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Joanna Krupa’s Newest ‘Angel’ Ad: Holy Smokes!

Written by PETA | December 1, 2009

Or, rather, holy smokin’

If Joanna Krupa’s previously released ad about animal adoptions somehow escaped anyone’s attention, today the supermodel and Dancing With the Stars alum joined PETA for a protest outside a Los Angeles pet store to reveal the racier version of her compassionate message.


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Joanna is taking action against pet shops and puppy mills that cash in by selling animals. Not only did she pose for several sultry ads with a bevy of rescued dogs and participate in the protest today, she also did a behind-the-scenes interview for us and discussed the ad yesterday during an appearance on Lopez Tonight, where George Lopez called her new ad “the hottest photo in the history of animal cruelty prevention.”

Joanna aims to urge all future companion animal guardians to adopt animals from shelters, where millions of animals wait for their forever homes. She says, “[T]hey’re in these little tiny cages, and all they’re doing is breeding their whole life. It makes me so angry that our government doesn’t do anything about it. So I am!” No matter if a person is determined to get a puppy or bent on a purebred (or even a purebred puppy!), there’s no excuse to buy a puppy or a kitten from a pet store or breeder. Ever. Period.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • michelle says:

    What is wrong with the nudity??? Why are the churches so offended??? Hello???? Remember Adam and Eve the bible?????

  • gary says:

    I loved the latest PETA ad..OMG it is beautiful and effective. If the catholic church would focus more on it’s priest pedophilia and their spending nonprofit money on political agendas then they wouldn’t have time to marginalize women and their beuaty. When is congress going to stepup to these churchs and make them declare political moneys as not elligible or nonprofit status. the CATHOLIC CHURCH is an abomination!!!

  • Leslie says:

    I think the ad is beautiful and meaningful. So what if she is nude I don’t know about you but I wasn’t born in a 3pc suit. We were born pure and naked and the body is a beautiful thing. Pure and innocent like the animals we need to protect.

  • Carla* says:


  • sexylady says:

    can i bare all? i’d get some attention for peta winks

  • Carla says:

    Get over the nude thing guys geez…. It’s a message! And a good one!!!! You go Peta! She is beautiful wout Fur … unlike some hags out there who think they look sexy in “dead animal fur”.. wake up hags!!!

  • roxanne says:

    she is beautiful in her own skin. Not only are these fur hags cruel but they are insecure in their own skins that they have to wear another specie’s skin. that is just sickening.

  • ME says:

    While it might be true that the message could have gotten across with her clothed the answer to the question “why did she have to be naked” is simple. You noticed the ad didn’t you?

  • MH says:

    Hlessirah I agree. It’ll get people’s attention but there will probably be more people just salivating over the woman instead of absorbing the message.

  • Ki says:

    This is awesome!!! I love it!! One of the best ads yet! Way to go PETA yall rock!!!

  • Hlessirah says:

    While I understand and completely agree with the message of the ad and I think it takes a lot of guts to pose like that I’m still not convinced on the approach. I don’t understand why she must be nude. The “rather go naked than wear fur” campaign made sense but in this particular one the fact that she is naked and sexy detracts from it making it seem more about a sexy woman first and adorable puppies second y’know? An angel can be equally angelic and compassionate while wearing some beautiful clothes…