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Jared Leto: You Look Like You Need a Hug

Written by Alisa Mullins | July 16, 2014

Last week, Academy Award–winning actor Jared Leto Instagrammed a photo of himself hugging a tree. Fair enough, he’s an eco-friendly vegan, after all. But hold on to your hashtags, kids—thanks to the wonders of photoshop, Jared is now hugging everything from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to Angelina Jolie’s leg.

What’s Jared been hugging lately? Let’s take a look:

Esther the Wonder Pig

Because who can resist that pink nose? Certainly not Jared Leto.

Ben the Bear

Bear hug. Get it?

Jared Leto Hugging Ben Bear

Mali the Elephant

She’s still stuck in solitary confinement at the depressing Manila Zoo. She needs a hug, stat!

Jared Leto Hugging Mali the Elephant


Many celebrities have spoken out about Tilly’s plight at SeaWorld, but what the heck, a hug from Jared Leto can’t hurt.

PETA’s Bob Barker Building

Aw, thanks, Jared.

Jared Leto Hugging the PETA Sign

Jared Leto

He’s the reigning Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity—of course, he deserves a hug!

Jared Leto Hugging Himself©

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