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Joan Rivers Gives Ants a Break

Written by PETA | August 20, 2010

Reading Edward O. Wilson’s novel Anthill has given Joan Rivers a new respect for ants. Here’s what she told People magazine:

“Those poor ants work 24/7! And when they fight other ant colonies, to look bigger they stand on pebbles. ‘I’ll show you—I’m getting up on this grain of sand.’ … They work their whole lives; it’s so sad. Now I don’t throw my sandwiches away; I put them on the streets. Let the ants have a little break. The other day I had half a hot dog, and I put it in a tree. This woman said, ‘You’re littering,’ and I said, ‘I’m feeding the ants!'”

Joan may be on to something here. In her honor, I am going to refrain from cleaning my kitchen counter*.

Written by Alisa Mullins

*Just kidding, Mom.

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  • billy williams says:

    Good for her,I remember having an ant colony in our backyard,I put out bits of cookies(My special vegan ones!) & watched them eat it & take it back to the nests,Ants are some of the most interesting animals around & i’m glad i could help them get some easy food.-Thanks Joan.

  • Carole Edmonds says:

    I’m happy for the ants but sad for the poor pigs used to make the hot dog

  • ocean17 says:

    yes people should respect mother nature more and wonder at the ingenuity of some species to survive. that’s just commonsense. Go vegan. Do it today.

  • tal says:

    Glad to hear she is taking a stand for ants it would be great if it could go further. I would like to see high profile people like Joan use their “power” to influence people to also influence businesses to stop selling animal products. Joan sells her products on QVC regularly yet QVC sells and promotes leather from Lambs Cows Eels and snakes and they are advertised as “chic” and “exotic” and “must haves” it would be great if Joan would step up and insist that they stop selling animal products and if they didn’t she would no longer continue to sell her products with them. That would get some awareness. With over 20000 items sold in one hour that’s alot of dead animals being processed for fashion. Joan could really help stop that tragedy. Joan if you read these messages please consider this suggestion. Thanks.

  • Claire Lloyd says:

    I don’t kill any insects even those that bite. Thats just their nature an dthey can’t help it. Humans bite into animals all the timebut I don’t eat animals. I find running from the bugs I fear is better than murdering them lol. Its good to see someone have compassion for ants they watch the sunset you know?. Ants are amazing creatures.

  • Lindsey D'Antonio says:

    She ate a hotdog but left 12 in a tree for the ants? This is a little insane for me…Good to see she cares though. My Aunt scolded me for not killing the ants that invaded my kitchen. I just chased them away with vinegar instead. They’ll be back but at least they’ll be alive D

  • Vanessa says:

    I used to kill the insects that came across my path. Now if I find ants rolly pollies moths etc I capture them and release them outside. I try to avoid stepping on ants. The only insects I kill are spiders mosquitoes or any other insect that can bite me.

  • Holly says:

    It takes baby steps with some people and all those baby steps add up. Good on Joan for seeing into the insect world respecting their work and their worth. Go Vegan dont let your body become a graveyard for farm animals.