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Jockey Club Supports Racing Reforms in Wake of PETA Investigation

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | April 16, 2014

Coming on the heels of PETA’s horse-racing investigation, which exposed the pervasive and allegedly improper use of drugs during training, Ogden Mills Phipps, the owner of last year’s Kentucky Derby winner, Orb, and the chair of the influential Jockey Club, echoed our call for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to oversee horse racing.

Phipps also called for the veterinary records of every horse competing in this year’s Triple Crown races to be made public immediately. He also said that Steve Asmussen—who was the subject of our investigation, runs the largest horse-racing operation in the U.S., and has multiple drug violations—should not participate in the Derby.

Those are important steps in the right direction—and now the racing industry needs to listen and take action.

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  • sonya stne says:

    I’m sick of people celebrating torture of horses IN KY I live here I hate derby!!!! Inhumane to horses and humans. Terrible practice for 2 min of fun

  • Nan Newall says:

    It is definitely a step in the right direction. I would like to see horse racing and other forms of “animal entertainment” completely eliminated in my life time. As more and more people become aware of the brutality of the animal entertainment world, I am hoping that this dream will become reality. Thanks to PETA and other concerned people for bringing to light the rampant abuse and slavery of animals.

  • G C says:

    Hooray for PETA & Phipps! Let’s change racing for the good. Thank you PETA for opening everyones eyes. Get these uncaring people away from horses all together.

  • G C says:

    Hooray for PETA! This news sounds great. I see now that there are SOME that must really care for their horses, not only the $$. How wonderful! And kudos to Phipps! Let’s show these other owners that the public doesn’t want doped up horses or injured horses running.
    I had no idea to the extent these owners/trainers would go……..shame on them. They don’t care about the horse at all. Thanks for opening up our eyes PETA.

  • sosbaiji says:

    It is a step in the right direction anyway.