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Jimmy Fallon Can Do Better Than Cruel Animal Trainer

Written by PETA | February 26, 2013

We love Jimmy Fallon around here. He’s funny but not mean, has a keen musical sense, and is still boyishly charming. He’s totally adorbs. So what’s not to like? Well, there is one thing we’d change—and PETA has sent Jimmy a letter explaining why.


For some inexplicable reason, a frequent guest on Late Night has been animal exhibitor Jeff Musial. Unlike the amiable Mr. Fallon, Musial is unlikeable, disrespectful, and clearly more interested in scaring Jimmy and giving the audience cheap laughs than taking care of the animals he treats like props. Musial handles the animals roughly, causing them additional anxiety in an already stressful situation.

So, what gives, Jimmy? After staying up late to watch you, we want to go to bed with a smile, not toss and turn with nightmares about cruelty to animals. And we’re not alone: PETA has received many complaints from viewers who were upset by how Musial mishandles terrified animals. We really hope that you’ll make the compassionate decision never again to feature Musial’s squalid animal act on Late Night.

What You Can Do

Animals and showbiz go together like gasoline and matches—a disaster waiting to happen. Please never support any animal act by buying a ticket.

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  • Cathy Schmidt says:

    After seeing Roxy the elephant on with Jimmy Fallon and that animal trainer (I mean abuser) , Im done with that show and will not allow any other family members to watch it either.

  • CC says:

    Every time he is on I cringe and tonight I was moved to get an line and find out this quacks credentials (while he is screaming in the background at an elephant). Of course I can’t find anything but I ran across this webpage. I am now certain I need to send an email to the Tonight Show (since apparently Fallon decided to bring this *hole along for the new show.). Maybe if enough of his viewers let him know that unlije the audience we are not ALL laughing he will make a better choice.

  • smp22481 says:

    Not Cool—it was Cruel, unnecessary, an there is no excuse for it. First time I am just turned off by the show.

  • Lois Lane says:

    So bummed out tonight. Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show (USA) had an elephant on the show tonight. I WAS a huge fan, but now I wrote a note to the FB page saying I cannot watch anymore.

  • jackie says:

    I certainly agree. That guy is a jerk. He thinks he is educating people on animals by acting like an idiotic fool at the poor animals expense. Jimmy Fallon shame on you if you continue to have this guy on your show. Do you honestly think he is educating the public, or just making a fool out of you. You are a fool if you think he is entertaining. Jeff Musical needs to find a new occupation cause animal exhibitor he ain’t!

  • teena dugan says:

    I agree. That poor baby bear needed to be cuddled. NOT TERRIFIED . Then he tries to bottle feed???? I love Jimmy Fallon’s show. But this Musial guy is a jerk and only out for laughs. PLEASE JIMMY STOP!!! DUMP HIM and get a compassionate person from an animal rescue sight!

    Even jack hanna got to be all about the spotlight in later years.

    I love the Jimmy Fallon show SO MUCH I would hate to stop watching and start campaigning against his ignorant, animal mistreating guests.

  • maxeythecat says:

    What a complete dick….I’ve had to suffer thru Jack Hanna, the guy from Mutual of Omaha’s wild kingdom but this clown really takes it. Jope Jimmy smartens up reeeeeall quick cos the guy ain’t even the least bit funny.

  • Sabrina Walsh says:

    That Badger was clearly distressed, you could see that by the way it’s mouth was open and the noises the Animal was making! This guy is an idiot! The way he was handling that poor Badger was so rough and there was no consideration whatsoever for the Badger! Shame on the talk show host for having this idiot on!

  • Jeff Johnson says:

    Has Jimmy responded to this absurd situation?

  • Bernadette trost says:

    This is so sick! No one should see this!

  • Molly Ridgley says:

    I hope Jimmy takes notice. It is not at all entertaining to watch something like this.

  • Laura Taylor says:

    I felt really disturbed watching this guy on Jimmy fallon, I’m glad PETA has bought this to everyone attention.