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Janice Dickinson and PETA

Written by PETA | August 20, 2007

OMG. I’m so excited that I don’t even know what to say about this one. I just got word from a friend who works in PETA’s LA office that Janice Dickinson, one of the best judges ever on ANTM (America’s Next Top Model, duh), and the star of her own reality show on Oxygen, just held a naked anti-fur demo on Hollywood Boulevard. The one and only Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency just instituted a “fur-free” policy, and to celebrate, Janice and her models took to the streets with signs reading “We’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.”Apparently, Janice had a meeting this morning with PETA VP Dan Mathews, during which he showed her this video of animals being killed for their fur. Well, it turned out that Janice was so horrified that she instituted a “no fur” policy for her agency on the spot. Details are still a little fuzzy, but I’ll get you photos and video as soon as I can. In the meantime, check out this shot of Dickinson and some of her models for an idea of how amazing this demonstration must have been… And Janice, check out my shots on this blog and get in touch if you ever need a super hot boy next door type for anything.

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  • Luba says:

    I just saw the first episode of her new show AbbeyJanice where she went to London and she was wearing FUR MUFF!!!

  • Kayla says:

    Janice I was watching your show and I saw the one with PETA and saw the website name. I came to this website and starting crying when I watched the videos. I support PETA and you are amazing!

  • Tania says:

    Thank you Janice!!!!

  • Steve Phillips says:

    Why must my comment be approved by the site owner? Why do liberals always try to suppress the truth? Your forum is absolutely worthless unless the expression of opposing views is allowed. I would rather club baby seals than view your disgusting nakedness!

  • bored says:

    Steve You are precious. “Freedom of choice” indeed. First NOT wearing fur is a choice. Second I hope you’re prochoice when it comes to women’s rights. Third freedom of choice is exactly what this administration has been trying to eliminate for seven years. And since when is choice a virtue? Please open your dictionary.

  • diana fernandez says:

    lucha por loa animales

  • bekki kalk says:

    fur is dead and will always be dead! only idiots and retards wear fur and thinks it looks good but it never does! lets hope that all fur will be pulled from fashion shows!

  • Misty says:

    Wow! Go Janice! I never expected such compassion from her!

  • Lindsay Ziegler says:

    thats great! i always thought janice dickinson was heartless but now i can see shes a really good person!! good for you janice if only other celebrities would use their power for good too.

  • stephanie says:

    janice for president

  • Elissa says:

    OMG Janice is one of my all time fave celebrities! She cracks me up cuz she’s so wild but she’s also been through a lot. I think it’s always easier to sympathize than empathize that’s why people who have had hard knocks are able to feel for animals that are being mistreated as passionately and promptly as Janice did. Also in response to a previous post i highly doubt this was for publicity as a model myself I know that standing up for one’s beliefs can be hard when you’re in a position to please everyone. A lot of times it can ruin time spent in networking. Being an agency means her models are to be hired out to designers and companies that might want leatherfurwool modeled. So it took a lot of courage to do what she did and regardless of her reasons it’s still a win for animals and that’s all that’s really important.

  • Siofs says:

    Wuhoo! And stfu Steve.

  • lisa says:

