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Joe Biden Buys One, Gets One Killed

Written by PETA | December 12, 2008

I was extremely disappointed to read that Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife bought a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one from an animal shelter. Obviously he or his wife blanked on Ingrid’s letter, which asked him to consider adopting and explained, “Every year, U.S. animal shelters are forced to euthanize millions of wonderful, deserving dogs and cats because of the lack of good homes.”

Ugh. I’m sorely upset about this—not to mention worried that his supporters will now all run out and get purebred German shepherds. I mean, not only is it really out of touch with dog issues to buy a dog from a breeder—or plain cold-hearted—it’s such a bad idea that one New Mexico county has just banned selling dogs from pet stores altogether. At least some Americans know what’s up. So what’s with our future vice president?

If it weren’t bad enough that Biden chose to buy from a breeder, we are now trying to confirm the accuracy of a report that was sent to us alleging that he bought his dog from a known puppy mill operator! An anti–puppy mill activist who claims to have firsthand knowledge of this particular breeder’s operation writes, “When I was there, she had dogs living outside in [I]gloos and a large side building wrapped in blue plastic … the barking was deafening … her inspection report states approximately 100 breeding dogs … she sold more than 275 dogs in 2006 … it was a stupid move on Biden’s part … a puppy mill, for sure.” Wow, Biden—if this is true, you’ve left us speechless.

Well, we decided to remind Mr. Biden and his home state of Delaware that every time someone buys a dog from a breeder, a dog in an animal shelter is killed. We will be running the following PSA on every station we can in Delaware:



Mr. Biden may have let us down, but we’re still pinning our hopes on President-elect Obama, who said, “[a] lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Renee Jones says:

    Hello everyone. I am a person who is trying so hard to help our animals and changing over to being vegetarian. We are eating less meat and only meat from humane farmers. We are all trying within our economic capablities to either be vegetarian or eat meat that is raised and delivered to us in humane ways. Not easy I realize. Also we have to realize that we need to spend at least 100 more if we want to eat meat.! I truly believe that there needs to be more education for people on how they can develop meals that are not meat based. We voted for Obama and Biden and we want them to support our issues in relation to animals raised in humane conditions. I guess this is one of the first areas where we should all realize that our vote is not getting us what we want. I am also disappointed. Renee Jones

  • Tracy Murphy says:

    Joe Biden will hold the 2nd highest office in the country therefore he serves as an example for all people throughout our great country in leadership and integrity. Fact. The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel sends a message to the American public that it is ok to continue to purchase dogs rather than adopt one of the thousands that need homes across America. The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel in fact prevents a homeless dog from being adopted into a loving home. Fact. The purchase of a dog from a commerical kennel will ultimately send a homeless dog to the gas chamber or succomb to lethal injection. Fact. The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel steps on the hopes and dreams as well as hard work of shelter workers shelter volunteers and animal protection agencies who give of themselves every single day to help animals. Fact. The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel will in no way guarantee temperament. Every dog is a unique individual and all dogs require supervision around children. There are many homeless dogs across the US with sweet and gentle temperaments. Fact. The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel may not result in a dog with fewer medical problems when purchased from a reputable breeder. Many medical problems rise from improper diet and exercise. Medical problems should NEVER be a reason not to adopt a poor dog that needs a home. If a homeless dog is not adopted it will surely have its worth medical problem. Death. Fact. Joe Biden’s personal decision carries with it great consquences for homeless dogs across America. Fact.

  • viv says:

    Biden is not only a loud mouth but now a liar. He does not even strike me as an animal lover! I cannot believe he even went to a shelter and said all he said while he bought his dogs from a breederpuppy mill….Ugh! Shame on you Biden!!!!

  • Tammy says:

    He should have adopted.

  • Jenn says:

    Did anyone catch this story about the kennel getting cited? httpwww.philly.comphillyblogsharrisburgpoliticsKennelwhereBidenboughtpuppyiscited.html Rather sounds like he bought from a puppy miller and really I think he got a dog for the wrong reasons. Very disappointing

  • Priscilla says:

    I’m a PETA supporter but think this ad should be reconsidered as I believe it is more likely to produce backlash against the organization and its very meritorious goals than to achieve the goal of promoting adoption of shelter pets. Though it is disappointing that individuals including Sen. Biden who are looking for a new pet do not make the choice to save a shelter pet rather than purchase from a breeder it’s actually no more correct to say he “killed a shelter pet” than it is to say you or I or anyone who did not even consider adopting a pet on any given day “killed” all the pets who were euthanized there that day. Unless Sen. Biden abandoned a pet to a shelter or different issue purchased from a puppy mill rather than a responsible and humane breeder of purebred animals I think attacking him and his choice is by association attacking many responsible pet owners and a large population of passionate animal lovers who do own purebred dogs or cats and really could be strong supporters of a lot of PETA goals. Something to consider!

  • Derek, MD says:

    Amanda Are you implying that conservatives always follow through with what they preach? It is difficult to judge tone on message boards so I hope you are merely a fedup liberal and not a Palin supporter whose brain cell mass diminished simply by watching Palin struggle to understand basic english.

