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Joan Jett Finds Flaw in ‘Twilight’ Star’s Impersonation

Written by PETA | July 20, 2010


Joan Jett, our co-favorite legendary rock goddess (seriously, don’t even try to make us choose between Joan and Chrissie), was notably impressed with Twilight star Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of her in The Runaways, which chronicled Jett’s early career with a pioneering grrl-rock band.

However, in her audio commentary on the DVD release of the movie, Joan does point out one faux pas—although it should be noted that the movie’s costumer was to blame:

“To me this is kind of strange,” says Jett as Stewart is shown running along a street, “because I never wore leather pants.”

Joan Jett—never missing a chance to speak up for animals: Rock on!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Tea says:

    Wait.. In the “crimson and clover” video isn’t she wearing leather pants?

  • cheryl murdock says:

    U people need to stop the nitpicking and get a life. DramaDramaDrama… Do they have to explain every little detail allll the time! Joan is awesome how ever she chooses to be!

  • Beth says:

    Chrissie Hynde actually. She’s the lead in the Pretenders.

  • Jason 'Great White' (Shark: Beings Rights Person) Nall says:

    Way to go Joan Jett!! We need more Vegans and Beings Rights People in Music industry let alone the world so it is great to see her saying that. Twoquestions What she did not have final say of the movie? I know as I grewup through the 80s I probably should know this but who is Chrissie mention in the article? I am guessing she was a pioneering female rocker of the 80s as Joan Jett was. I just cannot remember her

  • Carl P. says:

    Loved the movie Just seen it last night. Also she was portrayed as wearing a leather jacket early on in the movie I thought to myself”but Joan is Vegan!” Love your music and love the fact that you did’nt let all those record company execs stop you from rocking!

  • Antoine says:

    Attention Vegan Joan Jett fans! I just went to the wikipedia page for Joan Jett and there is NOTHING anywhere on it about veganism PETA nor animal rights! Now I am not a Joan Jett fanyet!…and sorry but someone who really is a fan should go update the wikipedia page to include her veganism perhaps the story of how she became vegan and her involvement in animal rights…doesn’t she own a vegan restaurant? Obviously this would be a great way to allow her nonvegan fans to learn about her veganism.

  • Stephanie says:

    Go Joan! Kristan Stewart has never really been animal friendly herself. Sometimes wearing feathers and almost always wearing leather in some sort of fashion. Anyways Go Joan again!

  • Gina Possanza says:

    Joan Jettyou were amazing back then and you are amazing right now!