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Jersey City Fireworks? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Written by PETA | July 2, 2010
Phil Guest / CC by 2.0
Laser Light Show

Animals in Jersey City can rest a lot easier this Fourth of July now that a planned fireworks display has been canceled because of a lack of funds. We’re asking city officials to end all future fireworks displays and replace them with less costly, more entertaining laser light shows instead.

Fireworks sound like all-out war to dogs, cats, and wildlife and can have devastating consequences. Just ask J.J., the terrified dog Karin wrote about in her recent blog post. My dog, Henry, and I are planning to just chill at home this year and have our own little laser light show (which consists of him chasing a laser pointer). Good times.

You, too, can ensure that a good (and safe) time is had by everyone in your household by following these dog-and-cat-approved fireworks survival tips. And of course, Happy Fourth of July!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Jackie says:

    God i hate when people shoot off fireworks after independence day or rev motorcycles or come by in loud vehicles it scares my dog Kelly to no end she runs into my room or my parents’ room and hides behind the beds. oh and i completley agree with jeron. and please don’t say stuff about NJ i live here. It’s awesome. Don’t hate it unless you’ve been here.

  • b says:

    I live in Australia and in an area that gets a lot of thunderstorms in the Summer. I know this is off topic but they’re relatable. My dog who is neurotic and clingy loves the sound the thunder makes. I think it all depends on how the owner reacts towards the dog when these things are happening i.e. if I acted scared and worried around my dog when there’s thunder and lightening and believe me we get A LOT then he would react the same. But all I do is keep calm no matter how scared I get because they can get quite close to us and it is really scary when we have a massive tree that could fall on to our house at any point from the wind so that my dog stays calm. He’s been with us 5 years now and not once does he get frightened by the noise. Nor does he when there are fireworks around which isn’t as often as the thunder. OWNERS REMEMBER Keep your pet calm by simply holding them or having them lie down and pat them.

  • Tom says:

    This is silly. First just because the writer likes laser shows better doesn’t mean that the population as a whole agrees. Secondly laser shows are much more expensive than firework displays and every city isn’t able to accommodate laser show. Lasers are also dangerous to animals and people if they are hit directly in the eye. The bottom line is. Fireworks are fine. If you have concerns about your pets then keep them indoors during the scheduled show. Problem solved