  • Pat says:

    Is a campaign being formed to contact Senator Biden and request that he now ADOPT a dog. Two dogs are better than one.

  • Kelley says:

    Joehow could you do something so selfish and shortsighted. I can’t even tell you how dissapointed I am with you. Hayleighthe big problem isn’t with the puppies they are worth money to the breeders so they get a bit of attention. The real suffering happens to their mothers and fathers who are forced to breed over and over again until they are all used up.

  • vegancoin says:

    “I just can’t understand how a capitalist politician would buy from a puppy mill. I mean puppy mills go against everything that capitalism is about i.e exploitation and profit. This really is shocking.” Good point america is nothing but a corruptocracy. That’s what happens when compassion isn’t on the menu. Think Green and go veg.

  • Joyce Son says:

    I saw this on the sunday morning news and my heart sank than I got pissed. The lady selling the puppy was all smiles. Yeah right lady! Planning on torturing more animals for profit. Now that our creepy Vice President Elect you know the regular guy bought a dog from you. Well Joe Biden your getting a letter from me as soon as I compose myself. From the stupidy you have displayed to the American people. Or was there a payoff from someone to buy from a breeder.

  • Manuel says:

    This just sends the wrong message. We all know that it means another dog will have to be killed at the shelter so more tax dollars. By adopting a dog he would have shown that we can spend tax money on education of children perhaps teaching his grandchildren to Adopt and not Shop for a puppy.

  • Bob says:

    Don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die. Opt to adopt and save a hound from the pound.

  • kaylen says:

    love the video it was hilarious.

  • Rosiewoods says:

    It is kind of strange its as if he did it to support breeders. Im sure Obama will set a much more compassionate example after all the world is also watching!

  • Chris Moncado says:

    I just can’t understand how a capitalist politician would buy from a puppy mill. I mean puppy mills go against everything that capitalism is about i.e exploitation and profit. This really is shocking.

  • Ian says:

    Joe once again proves he is a elistist a rescue dog wasnt good enough for him? only saving grace is that a shepherd will be smarter than joe and should have him fully trained in by the time it is a years old. joe is a bad bad man. I own an aussie shepherd mix puppy from a rescue operation her mom was aussie her dad a shepherd and at a year old she is smarter than vp elect biden. joe is and always will be such a big disappointment

  • ruth eagen says:

    I agree this is terrible. Joe Biden should have rescued a dog and maybe he will change his mind. I am so sad with this decision I now have a total different opinion of him.

  • shelva wood says:

    I’ve loved Joe Biden forever so very disappointed with his selection of a breeder instead of the shelters!!!! Come on Joe you should have know better!!!!!!!

  • farah says:

    what an ass

  • Amanda says:

    I am not at all surprised. He is a typical “Do as I say not as I do” liberal. Atrocious Mr. Biden.

  • Allie says:

    It’s a shame he chose to do that I hope Obama does the compassionate thing and adopt one of those mutts “Like him” Allie

  • Renae says:

    This is disappointing to hear. However we cannot make blanket statements like “He sucks” based on this one misguided choice. I am certain he will be a much better VP and a MUCH better environmentalanimal advocate than Dick Cheney!! Here’s hoping Obama adopts from a shelter.

  • NT says:

    WOW! Has this guy been living in a cave or something? With all the exposure on puppy mills in the last few months you’d think he would go to a shelter to adopt even if it was only to score political points. What an idiot!

  • Debbie says:

    Not surprisedMr. Biden is not to be trusted in politics or personal life his history tells the true story. Thanks to PETA thoughhe won’t be able to forget another bad move by adopting thru a puppy mill. Thanks PETAagain for keeping up on everything that involves animals.

  • clarissa says:

    I was so disappointed to read that in the paper this morning. It said he bought the puppy at the home oe Chester County breeder Linda Brown and the Washington Post has a picture of her with the puppy. I really hope she isn’t a puppy mill operator! I don’t think he’s been lobbied as much as Obama about adopting from a shelter but if at least some groups contacted him and another reader said he attended an event at an animal shelter he has no excuse to not know about the reasons to adopt. We often have German shepard puppies at my shelter and we would’ve been happy to adopt one to him. In addition to adoption being life or death for animals there’s also the aspect that buying from a breeder is elitist. Most of the people in this country can’t afford to do that. Plus many animals from people affected from the economic shelters are now in the shelters he bypassed. I really hope Obama doesn’t renege on his promise to adopt. He can find hypoallergenic breeds at shelters too.

  • roxanne says:

    Joe Biden adhere to the lobbyist of the american kennels. what a loser

  • Hayleigh says:

    I totally agree that Biden should have adopted a dog from an animal shelter rather than a breeder. However we all know the conditions of puppyy mills are disgusting. So if Biden did adopt a puppy from a puppy mill can’t we look at as though that is one less innocent animals that has to live in those conditions?

