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Written by PETA | April 7, 2007

In 2000, I was still busy trying to figure out how “electronic mail” worked, and PETA, for all its marketing brilliance, was still just kind of feeling its way in terms of having an Internet presence. But we did hit on a campaign that ended up having a real life of its own on the ol’ World Wide Web—it was all over blogs and forums, and it’s still talked about on religious websites—and, with Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d raise that burning question again:

Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

Here is the website that started the debate, and you can read some more of the controversy here. Have a great Holy Saturday, everyone!


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  • neelufar says:

    yes may be jesuse was not a vegan but to start with there was no extreme animal suffering on those days people use to eat when they were hungry now we murder animal in masses and not becuse we r hungry but becuse we want to get pleasure eating the innocent animals flesh this is sin.secondly no religin reason stil eating someone’s flesh is immoral

  • Michael says:

    I would just like to ask everyone at peta if you know anything at all about conservation. It makes me furious that ya’ll protest about gun control all the time. I belive that certain animals were put on this earth to eat. I love to hunt. I eat anything I kill. I believe that it is a sin to make animals suffer but if the kill is quick and you eat the animal there is nothing wrong with that. But if you hunt and kill animals and don’t eat them that is wrong. Or if you abuse an animal that is wrong. But when you try to take away my right to hunt that really pisses me off!! Hunting is a tradition where i am from. I am a proud mississippian and no one will take away my right to own a gun or hunt!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I don’t think that we need PETA to twist religion. We can leave that to everyone else in the world. That said my personal mission statement comes right from JC Do unto others as I would want done unto myself. That said being vegan buying products that were not tested on animals skipping zoos and circuses etc. makes perfect sense. If you do claim to be religious and still eat meat you should do some soul searching. It’s not too late to repent and go vegetarian. Plus I hear hell really sucks.

  • leone says:

    Fred He was a FISHER OF MEN not a fisherman or are you writing a new gospel man!

  • Fred says:

    Just another prime example of how PETA freaks will twist things to try justifying their cause. The bible isn’t even safe from these lunatics anymore. I don’t think Christ would have a PETA membership because he wouldn’t break laws to prove a point like you folks do. He certainly wouldnt resort to name calling finger pointing and property destruction just to name a few atrocities you are responsible for. By the way Jesus was not only the son of God but a carpenter and a fisherman.

  • Larry Buck says:

    I just got back from the chrsitians should be vegetarians page and practically every link reverts to how factory farming is cruel. The answers to the FAQs start off as promising arguements then scramble into some unrelated tangent. targetings schools is bad enough twisting religon any religon is uncalled for. healthy dietyes libelslander of religonNO send me a FAQ sheet via post only friends know my real email I will answer it

  • Larry Buck says:

    Jesus was a party animal He turned the water into wine didnt he? He also fed 5000 people fish and bread using only one persons lunch along with healing the sick the crippled the blind and raising himself from the dead. there isnt anything He cant do

  • Larry Buck says:

    Brad you wanna see Jesus naked? what do they teach here at peta? c’mon man

  • kelly says:

    Hey isn’t Larry Buck one of the incredibly intellectual HUNTERS who fell for the April Fools’ joke? Heck Larry thinks Jesus would wear camo and shoot squirrels

  • Brad Bradford says:

    to Larry Buck If Jesus was walking the Earth today he wouldn’t have a PETA membership but he would rather go naked than wear fur…

  • Larry Buck says:

    If Jesus was walking the Earth today he wouldn’t have a peta membership.

  • Nancy says:

    Whether or not Jesus was a vegetarian seems irrelevant… do people really need the Bible to tell them something they should already know in their hearts? Killing torturing and abusing a living breathing thinking feeling being especially when there are crueltyfree alternatives is not Christlike. It is not compassionate. It is not merciful. It is simply wrong. Not unlike nailing a living breathing thinking feeling being to a cross.

  • ron drummond says:

    misinterpretation of holy books is the greatest sin of humanity!

  • Vitalis says:

    I studied the text of Joel Miller and would like to add the following unfortunately this man is reading the bible in a very childish way after the resurrection of Christ when he appeared to his disciples eating ‘the roasted fish’ means the ‘sinful person’. Jesus swallowed death death is swallowed into victory as Paul told us later on this means from now on every living being shall have eternal life after death! In the same context it’s written that Peter jumped into the water because he was ‘naked’. Surely he was not naked but ‘ashamed’ because he betrayed Jesus. There are many very special expressions like ‘desert’ ‘sea’ ‘bread’ ‘tree’ etc. and they have a very special meaning for this one has to understand hebrew symbolism and Jewish traditions! For example the early hebrew bible told us that the human being was created in the shadow of God and not in his image this is logic because Jewish religion forbids all kind of images! Wrong understanding of holy books is till nowadays a catastrophy concerning the whole creation!!!

  • DaliyVeg Editor says:

    Any Christians thinking that Christianity and vegetarianism are mutually exclusive may care to visit the sites of some the vegetarian Christians around the globe including httpwww.allcreatures.orgcva

  • angelico says:

    referring to ‘random fire’ by joel miller it’s hard to get that such people don’t understand the gospels! even if jesus was a vegetarian he never could distribute carots to the multitude because he never distributed fish the twelve baskets filled with ‘bred’ and ‘fish’ are a symbol of the twelve tribes of israel. jesus himself explains this later on when his disciples think that he sends them out for to buy eating. he tells them still you do not understand did you forget the symbol of bred and fish!