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Jean Claude Van Damme for the Bulls

Written by PETA | August 13, 2007

exs/Creative Commons

Today, my boy Jean Claude Van Damme sent a letter to the French president urging him not to allow the censorship of a TV spot made in conjunction with the Société Protectrice des Animaux that shows the cruel truth behind bullfighting. OK, maybe JC isn’t exactly “my boy”, but after watching Time Cop and Double Impact the other week, I feel like we’re almost best friends.

But I digress. The letter, versions of which were also sent by French singer Renaud, figure skating champion Surya Bonaly, Baywatch’s Alexandra Paul, and British supermodel Twiggy Lawson, urges the French president to intervene against the French “Bureau de Vérification de la Publicité” decision to ban a video calling for an end to bullfighting. I’ve posted the banned video below. Take that, French censorship bureau!

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  • daniel says:

    hi jean clude vandamme i started watching ur movie when i was five years i like ur movei very much even ma little brother kelvin .but hard target is my best movie and i still like to watch it all the time .any way am from ghana and i like u very very much u are my best star hope to here from u soon.

  • dheila nasia says:

    jean claude van danne jesus te ama.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hunting is for food. Dogfighting is cruelty and done by weak minded individuals REGARDLESS OF RACE. How is cruelty to humans slavery wrong but cruelty to animals is okay? Remember those who play the race card THOSE DOGS ARE BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!!! I guess Vick doesn’t think much of his race then huh?

  • Lesley Millward says:

    Thank you Jean Claude for your support to show the TV spot against bullfighting.

  • Val Miller says:

    The Vick predicament has nothing to do with race.. I have many great black friends who would never ever harm dogs in this fashion. Jean Claude vanDamme I haven’t seen for awhile in films… but he was SO hot when I last did. That is great that he stands up against this bullfighting business! I have never witnessed a bullfight but the whole notion sounds stupid and pathetic. Not nostalgic nor in the vein or spirit of Ernest Hemmingway. Why continue with an outdated stupid inhumane tradition? I hope Jean Claude gets back to films in America soon… I joined Peta a week ago because this dogfighting issue made me SO mad. Myself kids lost our dog recently to cancer and she was so much an aspect of their lives growing up and it was a devastasting experience for our family. Dogs contribute so much every day to human’s experience and they have no voice of their own and that is why I joined peta last week because it is unbelievable and unjust that a man taking advantage of the American opportunity to make a lot of money would use it to do these kinds of things to dogs.

  • KATERS says:

    dear anonymous peyton manning is equally as disqusting as michael vick…no matter color of skin..a murderer is nothing more than a murderer.there is no justifying it…fyi…michael vick has been my favorite quarterback since i got turned onto the falcons back when deon sanders played put it plain enough..i just tossed away my 7 jersey.wouldn’t be caught DEAD in it.

  • Lynne Davies says:

    Hey Anonymous Why on earth are you on the peta website? I couldn’t care less if Vick Im assuming you are a fan of this moron is white black or purple with green spots. He is a pathetic cruel little man with no brain. By the way the racism card gets really boring.

  • observer says:

    anonymous the confused hypocrit Tony Taylor must be racist too for snitching on his buddy Vick. get off the pot already!!!!!! Don’t worry your pretty little confused head about manning. peta has campaigns against all hunters.

  • Ana says:

    Much to the unhappiness of animal advocates hunting is legaleven hunting doves!!! But dogfighting is illegal in all states. And yes hunting is for cowards and PETA and other advocates do fight against hunting but it is unfortunately legal so the killing of animals is sanctioned for the benefit of the few bloodthirsty cowardly hunters. Thank you JeanClaude for helping the bulls!!

  • Troy says:

    and i find it funny that more than 70 percent of ppl living in pamplona are against bullfighting

  • Jason Levy says:

    Great video…hopefully this barbaric practice soon gets banned! PS I wish I could have gone to the Running of the Nudes this year…oh well maybe next year!

  • keith says:

    Big Man On The Screen Big In Compassion for Animals Also..Great Stuff!!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    A very powerful video. The truth should never be censored. The sick perversion of bullfighting should be banned immediately and universally. Thanks to the celebs for speaking out.

  • jean-hubert simon says:

    merci jeanclaude van damme notre idole de soutenir renaud et la socit anticorrida ensemble avec twiggy alexandra paul et tant d’autres clbrits contre cette cruaut qui n’a rien   chercher en france! merci! en tout cas 80 pct des francais sont contre cette honteuse pratique et nous te soutenons cent pourcent! just i’m thanking jeanclaude van damme for his courage and heart this is a man!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Peta is racist plain and simple nice attacking Vick Why not attack Peyton Manning for hunting? Oh yeah he’s white hypocrites!

  • kelly says:

    Jean Claude you are one of the good guys! living up to your screen image

  • animalfriend says:

    living in france and caring much about the abolition of bullfighting i would like to make a little statement it’s really great that we got one of my favorite actors jeanclaude van damme to speak out for the bulls ! his statement is worth in gold because unfortunately the french president and specially his wife are bullfightfans! before his election he was also seen at a bullfight in sevilla but segolene royale would have been worse she was even praising this primitive and backminded coward ‘passtime’! i think that france and china are the only nonhispanic countries adopting this cruelty because these two countries have a high percentage of really primitive people cro magnon! i suffer much from their backminded mentality but i think this has it’s origin in the time of the french revolution when the betters of a whole nation’s population were beheaded! this means in clear text not just aristocrats but teachers doctors lawyers priests good workers at the end even people with clean hands and clothes! so today we have ‘la france dcapite’ the beheaded france i’m sorry to say this! le bidon et la chasse! allons enfants… so i put really all my hopes in great personalities like jeanclaude van damme and many other artists speaking up against this backminded cruel coward ‘passtime for idiots and criminals’ and i repeat our alltime true and effective slogan TORTURA NO ES CULTURA!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    It’s so wonderful to see all the people that are willing to fight for their beliefs. Bullfighting is the epitome of barbarity. It serves absolutely no purpose and not many SANE people find it entertaining to torture an innocent bull and then brutally slaughter it in front of a live audience. From the beginning of life we’re taught that violence is frowned upon and yet over time it seems that our senses are dulled to the suffering of the world. If we can’t abolish such a vicious display of barbarity how the HELL are we going to set an example for the generations to come? Change has to come soon.