  • kelly says:

    This puppy mill breeder has aLREADY gotten caught in fraud httpwww.petabuse.comcases8439PAUSummmm so much for respectable breeder AKC nailed her for falsifying paperwork. httpwww.petabuse.comcases8439PAUS She was falsifying paperwork!! Biden got cheated by a fraudster!!!

  • kelly says:

    And the AKC makes most of its money registering PUPPY MILL DOGS! httpwww.bogartsdaddy.comBouvierBouvPagesarticleinquirepuppymillsAKC.htm

  • kelly says:

    So Biden was stuid enough to get ripped off by a puppy mill? What doers that say about his ability as VP? And a puppy mill that I bet isn’t reporting their income and isn’t paying their TAXES! Most of these mills hide their income and cheat on taxes Let’s look into the business dealings of this puppy miller

  • Claudia says:

    Although Joe Biden is a better choice than Sara Palin the animal destroyer this was a bad choice Joe. Not only should you think before you open your mouth as you have been advised you should also stop and think before you act. And in this case both. Your words and actions are hypocritical. Your words back shelters your actions buy from puppy mills. Shame on you Joe!

  • cilantro says:

    wait a minute. igloos? blue plastic? that is very misleading. could be that igloos are really big doghouses and that blue plastic is just keeping somethig dry like woodpiles and other normal things. i am still all for adopting dogs nd even MORE for keeping them out of shlters in the first place but we cant judge people using information of that sort.

  • Laura says:

    There’s nothing wrong with getting a dog from a good breeder. If all breeders stopped breeding then dogs would cease to exist. Not all breeders are puppymillers. There are good breeders and bad breeders. There is nothing wrong with wanting a dog from a good breeder.

  • J says:

    So what? He supported the economy!

  • pam says:

    I hope Biden is feeling ashamed but I seriously doubt it. I think Obama will receive a lot of flack if he doesn’t adopt from a shelter. If they can’t find one right away that meets the allergy requirements then they should wait until a dog becomes available that does. Pet stores should be banned from selling cats dogs and rabbits. These animals are usually always available in a shelter.

  • Peter Wood says:

    Yeah Rick it’s all about pleasing the humans. Another dead dog oh well. Biden just another selfish selfserving out of touch pol.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    When did Joe Biden buy this dog? Was it recently or has he had the dog for a while before finding out that you should adopt a dog and not buy one? I am curious to know that maybe if he did buy the dog a while ago maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt.But if it was a recent purchase that would be terrible! I just hope Obama sticks to his word and adopts.

  • SASHA says:

    WE CAN’T GIVE UP! At least we tried. But maybe Obama will get his from a shelter.But it is sad that he made that decision. Glad the PSA is going to be put back on the air to keep the message out there.

  • Yvonne Lynton Reid says:

    hello from Australia. I have just received the petition about China and the fur trade and then read the note about Biden. Is someone going to be able to get Barrack Obama who is clearly aware of the case for adopting dogs from shelters into the international discussion about animal cruelty?? we cannot let this horror continue. Here in Australia I will do all I can to join with those who try to bring it to the attention of our politicians. We rely on trade with China so heavily .. no doubt there are blind eyes already turned! But I shall try to get friends as well as my already committed family into this struggle. Strength to you all!

  • Donna Hughes says:

    It’s tough being in the public eye everyone wants to tell you how to live your life! “You can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself.” Rick Nelson

  • Anna says:

    Well seven years ago when I was ten my parents got our dog a sweet westie named Biscuit from a breeder and we love her so much but when I get my own place I’ll get shelter dogs or cats. I mean at the shelter closest to my house it’s disturbing how they literally have to stack cat carriers with cats in them on top of each other because there are so many kitties!

  • Susan says:

    Shame on you Mr. Biden!

  • David says:

    I am very disappointed in Mr. Biden. I sincerely hope this isn’t a harbinger of callous policies to come towards animals but I agree with Anita. Suddenly I am not so sure.

  • Tom says:

    Joe Biden Sucks. Tom

  • Rez says:

    The worst part about this is I just attended a benefit at a local Delaware shelter where Biden was a guest of honor! And he got up there and went on about how he supports the shelter’s efforts. I guess not enough to rescue from them.

  • Lianne says:

    So sad. I used to respect that man.

  • Anita50882 says:

    Is it really that difficult to adopt a dog from a shelter? Even if you have no compassion you obviously know that Animal Rights activists are looking at you but you couldn’t care less. From today on I don’t trust a damned thing you do. It’s all about the money. The AKC is full of WASPy rich fers and I know they have leverage with politicians. Mark my words Obama will buy one and get one killed as well. He already started to make excuses. He knew his daughter had allergies the first time he said he would adopt from a shelter. After he got elected he changed his tune. Sick and disappointing.

  • Katrina Paluso says:

    I really hope that Obama has the heart to adopt his daughters’ dog from a shelter and not a breeder or pet store. I love the video though.

  • Aneliese says:

    Very dissapointing. I hope Obama will adopt from a shelter.