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Joan Jett Loves Elephants, Hates Circuses

Written by PETA | November 2, 2006
Pic from the show

At the end of her recent show in Chicago, longtime PETA supporter Joan Jett took the opportunity to read out a statement to the crowd attacking Ringling Bros. Circus for their shocking abuse of elephants. She also urged the crowd to come out in support of a new ordinance in Chicago that will make it impossible for Ringling and other abusive animal circuses to use their standard training techniques of beating elephants with bullhooks and electric shock prods. Here’s what Joan said to the crowd:

Please don’t take your kids to the Ringling Bros. Circus while they are in Chicago; the elephants and other animals suffer from beatings and confinement. And be sure to ask your Chicago Alderman to support kindness to elephants by voting in favor of the pending elephant protection ordinance, which will ban cruel tools of the trade, like sharp metal bullhooks, electric shock prods, and leg shackles.

Joan Jett (for those of you who weren’t aware) is utterly amazing. Word has it that the crowd went absolutely nuts cheering and clapping after she made the statement. It was also, reportedly, a kickass show. Here’s a little video to illustrate Joan’s point.

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  • Marianne Brennan says:

    Cheers to Joan I also beg everyone to boycott any circus that uses animals. There are a few animalfree circuses but I feel there are lots of wonderful places to take children other then the circus. I hope fate steps in and destroys Ringling Bros. and all animal using events like them.

  • kim jacobs says:

    I watched this video and this reminds me of mideavel times i guess we still have people in the world that act like savages and babaric too animals i can only wish that we could watch the people that abused these adorable elephants have the shoe be on the other foot and we could watch them people do circus acts sincerly kim jacobs