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Joan Rivers Wants Change for Chained Dogs

Written by PETA | December 21, 2010

PETA pal Joan Rivers is using her unmistakable voice to support two important dog-related bills that are under consideration by the New York City Council. Today, Joan fired off a letter to City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, expressing her support for bills that would encourage New Yorkers to get lifesaving spay and neuter surgeries for their dogs and would protect dogs from being chained up like old bicycles for longer than three hours in any 12-hour period.

Check out what Joan has to say about people who force their dogs to live outdoors in the cold!

Fur-free fashion guru Tim Gunn also sent a personal note to Speaker Quinn in favor of these bills, so support is building. If you live in the Big Apple, be sure to encourage your City Council member to vote in favor of these vital bills!

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • darleneobier says:

    hey good for you joan yea those who put dogs on chains and leave them outside go out there one night when its 18 degrees without proper beddings see if you feel cold

  • Lillian Ingria says:

    There should be laws to protect animals with punishments that MATCH the cruelty and abuse.

  • zoukamuffin says:

    How can she be sensitive to dog issues, when she wears fur? Why don’t you try to educate her?

  • Wayne Glasman says:

    Joan we love you for all that you do on behalf of dogs however it is not only dogs and humans that are deeply feeling citizens of this planet who can feel deep emotions and certainly pain. It would be a true Mitzvah if you would switch to wearing fake fur. Thanks and be well.

  • HELEN says:

    Joan confuses me a bit. I applaud her for her stand on chaining up dogs but when I see her on TV, she is quite ofter wearing FUR !!!!!!! Even if it is faux, people still see it and think “Oh, that fur looks good, I’ll wear it too” then they go a buy real fur products because they don’t know the difference. Please Joan, I love you but please stop wearing FUR, faux or real.

  • Carolyn0411 says:

    Way to go Ms. Rivers. For your next act please stop wearing fur.

  • Kat says:

    I think it’s great that she is standing up for dogs, but she pokes fun of PETA while wearing fur all the time doesn’t she? Maybe she is making a turn for the good 🙂 (And I think Jan is being sarcastic, no?)

  • Marilyn Dusheiko says:

    Hi Joan, I would like to find out if you have thrown out the real firs and are now wearing the fakes. I certainly hope so. My husband had his late mother’s furs in our cupboard and asked me if I would like me and you can imagine what I did.- I asked for them to be sold and the money to go to a charity for animals. I mean really. I got the heebie jeebies! Who can live like that, know that defenceless animals have been skinned, and I have seen videos, alive. Please everyone. Throw away the furs!!! Be very kind to animals. They give so much pleasure. They are there for us when we are ill, when we are depressed, when we are blind etc/

  • jwillett1970 says:

    as a friend of Joans you should be glad she is supporting this cause. Whenever she is involved she gives 110%. You can’t shun her because she wears fur. We should put an end to those who mistteat animals. Period!!

  • kiki says:

    Same here. I see this woman draped in fur all the time on the tv and now I’m supposed to respect her for standing up for dogs?! Are celebrity brains wired differently? I’d sure like to sit this woman down and show her a video of an animal being skinned alive for one of her fur coats. I think peta need to tread carefully when they call people like Joan Rivers a peta pal. You’re in danger of alienating the very people you are supposed to represent (the people for the ethical treatment of animals)

  • Dianne says:

    Doesn’t Joan Rivers drape herself in animal skins? I’m quite sure it was recently at that – I appreciate what she is doing for chained dogs, but wearing fur is unacceptable and I am boycotting her programs unless contrary evidence comes through. You can’t be animal rights while supporting the cruel fur industry.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    How can Joan be a “Peta Pal”?  I agree with the others who mentioned the fact that Joan wears a lot of real fur. That is very good that she cares about dogs, but not good that she doesn’t seem to care about other fur bearers who are tortured so she could wear their skins. She may be a “Peta Pal” but she isnt a pal to those poor tortured animals.

  • PETA says:

    We continually urge Joan to go fur-free like her daughter Melissa, but we’d have done the strays and the animals chained outside in NYC a disservice if we used that as an excuse to turn down her help in getting these important bills passed. She loves dogs, and unlike many celebrities she is unafraid of going out on a limb with politicians to speak up for them. Most of us got involved on one animal issue and know how that can lead to evolving on other ones.

  • DEBY says:


  • sternarator says:

    Excuse me, but Joan wears fur ALOT. I appreciate what she is trying to do regarding the dogs, but really!!??

  • sandra says:

    good work!

  • Rosie says:

    Dogs are friends, not property.

  • Webgirl9962 says:

    I think the owner should be chained up outside without a coat on and stay in the same conditions that they leave their pets in maybe then they’ll get the idea!!!

  • joanna says:

    I respect the work you do PETA…but why are you using this fur wearing old husk to promote animal welfare? I dont get it?

  • Marissa says:

    That’s great that she is doing that but doesn’t she wear a TON of fur!?

  • gman25 says:

    i am in full support of this – cruelty to animals in any shape, way or form in not right.

  • Jan says:

    I hope you never visit the south. There are some animals there that have never seen the inside of their owners homes…rain, shine, snow, ice. They treat them like animals not children.

  • kyzmet beatty says:

    go Joan Rivers…get law passed

  • castleb7 says:

    Good for you Joan!! You’re a great person with a wonderful conscience who cares about those who can’t speak for themselves. Go sister!!!!!