    I am not a member of PETA but I DO believe in many of PETA’s causes and therefore support them both financially when I can and in letter writing campaigns. I read through the article on Janice Dickinson as I’ve read through this debate between “observer” and “steve”. First Janice may have gone fur free for publicity purposes but so what? The fact is she sent a message that fur does not belong in the fashion industry. And I for one am glad when that message gets ANY positive play time to the public. Second on this “debate” thing it’s not really a debate neither of you are really answering the others questions. So let me TRY and help with that to the best of my ability. For Steve I do believe all of your statements are true. But none of your questions are negative which I think was your point. There is NOTHING wrong with “radical” stands on an issue animal rights. If you look at the history of this country it was the “radicals” who helped make monumental positive changes women’s sufferage exiting vietnam slavery desegregation etc.. As to the boycotting comment that’s about free choice and creating awareness to a cause or a company that may need attention drawn to it. Don’t you agree that KFC has a proven track record of treating the chickens inhumanely for example? As for the money to alf and elf so what? They are just more radical groups who have only recently been deemed “homeland terrorists” by the revisions to the “Patriot Act” during this current administrion who btw has one of the lowest approval ratings in the history of polling so let’s not talk majority of public support. Nothing wrong with trying to close down the animal industry especially when there is PROOF of cruelty to animals inhumane treatment of animals proven health issues we’re “fat” and “cancer laden” America why? related to factory farmed animals not to mention any animals in general. Yes I do believe PETA employees were found to have euthanized homeless dogs and cats. And as heartless as that may seem to some euthanization of animals is in many cases far more humane than allowing the animal to live a life of pain and suffering abandoned on the streets in medical testing labs or god fobid dogfighting ventures. Less than 10 of dogscats in animal shelters ever get adopted so there’s not much chance for them there either. Now Observer I don’t know who Rick the Dick is and maybe what you said is true actually I know it’s true about tobacco companys pharmeceutical companies farming industry etc. having way too much $$ influence in this country but I do think the presentation could have been less volatile. I too am VERY passionate about animal rights and I will admit it’s the most emotional subject I adhere to but in a “debate” emotion needs to stay in check. However you are very much entitled to speak any way you like in this country it’s our First Amendment as long as we keep BushSupreme Court in check!. The bottom line here is PETA IS a radical proactive animal rights organization and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Actually it’s something to be very proud of! And like any other “radical” positive change in this country it always begins with just a few. PETA has grown in numbers afterall they now have me believing in them! Thank you for your time and I didn’t mean to STOMP on any toes at least not THIS time!.

  • Jessica Jennings says:

    Janice is anything but tolerant and understanding when it comes to whipping soontobemodels into shape my heart leap when reading this news. I am amazed to hear how she responded to the informaiton about where the fur comes from. Go Janice.. my new hero.

  • holly says:

    OMG! i’m so excited. i love janice dickinson. this is so awesome.

  • Kelly says:

    I am all for PETA and everything that you do to help animals I am really happy that Janice Dickenson has taken a standI respect her for thatI hope others follow her lead and smarten up! especially the Steve person who keeps commenting on herethe guy just has no clueI feel sorry for him because he doesn’t open his mind. Keep up the great work PETA!

  • observer says:

    its me cousin of the mink coategg incident the thing that is really sad is that you were passed down and set loose into society!!!!

  • observer says:

    steve I’m not debating with you ‘cuz your propaganda is lies. no debate about it. so I’m not the loser in your pretend debate. you are the loser of your make believe debate ‘cuz you resorted to more implications of lies. you purposely misinterpreted conveying that I’m nutswaved my hands wildly cursed you out screamed at you and made a lot of noise. but in reality it was much to your dismay I made the truth known to everybody about you on this website I told you the truth saying it like it is like it or not!!!! I have answered your questions several times saying that you are spreading lying propaganda that obviously you researched under rick the dick ‘cuz you are echoing his same beliefs. and I don’t take orders from liars or anyone!! got news for you. for one to have a connection with brain and heart one must have a conscience first. so your brain isn’t making a connection with your heart ‘cuz your lying public relations propaganda is coming from your brainwashed brain and going into the world out of your lying mouth!!!! funny you don’t have any true issues about freedom of choice liar rick the dick fighting against MADD stopping good nutrition in schools so on but you have untrue issues about peta. hmmmmmm??? you’re a little mixed up there kid. if you really really believed in freedom of choice then what peta does not your lies wouldn’t get you into so much of a hypocritical twist!!!! I must have jarred a conscience in you ‘cuz I’m the only one you are addressing out of others who addressed you!!! people now know the truth about you and that is all that is important!! so if you show up on this website again with your propaganda they will be aware of you. now crawl back in your hole or back in bed with rick the dick!!! LOL

  • its me says:

