it’s bloodline. This helps assure you that the dog does not have the hiprear leg desease which are very common among this breed. Pups cannot be x rayed for a prognosis until a mimimum of 8 months before they know the animal is free from this condition.

  • Adam says:

    I am buying a goldendoodle from a breeder.

  • Deb says:

    I adopted my little boy a purebred Pekingese from the shelter in Sept. ’99 and he has brought joy to my life every day since. Shame on Biden for not buying from a shelter. I didn’t realize that in Delaware for every dog bought from a breeder one dog in a shelter is killed. Biden has to realize that he is now under a microscope and has to do the PC thing. There are purebred dogs in shelters including german shepherd puppies so shame on him for not getting one at his local shelter.

  • Tommy L Moore says:

    Im so glad that Jesus died for us and that he is sitting at the side of the Father interceding for us because we condem people and act like we are perfect. What did you all do wrong today that we will never know about because you are not in the spotlight. One thing i do know is that God has an all seeing eye and hes watching you as well as me. Stop judging people and PRAY for that man. Its time out for all this mess. I got thre right to say this because i love dogs and any other kind of animal. I have taken in 8 dogs all from the shelter or someone give them to me because they couldnt keep them anymore. Im also a vietnam veteran that love this country and its time that we act like we acked in nam when we had to fight the enemy. or like we acted after 911COME TOGETHER FOLKS GOD IS NOT PLEASED.



  • lilli says:

    Look at it this way. If Biden had gone the shelter route there would be one photo and that would be it. Now the story is being carried everywhere and people are getting the word that there are hundreds of bad breeders and that shelters are having to kill thousands of dogs.

  • Andrea says:

    I too was saddened and disappointed in Mr. Biden’s choice. I knew that there would be an outcry amongst us shelter animal people. I’m a “adopter” I recently lost my 15 year old shelter pup and live with my beautiful “dumpster” kitty. I am also a fair person and understand that there is a case for purebred dogs too. What I immediately thought when I heard this news is that I hoped that the Bidens in an attempt at “balance” especially given the pro shelter animal state they’re from would also adopt a pup from a shelter! THAT would certainly help spread the idea….. A who sorely misses her shelter pup!

  • Elaine says:

    No politician gives a crap about anything or anyone but themselves. We can only hope that in their next life they are born in a puppy mill…

  • Tracy Murphy says:

    I just read Ingrid’s letter. Although it was upbeat and a very nicely written letter it did not include a very important fact. The fact that there are purebreds available in shelters as well. Joe Biden chose a German Shepherd because he really liked the breed. Some of these guys just don’t have the time to learn that purebreds are available as well remember Barack Obama’s comments on all dogs being mutts like himself in shelters. Please don’t miss this important fact again in Ingrid’s letters.

  • Alinda Bruce says:

    Good grief everyoneSTOP. Take a breath. Does “anyone” really know WHERE he got his dog? If a breeder anyone know “anything” about them. Give the guy a break. I literally have had 100’s of animals some strays from shelters and some from registered breeders. The main point is we ALL have our favorites. Feed them love them and care for them ALL. Everyone is so very quick to judge. I think we still have “choices” in America don’t we??? God Bless and Merry Christmas to all

  • Peggy says:

    I got two Fox Terriers from a kill shelter in Brownwood. I saw them on the internet they were brought to the shelter with four other siblings. These puppies came from a breeder who was upset that a Yorkie got her Fox terrier pregnant and wanted them all put to sleep. The shelter told her they would try and find homes first. They were only five weeks old when brought in and my little Zoey only weight 2lbs 4 ozs and had Parvo her brother Taz had a liver condtion. They are both healthy and happy now. They were not cheap to get that way but worth every penny. Shelter dogs are so appreciative.

  • Erlyn says:

    Joe Biden eats animals so why would he care where “his pet” comes from? I have no respect for this person.

  • michele6933 says:

    PETA PEOPLE Hurry draw up a letter for all friends to sign re. the very thoughtless decision made by Mr Biden to have BOUGHT a dog from a BREEDER. When all of us have signed have it delivered to Mr Biden’s home .

  • Sherri says:

    I know people who work with dogs and breed dogs. Like them I understand the reason for not buying dogs from puppy mills. However buying a dog from a reputable dealer is fine. People buy pedigree dogs for various reasons usually one regarding temperament. I understand PETA’s desire to rally up for animals and their mistreatments. The problem I have with them and many other groups is they go to far in the name of PC. PETA has become a major PITA and I hope they can scale it back. I do think basically they are a wonderful watchdog no pun intended group.

  • MJ says:

    In this day and age of information access I am shocked that people on OUR payroll are so ignorant. Do they think they are getting a healthier dog? Wrong. Do they think they are making a smart financial decision. Wrong. I hope they work better smarter for us than they do for themselves.

