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Joan Jett Strikes Again

Written by PETA | June 10, 2011

You didn’t think Joan Jett would rest on her laurels after personally delivering an anti–seal slaughter letter to the Norwegian government earlier this week, did you? The rock icon has now set her sights on the San Diego County Fair, which is offering elephant rides from Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT)—a name synonymous with cruelty to animals—at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, where Jett is scheduled to appear later this month. Jett dashed off a letter to fair organizers on PETA’s behalf urging them to send HTWT packing.

I’ve seen the video footage released by Animal Defenders International that shows the owners and trainers with HTWT as they hit elephants as hard as they can with bullhooks and use electric shocks on the animals’ bellies,” writes Jett in her letter. “You can hear a grown elephant who bellows in pain and a baby who cries out while being jabbed repeatedly in the mouth and hit over the head. Please don’t allow the reputation of the fair to be tarnished by its support of cruel elephant rides. 

You can help by joining Joan Jett in urging the San Diego Fair to abandon its plans to offer cruel and dangerous elephant rides.  

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Kelly says:

    I agree w/Joan Jett on this one. Plus (with all of our current resources such as internet, more tv news programs, word-of-mouth, etc) why are some of us still thinking back in stone age times of supporting nimal exploitation for entertainment purposes? It is really sad because these same people who have this information known to them will still go ahead and think that this is okay. I am a resident of SD County and I will NOT be attending the fair. I will also let everyone I know what is going on. While we have made some advances on the animal rights issues, there are still many more victories to be won. Of all the different varieties of things to entertain people, why does it have to be at the expense and PAIN of poor animals that did not ask to be in these sitautions?

  • TC says:

    I agree. I was just at the SD county fair yesterday and saw the elephants. Some soccer moms pushed my wife and I out of the way so the moms could get pictures of their little kids riding the elephants. It looked terrible! They should be ashamed of themselves. How bored and tired the elephants appeared going around a circle all day. They deserve to be in the wild or out in a nice country side. Why do people continue to support such cruelty to elephants? Joan Jett I support you all the way using your wonderful celebrity status and ability to promote such a positive organization like PETA. Thank you!!!! p.s. I also didn’t like seeing the miniature goats inside the buildings at the San Diego county fair. They looked tired, unhappy, and bored inside the small cramped cages. And I didn’t like seeing the small ponies ridden by kids either. This made my trip to the SD county fair a huge disappointment. Why are things like this allowed at county fairs!?