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Why Are We Showering JLo With Gifts?

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | May 14, 2014

Jennifer Lopez©

Jay Z and Beyoncé made headlines last winter when they did it. And now Jennifer Lopez is embracing vegan eating as a way to help her stay fit.

To celebrate all the lives she’ll be saving, we rushed JLo a gift basket filled with vegan cookbooks (including Viva Vegan! and Chloe’s Vegan Desserts) and our saucy “Kale, Yeah, I’m Vegan” T-shirt. And since she mentioned that the only thing she misses is butter, we already tweeted to her about how delicious dairy-free Earth Balance buttery spread is.

It seems like JLo’s kind new way of eating will stick: She told New York’s Z100, “You do feel better. I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great!”

Order your free vegan starter kit today.

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  • Good that she is a vegan. NOW she needs to stop wearing furs!

  • Cyndi Smith says:

    In the past I did not like JLo as she wore mink eyelashes but now to see that she is finally becoming animal friendly I will no longer boycott her movies and music – good going JLO

  • LR says:

    JLo used to wear REAL FUR!! Does she still do that?? I mean, you adopt a vegan diet and then you walk aorund with a dead fox/mink (or any other animal) over your shoulders? I do hope she changed that too!!

  • Salihah M says:

    That’s great, she seems like she’s all for the right’s of…well everyone! Preaching that “Love is Love” with The Fosters and being a converted vegan. She’s absolutely one of my favorite celebrities.

  • Alicia Nuszloch says:

    CONGRATS to Miss JLo, I just love her even more!!!