  • Renay says:

    I didn’t vote for ObamaBiden but their choice of pooches is hardly my concern and I found it cheezy when Obama mentioned the puppy in his acceptance speech. If I were to get a dog or another cat I would likely adopt again. It has worked out well. But certain breeds have particular attributes that the dogowner is looking for. I also have horses…and in my book there is nothing better than a well bred Morgan. Peta is making too much of this…as they are wont to do.

  • Ann says:

    To bad for Joe my rescue dog beats a pure breed anyday. He’s so special he’s his very own breed… You go Ajax you rock.

  • Michele says:

    While I in NO WAY would ever knowingly support any type of puppy mill or anything remotely like that…..I have a Yellow Lab and two Great Danes all three of which I purchased from breeders. I support getting a pet from a shelter 100 but I don’t think buying a dog from a breeder means that another dog lost a life…..How do we know the dogs we bought wouldn’t end up in the shelter if we wouldn’t have bought them? IT’s the people who breed the dogs not the people who buy the dogs that are alredy born.

  • Brittany says:

    It’s isn’t like when you purchase a dog the shelter gets word and then they slay another dog. It doesn’t work that way. If the man wants to buy a dog let him buy a dog. It’s his money and his choice.

  • Tim O'Donnell says:

    You know I have never really listened to things that PETA has to say. I mean I am not by any means cruel to animals but not a veegan either. However that PSA really hit home with me. I just lost the most special pet I ever had a few months ago and we got that special siamese cat from the shelter in Watertown NY. Why Mr. Biden couldn’t find a special pet there is beyond me. I know people of his stature think they have to have some piece of paper that says their pet is special but no pieces of paper could ever have made my cat any more special to me. What a bum.

  • Cecilia says:

    I agree that he should have adopted a pet. But you can’t go around critisizing every one that buys or sells a certain breed of dogs. You are making the people who breed them and take excellent care of their animals look bad. I have a friend who breeds White German Sheppards not sure exactly what the breed is called who takes EXCELLENT care of her animals. She takes them to the vet regularly and has a family who loves the dogs. She sells them for a second income so she can support her family. You are chastising every one because of the conditions some people put their dogs through. I don’t agree with the way puppymills treat their animals either. But at the same time I don’t agree with a lot of things PETA does.

  • Mariko Lanoue says:

    Joe Biden aside…puppies from breeders need homes too. How can PETA say that some dogs are worth bringing home and others aren’t because by chance they were born to a breederpuppy mill? Telling people that adopting is the only right way still leaves thousands of dogs homeless. So until someone finds a way to shut down all puppy mills and finds every single dog a home…i say bring home whatever dog you want from wherever you want because every dog needs a home.

  • soigoinsane says:

    what happens to the breeder’s puppies that go unsold? do those also end up in shelters? once again PETA’s logic is off. either way it is a dog that gets a loving home. shouldn’t that be what really matters?

  • nancy ferrell says:

    I am not surprise that he got the dog from a breeder. I cannot see him taken any time for walking thou a shelter to look for a dog like he will not take time to look out for the the average working person.

  • Elphaba says:

    Talia you are in the wrong place to ask advice on buying a dog. Part of animal rights is acknowledging that animals are not things to be bought and sold. Try searching for GSD pups there are plenty out there who desperately need homes.

  • Barbara Hanson says:

    You are dreaming if you think any politicians keep most campaign promises. They all have a million excuses for not following through. Ignorance also plagues most of them and it is non partisan.

  • Sangeeta says:

    I was so disappointed when I saw this story air on TV that I immediately send Mr. Biden a message via his website. What was he thinking? I really thought he was a compassionate man but I guess he fooled us all. There are plenty of German Shephards who need homes even pure bred puppies. Boo to you Mr. Biden.

  • GAVIN KENLY says:

    Typical politician. Says one thing. Does another.

  • Vicki Orr says:


  • M.H. says:

    So how about pressuring Biden into getting another dog this time from a shelter so that the puppy with have a companion.? Dogs are much happier when they have one of their own to play with!

  • Norma Campbell says:

    That video was excellent hope soeone sent it to Biden

  • Barbara Chichester says:

    There are so many unwanted animals in shelters that need a good home that I wish Joe Biden would have adopted a dog from a shelter. There is no need to breed anymore animals when so many need a home. As Vice President you have to set an example for the rest of the people. I belive that Presidentelect Obama will.

