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Janet Jackson’s New Ad Campaign for Blackglama Fur Is …

Written by PETA | July 16, 2010

No! Say it isn’t so. Doesn’t Janet Jackson know that …

Animals suffer miserable lives and agonizing deaths to become fur cuffs and collars?

Surely she considered the “fan fallout” from this unwise, uncaring decision, which is supremely …

Tacky, cruel, inexcusable—help me out, people, are …

You as disappointed by her decision as I am? Join us in asking Janet to donate the stolen skins so that they can be used as bedding for orphaned animals.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • SHALON says:

    I support JANET JACKSON and think she does so much for the world and people. She wears fur, big deal. She isnt a bad person. Janet Jackson reigns as QUEEN

  • Nadine Grant says:

    Paige ”Who are we to judge?” Well put simply we are passionate people who would do ANYTHING to stop these creatures going through agony for a second longer! To wear fur basically you’re admitting to a complete lack of empathy or compassion for anything other than yourself. It’s simply wrong. Period. You don’t get to wear fur without being judged…if you fund live skinning you’ll fund anything

  • Maddy says:

    Please stop this madness!! How could anyone do that knowing that the animal was once alive and happy hopefully until they did that. Shame Shame on everyone who wears animal fur…..

  • Ela says:

    c’mon Janet you know better!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie says:

    It’s so very unfortunate that Janet has shown herself to be so unevolvedespecially when her brotherMichealwhom she loved so much championed the environment and all animals. AhJanetI really feel bad for youwhat a ridiculous thing to do…I would hope you would know better than that.


    Oh Dear what is it about the human race that thinks because we are the “dominant species” that we can do what the hell we like to all living creatures and the planet ? we should be ashamed of ourselves we really should hang our heads in shame.. as for celebrities aka people with too much money not enough brains its simply a case of i can afford it syndrome $25000 dollars for a coat made of 150 cats what a bargain !! Why don’t we just boycott these idiots by not buying cd’s not going to concerts etc.. hit them in the wallet and wait for the reaction ! they are suffer from the same problem hypocracy !

  • Carmen says:

    I am so disappointed that Janet would endorse fur. It takes at least 60 female or 35 male minks to make one coat. I think it is disgusting and heartless to say the least. I am so disgusted I am glad Michael is not here to see this. I always loved Janet but I don’t think there is any way to justify this decision. Oh my god this is so sick!!!

  • Eileen Young says:

    Very disppointed saddened disgusted and upset that Janet would do this. What is she thinking. I used to like her but not any more. Doesn’t she know what torture animals go through for the fashion industry. Maybe she should watch some PETA videos.

  • sharon duffy says:

    ugly on the inside ugly on the outside!

  • Maria Ulm says:

    Im hugely disapointed. What sort of people still use animal skin as clothes?

  • Edele H says:

    There is more to being a ‘Legend’ than being popular. It’s choosing between right wrong being unselfish acting with integrity. Although Janet is popular she has shown by associating with this company she is far from legendary. This was a decision based solely on profit and it comes at the expense of innocent sentient beings who suffer in filthy cages are bred repeatedly and then skinned alive maimed stepped on strangled poisoned anally electrocuted and tortured in hundreds of other ways all to make coats for vain selfish humans to call ‘fashion’. Shame on you Janet Jackson and shame on anyone who is uninformed enough to continue to support the fur industry.

  • June says:

    Janet you are disgusting. Wearing fur makes you not only look cheap but you are cheap. You have NO FEELINGS except for yourself. I can’t stand people who are so “into themselves”. Your dead brother Michael would not like what you are doing. He was an animal lover.

  • ratking says:

    i never trusted in the jacksons! someone who has to change the shape and color of his face and nose is not happy with him or herself! i ask myself what kind of ugly things janet has to hide under her out of style fur coat????? i neither approve her heartless decision nor michaels ridiculous animal zoo!!!

  • mike says:

    I have been a super fan of Janet for over 20 years have have supported her through all her ups and downs but promoting FUR is shocking disgusting and saddening. I am very confused and never thought she would promote something like this. I never thought a day would come when I would turn my back on Janet but I do not see how I can support her moving forward if she is the international spokesperson for a fur company.

  • Andrea says:

    Wowdisgusting.I can’t believe how shamelessand not to mention tackysome celebrities still choose to be.Fur isn’t even cuteand it never has been.IckJanet

  • Monica says:

    cap so if someone looked good in human skin would it be right? no. fur is completely inhumane and no one looks good in it because helpless animals were killed for it

  • Amanda says:

    I am an animal lover too…I was shocked at the first rport of Janet and fur but I don’t hate her. Janet’s career is far from over she just the headliner for the Essense Music Festival in New Orleans which was very successful…her reviews were great and she is set to star in another film. Janet has animals too…I don’t agree with unfounded attacks against her career. I will still listen to her music and support her.

