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JK Rowling Adopts Abandoned Greyhound

Written by PETA | October 15, 2007
Scribbulus/Creative Commons

Harry Potter author JK Rowling just adopted a rescued greyhound* from a small rescue center in Scotland. Apparently, the author was totally low-key when she showed up at the center with her family, including their dog Butch, and made the rounds looking for the right dog to adopt. After falling in love with a dog named Sapphire, they started the adoption paperwork, and when the shelter worker asked for the usual £30 adoption fee and was given a check for £1000, that’s when she knew she was dealing with someone special. Kudos to the Rowling family for adopting Sapphire. What a lucky dog!

Here’s a news story, and here are some pics of Sapphire enjoying her new home.

*For those that may not be aware, the dog racing industry is horribly cruel. Thousands of dogs are killed every year simply because they’re not fast enough, and the ones who stay alive are warehoused in kennels barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around. Here’s our factsheet on greyhound racing, and for more information, including info on greyhound adoption here in the states, check out Grey2k USA.

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