    Vick needs to pay the price for being linked to dog fighting however PETA people are just plain crazy. Yall act like yall are soooooooooo perfect when yall are not. I am against dog fighting but i’m also against crazy ass organization like peta. And the sad thing is yall will pass it down to your kids. Always Cousin of the mink coategg incident

  • steve says:

    you know mr observer or is it miss…. when 2 people debate usually you can tell the winner when the other party the loser goes off and gets nuts he yells i exposed your ass you’re deeply stupid rick the dicki’m a freakin liar so on and so….. you can wave your hands wildly curse me out scream at me but what you havn’t done is prove that my 4 points were wrong…. just alot of noise.. once again 1peta does try and close animal use industrys 2 that petas does threaten harass and boycott companys that do not follow the nonanimal use agenda 3 peta has donated money to alf criminal defense fund and to elf 4 peta employees have killed innoncent homelss dogs cats stop your noise and bullshit and answer those known factual claims with facts not with all your cursing and wild arm waving…. and once and for all….. i do my own public relations i go from my brain and heart….. or more from the real world….

  • observer says:

    steve my next blog to you as yet to come up. but ’til then you’re so freakin stupid you don’t even realize that I already have challenged and snuffed out your lying progananda claims that are repetitious of rick the dick berman!!!! no challenge at all though pal!!!! my language techniques are meant to address you at the level of stupidity that your’re at!!!! you’re deeply stupid!!! want proof??? obviously you don’t recognize or absorb intelligent comments from ana!! and neither will you recognize and absorb more intelligent comments from ana petaphile and shu shang!!! you’re just in a twist ‘cuz I exposed your ass!!!LOL

  • observer says:

    steve my language skills tell it like it is. the truth!!!! no bullshit propaganda like you are spreading!!!!! and my language skills say that you are a freakin liar!!!! you claim not to know about rick the dick berman yet you admit to knowing about the consumer freedom group!! well pal you’re a freakin liar ‘cuz the consumer freedom group is headed by rick berman the dangerous vocal liar with an extreme agenda to pad his pockets at the high risk of humans health well being and safety!!!!! and that very big world out there doesn’t like that they are being put in jeopardy ‘cuz of lying sacks of shit like greedy berman with the ccf!!!!! NONE OF YOUR LYING CLAIMS ARE CREDIBLE!!!! YOU DID YOUR RESEARCH ON RICK THE DICKS PROPAGANDA PHILOSOPHIES!!!!! AND YOU’RE STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THEM!!!! Radical stems from the greek word to get to the bottom of things. animal antivists accept radical as a compliment ‘cuz we get deep down into the true facts and don’t spread propaganda bullshit for self purpose or for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!! thanks for the compliment!!! TRUTH BE TOLD!!!!! I’M NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOUR LYING SKILLS!!!! I guess I hit home with you by catching you with your pants down!!!!

  • shu shang says:

    steve maybe we are a minority! but quality not quantity is building this world against all odds! craws fly together the eagle is flying alone!

  • steve says:

    once again mr observer…. talk to me… not about richard berman… i’m right here in front of you challenging you with my socalled uncredible claims….. to comment on each one of them and tell me how wrong i am….. and i’m still enjoying your language techniques…. very classy!!!!!

  • Ana says:

    steve I am much too intelligent to parrot what anyoneorganization says. I have done my own research and know the facts. Losing jobs??? Illegal immigration contributes to that. Instead of selling skins sell natural fibers. Oh too innovative for you??? Responding to my comment with questions is useless. Seems to me that it is you that is writing and reading too much proganda from the killing abusive “animal industries”. Education is being presented both sides of the issue which is what PETA Compassion over Killing HSUS Friends of Animals and FARM try to do. Milk does not do a body good it has all to do with money. Freedom of choice is a concept not a virtue. Look up the meaning of virtue that may help.