  • Sarah says:

    Why did you do this Janet? I thought you loved animals? shame on you for promoting cruelty against defenceless animals. I have been a fan of yours for all my life but this was a major disappointment. I cannot support you as long as you endorse the abuse of fur.

  • Steve says:

    I guess after the tanking of her solo career and the waning of the attention from her brother’s death she needed to desperately do something to get into the spotlight once again. Sadly I was just commenting to my boyfriend about her recent photos in Rolling Stone that she looks fantastic. However now with the fur ad I think she looks disgusting.

  • tina collett says:

    maybe someone should show janet the video of animals being skinned alive in chinese fur farms all for the sake of fashion what kind of person wants to wear dead animals or even faux fur that still looks like dead animals a fd up person thats who.

  • Dani says:

    Darrick if someone decides to make a “Darrick coat” please describe to me the “humane” method with which you would choose to be killed skinned… Rian what could Janet possibly do with a fur coat that would justify the agonizing life and death of the animals who died for it?

  • Ian says:

    Janet Jackson is now a major tool. I have lost all respect too bad we cant ruin her career cause she has already done that herself.

  • Eric says:

    I don’t see why you have to insult Janet Jackson’s career. Someone that has released a movie performed as the headliner at essence musical festival a major event about to release a book in the fall and currently filming a movie is clearly NOT having a career downfall.

  • Steve says:

    Darrick I hope your post is a bad joke. There is no way to make a “humane” fur coat.

  • Steve says:

    I guess now that her brother’s death isn’t headline news anymore and her career is all but over she needs to bring attention to herself some other way. What a pity and shame to choose such a cruel channel for attention and money.

  • Susan T says:

    Darrick….tell me is there any part of killing an animal simply for vanity that isn’t INHUMANE? My God there are alot of heartless people in our world!

  • Darrick says:

    I don’t believe Janet would have agreed to this if Blackglama were inhumane to animals. I support Janet 100.

  • gloria taylor says:

    Thisis nothing more than about money shame on Janet Jackson she needs to watch a movie of them skinning the animals she wants to wear ask around alot of stars said no to fur .

  • Susan T says:

    Rian….give her a chance? A chance to what? She knows what happens to furbearing animals. It’s NO secret. She’s signed on to be a SPOKESPERSON FOR CRUELTY. Give her a chance? How about giving the helpless animals that suffer in agony a chance? They DON’T HAVE A VOICE or a CHOICE! They are at our mercy! And please! Don’t dare say they are “just” animals. They feel and suffer just like we do and to make them suffer for mere vanity speaks volumes for our lack of enlightment and civility. I admire Janet very much I admire the whole family. I just won’t turn a blind eye to her callous decision. What begets a legend? Compassion caring and genuine lovejust like her brother’s legacy!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I remember years ago Blackglama offered Betty White the job of representing this company and she refused. They gave the job to Joan Crawford instead and she did take it. I still remember their motto “What becomes a legend most?” Betty is a huge animal advocate and I hope she isn’t still on the board of the LA Zoo. But other than that I think she is great for animals. And Michael Jackson wasn’t the humanitarian some people think he was. He had his own personal zoo at Neverland Ranch with elephants giraffes and of course Bubbles the Chimp who is now at a primate sanctuary. Who knows what happened to all the other animals at Michael’s ranch? So if he really cared about animals he wouldn’t have had all these exotics as pets or in his zoo. I never liked Janet and now I really don’t like her if she wears this fur.

  • Susan T says:

    This just leaves me devastated. I watched her interviewed on Oprah shortly after Dr. Murray was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter regarding Michael’s death. I could feel her pain in losing her beloved brother. I count myself among the millions who love Michael. I miss him so much and spent the last year studying his life. There will never be anyone who cared about our world like he did again. Although he wasn’t a person to “judge” another I cannot believe that he would approve of what she is doing. A recent article lists this quote in closing She said “There comes a time when you don’t give an ‘F’ what people say or think. You just do your thing because it’s finally about you and not in a selfish way but in a great way.” Not in a selfish way? Really Janet! What is great about wearing 40 dead animals who suffered their entire lives so you can “do you thing”? Shame on you!

  • Barb grass says:

    Are you kidding me Janet? Wow move out of the stone age what a disgrace!!

  • Stephanie says:

    And here I was feeling a little better after seeing Pamela Anderson’s efforts to educate people. Now this garbage is bringing me down. Janet Jackson has a billion other things she could offer her endorsement for. Why this?