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Joan Jett on Edmonton’s Bad Reputation

Written by PETA | November 1, 2011

Rock icon and animal advocate Joan Jett‘s version of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” topped the charts, but one thing Joan doesn’t love is the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s refusal to release its lone elephant, Lucy, to a sanctuary. Ahead of her performance in Alberta on Saturday, Joan sent a letter to Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel and the zoo’s director, Denise Prefontaine, reminding them that every moment that Lucy remains in Edmonton is a misery. Joan writes, “This animal is basically being tortured. I urge you to please release Lucy to a sanctuary before the unbearably cold Canadian winter weather returns this year.”

Edmonton officials should follow the lead of their colleagues in Toronto, who overwhelmingly voted by a 31-4 majority to send the zoo’s three elephants to sanctuary.

Elephant experts agree that if elephants are not with others of their kind, these highly intelligent and social animals experience psychological distress, and Lucy has been the only elephant at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for more than four years. The cold climate and confinement to a small barn have also contributed to Lucy’s poor health. She suffers from arthritis, obesity, chronic foot ailments, and respiratory problems, all of which would likely improve if she were able to join other elephants at a sanctuary with a more appropriate climate and miles of open space to roam.

Please join Joan, Bob Barker, William Shatner, George Laraque, PETA, Zoocheck, and the thousands of compassionate Canadians who are campaigning for Lucy’s freedom by clicking here to contact Mayor Mandel and the Edmonton City Council right now.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Serena Oh says:

    Torturing an innocent Lucy is totally senseless. Please release Lucy immediately to a sanctuary.

  • Serena Oh says:

    Lucy should be sent to a tropical savenna immediately. Lucy should not be in the zoo another cold day alone. She is suffering unimaginable pain, loneliness and sorrow all by herself.Lucy is just innocent, defenceless, and voiceless beautiful gentle creature. Torturing innocent Lucy is totally senseless. Please release Lucy to a sanctuary.

  • Jana says:

    Thank you Joan for speaking out for Lucy. I just don’t understand why Edmonton is so stiffed necked about this. This should be about Lucy and her welfare. We already know she is alone and has many physical problems that she would benefit by being in a warm climate and around other elephants to social with. It just seems so cruel that they ignore the voice of the people and show no interest in making a positive change for Lucy. Thank you so much and God bless.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    Every time I see animals in a zoo I am reminded of a twilight zone episode where an astronaut was imprisoned in a zoo on another planet. They built him an apartment, put bars on the front of it, and posted a sign reading “Earth Man In His Natural Habitat.”

  • Diane C. Nicholson says:

    We worked hard, in BC, to have the lone, elephant from the Vancouver Zoo, sent to sanctuary. There she died of her illnesses, but she did so with love surrounding her and having at least tasted a sweet life. I suspect that the powers that be in Edmonton, are embarassed and are letting that stand in the way of a better life for this poor animal. Thank you, Joan, for adding your voice to the rest. Sincerely, Diane C. Nicholson

  • JO CLANCY says:

    Please let Lucy go to a sanctuary where she will no longer be alone. Do the right thing by her PLEASE.

  • Sam Porta says:

    GO JOAN!!! I’m so with you on that, I really don’t like the zoos it really bothers me to see helpless animals locked up… So unfair. I’ll do whatever I can to help. Love Sam

  • JuliaAnn says:

    Oh my god! I honestly cannot stop doing the happy dance! I applaud you Joan!!!

  • Marin says:

    I live in Edmonton and I actually met Mayor Mandel a few years ago. My aunt, who works in the provincial government, introduced us so I wrote to him asking him to please surrender Lucy so she could live out her years peacefully. I don’t know why Edmonton is being so stubborn, no one in Edmonton even likes the zoo. Even before I learned how awful zoos are I never went; so many people told me it’s awful because of how unhappy the animals are.

  • The Goal says:

    great. we all love Joan Jett