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Jillian Michaels Saves Horse from Meat Buyer

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 19, 2012

Through her work on The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels is accustomed to saving lives. But for one horse, her help arrived just hours before he would have been sent on a journey to become hamburger.

From the Winner’s Circle to the Kill Pen

During a PETA investigation of horse slaughter, in which horses are taken from a meat buyer to a Canadian slaughterhouse, our investigators discovered ex-racehorse Royale With Speed packed into a “kill pen.” A grandson of renowned Triple Crown winner Secretariat, Royale With Speed’s racing days were over, and our investigators stood witness as he was sold for slaughter for $350. He was dehydrated and running a fever of 103.7 degrees Fahrenheit, and his lymph nodes were so swollen that they later burst and oozed pus through the skin.

Speedy Save for Royale With Speed

We called the wonderful PETA supporter who cares for another of our rescued thoroughbreds, Coming Home, and she agreed immediately to give Royale With Speed a home on her ranch. Jillian stepped up to buy the horse and cover his transportation costs, and together, we were able to save him from enduring a 36-hour journey in subfreezing temperatures aboard a cramped transport truck—with no food or water—that would have ended at a slaughterhouse.

After weeks of intensive care, Royale With Speed, now renamed Gray Man, has fully recovered. He spends his days lolling on the grass and romping with his new friend Coming Home—who also has a new name, Little Winner.

What You Can Do

Tens of thousands of horses are shipped to slaughter every year. Jillian has voiced her support for ending horse slaughter to Congress. Please join her.


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  • paigelabella says:

    That’s video I took of Royale in my arena after he recovered from strangles! Cool!! He was such a playful boy!! We played like that every day while he waited for a ride home. I’m so happy he is living out his young retirement like the Royalty he is.

  • horselover says:

    can’t believe some one could do that as a job i feel so sick

  • horselover says:

    i was the same I couldn’t finish the video cause love horses so much, I got to the horse in the saw thing and new what was going to happen so I turned it off, so sad that people can do that to animals ps was so sad i was crying.

  • Saya says:

    I don’t support horse auction or slaughter. But I know that some people will always think of horses as food just like we think of cows as food. I wish there were ways to make it less traumatic, even thought they’re going to die. There needs to be punishment for people who abuse the horses in ANYWAY. The hard thing for me here is also that I don’t support PETA, they take things way too far… And that can hurt animals too… I’m happy this horse was saved though.

  • Rebecca says:

    If people were responsible about their animals breeding or having males gelded, took responsibility for the care and training of their animals, and encouraged private sales instead of open auctions we wouldnt have these problems. I cant believe that some people would actually think that selling to slaughter so they can die some agonizing death after suffering that trip to the plant is a reasonable option if they couldnt afford humane euthanasia because the animalmis sick. Killing them because they are “mean” is rediculous. They cant help that they dont trust people because of abuse or somebody failing to socialize them and train them so they would accept our help and leadership like in a natural herd. It would be more kind to put a bullet in their head then to make ANY LIVING CREATURE go through that treatment. I could not finish watching the video because it is so disturbing.

  • Emily says:

    I love horses. I have a few and i do agree with slaughter they’re over populated to some extent. But i do agree that the process could be more humane for the horse. At least they get killed and don’t suffer starving in some yard.

  • Amanda B says:

    Well done Jullian. Pity the whole human race hasn’t got that empathy towards fellow creatures.

  • Save a life says:

    I so wish we could save them all from those horse killers they do not deserve to die that way:(

  • Devin says:

    Racehorses don’t deserve this treatment. No animal does. I worked with an ex-racehorse who was being sold for slaughter, till he got rescued by my trainer thank God. Now we have another and hes the sweetest thing ever. We are an awful race because there are people out there that don’t care about the animals. It’s sad and makes me sick thinking about it. Thank God we have people like Jillian that actually care and will do anything to help!

  • David says:

    We humans are so sick killing animals for meat for so many centuries and beyond and continuing the cycle, why because its easy and affordable so sad, leave them alone and let them live free.

  • Barrelracer says:

    She did a good thing but sometimes horses need to go there. If they are too mean to be alive or way to injured and the owners can’t afford for the vet to put them down.

  • Barrelkindagirl says:

    I can’t stand to think that people actually sell there beautiful loving pet to people like that

  • LynSire says:

    Stupid people!!!! I this makes me so angry! Innocent beings don’t deserve this.

  • Karyn says:

    What’s the problem with those mans?! Killing horses just for meat?! This is madness!!

  • Kathryn Baker says:

    RunRuffian, does it matter what kind of horse is in the photo? It is a Friesian. All life is important, doesn’t matter what breed. I believe that horse is one of Jillian’s horses.

  • Kathryn Baker says:

    Hats off to Jillian Michaels for her work in the area of animal welfare and rescue.

  • Kathryn Baker says:

    Hats off to Jillian Michaels for her work in the area of animal welfare and rescue.

  • VG says:

    Thank goodness he was spared. Think of all the other horses in that pen he was rescued from, the millions that have gone and will go to their deaths (in the most terrifying, unjust way possible. The USDA(if i’m correct) and many states fund the breeding of race horses- their slaughter is not a concern. Yet, another example of enslavement, cruelty, and exploitation of other helpless beings.

  • carla c says:

    humans make me sick to my stomach…. vile and discusting…

  • Verdandi says:

    That’s awfully nice of her. As a fellow fitness gal, I respect her. But I just wish she pushed more plant-based foods on her diet plans for the Biggest Loser and her other plans. Less meat=better life. For everyone.

  • Sydney says:

    Hamburger Does not come from a horse it comes from a cow!

  • Julie says:

    It breaks my heart to think these beautiful animals are treated so cruelly! Thank goodness Gray Man was saved!!! His eyes look so sad tho…..if he could only talk he’d have so much to say!

  • Christine says:

    I have hated the horse raced ever since I was a child . Its so sad how they just discard such a life.

  • Rachel says:

    Ugh this makes me so angry! That beautiful horse was going to be killed just becuase he didn’t win a stupid race? Screw all of you idiots involved in horseracing and support the slaughter of horse! You people are sick.

  • AngelicaM says:

    I used to go to the horse racing years ago and I would NEVER go to one now after I learned what happens to them when they expire. So the horse earns you so much money and that’s the way it get repayed in retirement.. they should do that to those greedy arsholes when they retire. Horses are such beautiful animals. The human race is a disgrace except for the one’s that are compasionate and care. and we are only a minority which is a shame.

  • LORI ROSS says:

    More people need to know about the horror done to these magnificent,sweet animals. Do not support horse racing. And breeders should become more aware and demanding of just how their horses will be treated. It should be a contract in favor of the horse never being sent to be murdered, and always allow tracing. Or a better idea ? Stop the murder. That’s what it is. MURDER. SHAME ON PEOPLE INVOLVED IN IT.

  • RunRuffian says:

    You might want to clarify that the horse in the picture with Jillian is not the Thoroughbred she rescued. In fact, it is not a Thoroughbred at all.

  • Dorry M. says:

    How very sad what happens to these gentle animals. I will never support horseracing.