  • PETAPHILE says:

    steve you are just a filthy little spokesperson of these earth consumer groups! i know this kind of people like you! and 1. we are not a minority this is one of your dirty slogans for to make us believe that we are few! to the contrary we are very strong and above all we got all the strong big personalities of this planet on our side of course not the politicians but you don’t have anything! i don’t even consider you as a person you are a bin and it’s rubbish is flowing and flowing and flowing like heavy water! 2. me i’m harrassing criminal animal abusers and torturers and me i shall support ALF with a fat big testament just for your enjoyment you impotent lame nobody!

  • Kathy says:

    Great that Ms. Dickinson stood up for the furfree policy however wasn’t she one of the MAIN judges on America’s Next Top Model? And correct me if I am wrong but didnt Cover Girl sponsor the contest. And isnt Cover Girl on the “Companies That DO Test on Animals list???” Hmmmmmm makes you wonder where her priorities really are??? I say not for animals just for Janice. She is a fake.

  • observer says:

    steve how come your freedom of choice comments seem to come from being brainwashed by Rick Berman????? freely tell everybody how rick the dick’s freedom of choice propaganda is ruining peoples lives!!!! dying even!!! and you’re talking about people losing their jobs ‘cuz of peta????? HA!!! tell everybody how he got lying scientists working for the tobacco companies to swear that smoking isn’t harmful!!!!! tell everybody how he fights against MADD mothers against drunk drivers!!!! tell everybody how he stopped nutritious foods from being in school cafeterias!!! tell everybody how much he gets paid by lists of businesses like kfc the meat industry restaurants the tobacco industry and saying doctors are spreading propaganda!!!! tell everybody how he has his damn nose into everything including congress to push for everything that is detrimental for people!!!!! how is rick the dick’s freedom of choice propaganda an education and not a lying sack of shit mostly to $$$$$$$$$ enrich himself and companies who are out for the almighty buck????? not to benefit people!!!!!!!!! freedom of choice my ass!!!! it’s freedom of lies and greed to stop stop stop good health well being and safety!!!! opposite of peta!!!! guys and gals steve is on here to spread venom just like rick the dick does across the country campaigns!!!!!!! rick the dick is anti peta and peta had dealings with him ‘cuz he spread propaganda about peta too!!!!!!!! now steve is giving brainwashed comments about fur and people losing jobs ‘cuz of peta!!!!!!

  • steve says:

    mr observer… i am duly impressed with your language skills…. wow… i do not know rich berman but i am aware of the consumer freedom group… i guess they hit home a little bit with you? i am my own person with my own feelings and beliefs that i feel run with the majority of the world…. not the small but vocal and rich peta minority… no one pays me …. i just keep on plugging away to make sure that you know that there is a very big world out there that does not agree with peta’s incredibly radical and extreme agenda and philosophy. and which part of my claims are not credible 1 that peta is not trying and close up the world’s animal use industrys 2 that peta does not threaten harass and boycott companys that do not summit to petas agenda. 3 that peta does not support the radical and dangerous alf elf peta has supplied money to both convicted alf criminal rodney coranado and to elf…. 4 that peta does not kill helpless and homeless animals to all of you petaphiles which one of these statements is not credible? if you admit to one or all… you are not doing your research on the organization that so admire………

  • John Olexa says:

    Thats Fantastic news!! We are getting there slowly!

  • observer says:

    steve is that you again??? the same groupie dickhead for Rick the dick Berman who funnels business and charity money into his bank account for his propaganda about meats tobacco and is anti peta?????? heads up guys and gals steve is spouting out the same shit that the notorious danger to society Rick Berman preaches. Rick the dick gets paid mucho moola from the meat tobacco fur industries so on for spouting out lies. just like rick the dick steve is making the same non credible propaganda claims. steve bet you’re not getting a penny from rick the dick!!!!! but watch out for rick’s kool aid!!!!!!!

  • ALEXA BRIGGS says:

    I watch ANTM and there was one episode when a girl wore fur i got so mad i turned off the tv and started swearing…. but you would NEVER expect Janice to do that im so happy she did. i like her now!!!!!

