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Jessica Simpson … Vegan?

Written by PETA | June 29, 2010

Heard about the “Vegan Before 6” movement? Well, how about the “weekend vegan?” That’s what CNN dubbed Jessica Simpson after she tweeted about test-driving a vegan diet:


Jessica Simpson Tweet


Hmm, is tofu the “gateway” food to hardcore vegan living? We hope so, and to help Jessica stay “clean,” PETA is sending her a copy of our vegetarian/vegan starter kit and Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet.

What advice would you give Jessica to help her stick to her vegan diet?

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Joanna says:

    Julia Eat greens every day for calcium. I love to get some fresh green rinse them well and while they are still wet put them is a hot lightly oiled skillet to wilt. Toss on some sesame seasoning with sea salt and a few cooked beans to make a really healthy and high calcium meal. Beans and greens…they are cheap and so good for you. I also go for lots of sprouted grains.

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    Julia dark leafy greens and especially broccoli and spinach are GREAT sources of calcium. They are definitely affordable if you shop at your local farmer’s market. And of course buy organic. If your main source of calcium is currently dairy products sorry to say but you won’t be missing much there. Whatever calcium your body absorbs from dairy is cancelled out by the high fat and protein content in milk. Also in order to have calcium build and maintain strong bones you also need magnesium and almonds are a GREAT resource for that and of course almond “milk”! Best of luck in your transition sweetie!

  • Julia says:

    Hello everyone! I have been a vegetarian for about nine months and I am looking to transition to a vegan diet. Does anyone have any recommendations? I want to make sure I get enough calcium and it is affordable.

  • Melinda says:

    I’ve been vegan for 12 years now. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep in mind how difficult it was to become vegan in the first place. I think that once the mystique of veganism is gone that is that the “what do you eat?” garbage has been cleared up that being vegan is surprisingly easy. People make into this monumental task when it’s not. It’s simply DO NOT EAT ANIMAL PRODUCTS THEY ARE FROM TORTURE FACTORIES! That’s it. The more people understand this the easier and more natural it is to go against lifelong dairy and meat addictions.

  • Kathleen says:

    I see Jessica has had a change of heart anyone remember her tshirt that read “real girls eat meat” I hope those days are over!I was a fan until she offended me I am all about second chances though! Jess make this a lifestlye change and not a quick fad diet. You will be much happier in the long run.

  • Marisa says:

    I remember my first week I actually had kidney spasms detoxing all the junk out of my system. The more fruits and veggies I ate the more my system’d flush yes pun fully intended. But now I feel clean and light and so does my concious

  • Cassie says:

    When I first became a vegan I thought that I was limited on the foods that I could consume. However after 4 years I experiment with different things. Don’t limit yourself to just vegetables. There is an unlimited amount of “vegan” food out there. Be creative and stay motivated!

  • Joanna says:

    Jessica picked a great time of year to test drive a vegan diet. There’s so much great fruits and veggies out there right now. I agree don’t focus on what you can’t have…just enjoy the things that are good. Try some new foods…like raw cashew butter on your morning toast instead on dairy butter. I make coffee and have whole grain rice milk to soften it…try the chocolat flavor in coffee. Dessert is just fine with Coconut Bliss frozen dessert instead of ice cream. For lunch I like a bowl of veggie and lentil soup rye crackers fruit and ice tea. Last night I enjoyed a big bowl of Thai Curry including tempe carrots potatoes and fresh peas Brown Rice on the side watermelon for dessert and a Thai beer. Ahh delicious food and all vegan. Loose weight..well that might not happen with all the good choices to eat but your health will be better anyway. Oh yeah and I was craving an italian favotire….so I made a vegan version of the mozaralla chesse with tomate and basil…by using a silken soft tofu marinated lightly in balsamic vinigar and olive oil in place of cheess garden tomatoes and fresh basil. Wow! that was amazing.

  • Olivia says:

    I just remember the first 3 weeks being sososo hard. You are so so focused on what you CANT eat but omg the weight loss from a size 7 jean to a size 1 …I love it hang in their Jess for the animals for your health its all worth it!