  • Chris says:

    J stated “There’s nothing wrong with getting a dog from a good breeder. If all breeders stopped breeding then dogs would cease to exist.” You’re serious aren’t you? I’m not attacking anyone here but to be sure there were dogs before there were breeders. “Purebreeds” cute as they may be are much more predisposed to health problems and die earlier than “mutts.” Why keep making more when there are so many wonderful adoptable dogs here already? This can apply not only to dogs but other animals and even goods and products. We were given a purebred showquality sharpei by a breeder our vet knew many years ago. His tail had been broken during birth and was crooked so he wasn’t able to be shown not perfect enough. Pugsley was a wonderful companion for 7 years BUT the vet bills were astronomical and 7 short years is not enough time for such a good pet. He eventually succumbed to cancer. It is far more humane to adopt and I don’t think we’re as in control of the dog population was we think we may be.

  • N Dougherty says:

    As Americans we have the right to buy a dog from a reputable breeder. A puppy mill no but a reputable breeder who is an expert by all means. No one has the right to try and strongarm anyone into adopting rather than buying their pet.

  • Talia says:

    I do agree that some breeders are families that work small scale and are not necessarily bad people. I also would never buy an animal from a pet store unless the animals were being adopted out because they were left without homes as shelter animals are whether they are born in the wild or “dropped off”. Sometimes people consider breeders because they want a specific breed of dog for a specific purpose such as protection or they want a puppy because they want a dog who will grow with their young child. Does anyone know anything about shepards and young children? My husband and I are considering buying a shepard from a breeder because we are afraid if we get an older dog it might not bond as well with our child. We are looking for a dog who will become an intimate part of our family and also will be protective of us and our home. Not all types of dogs are good with children and not all types of dogs are protective of both people and property. Forgive me if I sound ignorant I am super into animal rights and am mommy to an adopted cat she was left at my door by a friend who knows I love animals. It’s just that for some people certain types of dogs are not a good fit and might not be practical.

  • Erica Kahunanui says:

    I was sick with disappointment after hearing Biden’s decision and of course it was blasted all over the news. I felt like it was a huge loss for the home team. I was jumping for joy when the ObamaBiden team won the election and now I’m embarrassed beyond belief that I voted for someone who displays this much arrogance. Especially someone who claims they understand the importance of rescuing. Such a sad defeat for shelter animals everywhere…

  • Vicky says:

    Biden and Obama are turning out to be like so many other political scumbags. I am Very Dissapointed at you Mr. Biden you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Carol says:

    Talk about someone that has no brains that is Biden. Instead of going to a shelter he went to place that over charges of animals and God knows if that dog isn’t cross bread. It would have looked better if he had safed a dog’s life and he would have looked better but everybody has a right to get their dogs wherever they want to. “Freedom of Choice” in this country and that is a fact. He just made a bad choice so he has to live with it and that is another fact.

  • Nadia Boone says:

    I am highly disappointed with Mr. Biden’s decision to buy a dog when six million wonderful pets are killed every year. I hope Obama does not make the same mistake.

  • Raja says:

    It is surprising that the VP and his wife are is so ignorant of the reality behind the Breeding houses. How will the people behave who have elected such indifferent person as the VP. Shame on America

  • Debbie G says:

    I am so disappointed that Biden didn’t go to a shelter and adopt a pet. There are SO many wonderful dogs there purebred andor mixed and surely he would have found one just a nice and would have saved a life at the same time. Disappointing Joe Biden!

  • Victoria says:

    I am disappointed in him as well as everyone else. Maybe we can urge him to adopt one. Dogs love playmates

  • Jerry says:

    That’s horrible. What a tragic thing to do.

  • Robert says:

    I just hope Biden does something about the fur trade in China and other countries. These dogs suffer and we still buy from China.

  • Friendly says:

    Biden is a phony. I feel sorry for whomever has to be his dog. Poor puppy better sleep with one eye open.

  • Adam G. says:

    Say it aint so Joe!

  • JulieAnn Zserdin says:

    I am really disappointed in the vice president. it goes to show that even though they are suppose to be a team in the white house they still do not agree on everything. I hope Mr obama sticks to his pledge to get a pound dog. there has to be a beautiful full blooded dog that some one gave up in a pound somewhere in the states he could adopt for his girls. the mixed breeds are acutally the best and smartest anyway.

  • Barbara says:

    I’m from Delaware and VERY disappointed in Biden. I really thought he was a compassionate man now I’m rethinking that…I hope Obama does the RIGHT and HUMANE thing and adopt from a shelterrescue.

  • Liza says:

    I wish he’d adopted but it’s ridiculous to say people are going to “run out” and buy German Shepherd Dogs because of this. Like yeah because we all look to Joe Biden before we make a decision amirite? This isn’t the ’60s when women wanted to dress like Jackie nobody cares anymore … That’s like saying all Clinton’s supporters ran out and had affairs in ’98. Psst we didn’t … in case you were confused. I hope we can have more faith in the American people than we can in Biden.