  • Dee Dee says:

    I saw photos of the demonstration in our local paper. Kudos to Janice and her boys girls it is such a well worth cause. Can’t believe in this day and age animals are still tortured for their fur.

  • Anne O'Donnell says:

    Janice got alot of negative publicity too. I think she should stick to a more refined way to save the animals. I support saving the animals and despise fur ads but it probably isn’t a good idea to encourage nasty and mean comments by stripping in public.

  • steve says:

    ana…. freedom of choice is not a virtue and compassion is???? how about both of them being a virtue…. and please tell me how peta tries to educated when they threaten boycotts and storm company offices if they do not listen to peta’s mandates how is that education and not harassement????? and as stated again and again…. how many jobs can peta eliminate by doing away with all of the greedy companys that do business by using animal products and how many people’s lives can they try and ruin by taking away their jobs??? and how come all of your comments seem to come out of the peta propaganda playbook?

  • Ana says:

    steve “Freedom of choice” is not a virtue compassion is. Neither PETA nor HSUS is telling people how to run their lives they are trying to educate people about the intrinsic cruelty that fur represents. The furbearing animals would certainly want the freedom of choice to continue living and wearing their own skins. But the bottom line is greed cupidity is the motivation! The fur industry only cares about making money and greedy people wear the skins of tortured murdered animals because of their vanity and apathy. But yes there have been many successes many compainies and individuals have chosen not to wear fur. Education and compassion are two ingredients that can lead to positive changes and to making crueltyfree choices.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Steve What can Janice’s agency model? DUUUUHHH…COTTON! The best material on earth!


    steve what i remarked is that you have a dan mathews problem you are jealous from him because he is looking nice i suppose you are ugly!

  • Melissa W. says:

    regardless if it was for her own publicity or not she is still sticking to a “no fur” policy and that is all that matters!!

  • steve says:

    dear michelle…. as per your quote ” Wearing fur will soon be just as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving now is”…. will soon be!!!!! peta and the other animal rights groups have been trying to eliminate fur from the fashion world for well over 30 years without much success.. fur is the smallest and weakest link in the fashion world but yet peta and hsus with their multimillion budgets have not been able to destroy the fur industry…. how come????? because as stated over and over…. peta cannot and will never be able to tell the world how to run their lives…. the freedom of choice remains the world’s most important virtue….

  • steve says:

    cool… dan mathews got her to give up fur… now wait a few months and get her to have her agency stop modeling leather… another few months suede then goose down and finally silk…. lets see…. her agency now can only model chemically based fabrics…. or just stay nude….. yeah for peta now thats a great idea…..

  • Jon says:

    Janice is in no way a compassionate person…nice try tho. She did this for her own publicity. Good thing that not everyone was fooled…

  • Jenn says:

    Finally!! Someone with a lot of say in the Fashion Industry standing up for the animals. I’ve been appalled lately just how many fur ads are making their way into the magazines and I’ve been wanting to do something about it but not knowing what. Janice Dickinson will have a big impact I think. I hope I pray….

  • Michele says:

    Thank you Janice for speaking up for animals in this manner. You are setting the bar just a little higher in the fashion industry and I believe that other agencies will follow suit as time goes on. Wearing fur will soon be just as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving now is. Way to go Janice and PETA of course!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Now that’s what you call decisive compassionate leadership. Janice for President!

  • Shirley McCumber says:

    This is fantastic. I’ve always liked her show. Now lets inform her about the leather and wool issues as well and see what she can do to help animals with this issue. S. McCumber

  • keith says:

    I do not know about Janice Dickinson I’m from the UK. But wonderful news indeed perhaps her stance will bring about dramatic change in the Fashion Industry to finish fur completely. Don’t let us forget Dan..and his efforts.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Wow that’s amazing news! I’d have never expected Janice Dickinson to be such a compassionate person. And by setting a furfree policy for her entire agency she’s showing all of her models that cruelty won’t be tolerated. This could be the start of a major change in modeling and fashion I mean Janice Dickinson?!?!? Wow…