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Janet Jackson Meets the Grim Reaper(s)

Written by PETA | February 7, 2011

The situation was grim at Janet Jackson’s concert in Manila, Philippines. Nearly a dozen “Grim Reapers” reminded the singer that wearing fur is nasty to animals.

Doesn’t Ms. Jackson know that animals who are killed for their fur are bludgeoned, electrocuted, stomped to death, and sometimes even skinned alive? And since an undercover investigation showed that dogs and cats are killed for their fur, too, Janet might well be wearing a black cat.

Please tweet to Janet Jackson and ask her to refuse to wear fur any time, any place. Instead, she can send her old furs on an escapade to PETA, and we can use them in protests against, err, someone else.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • PETA says:

    tazzSa- PETA’s own investigation into a fur farm in the United States found foxes being killed by anal electrocution in which an electrically charged steel rod is inserted into the animal’s rectum, literally frying her insides. Exposed broken bones, upper respiratory infections, and cancerous tumors were among the wounds and diseases endured on this fur farm without veterinary treatment. We know from experience that these conditions are far from atypical. We are hearing from many people who are upset that someone such as Ms. Jackson, who appears to be so kind, could be responsible for promoting the torture of countless foxes, raccoons, minks, and other animals who are trapped, gassed, and anally electrocuted for their skins. Please visit our Web site to learn why so many people are shocked by Ms. Jackson’s decision to promote fur.

  • Christopher says:

    For those who ask, how do you know that fur isn’t fake and stop harrassing celebrities (i.e. Janet) at her concerts, I ask, how do you know it’s not real? Celebrities like attention that is beneficial to themselves. But they MUST indure ALL attention that comes their way. I agree that asking is a good policy and most descent people would abide. However, where animals are killed for simply have furry skins..we don’t live in a descent world, do we?

  • tazzSa says:

    how do u know the fur isnt fake?? how do u no this fur wasnt made in an respectfull way (eg. animal passing of natural causes) until u give me actually proof im not going 2 go against janet! i fully respect peta and agree animals should b treated soooooo much better but going to janets concerts and protesting is soo low and rude…theres so many better ways (kindly asking her maybe?? pinks got her mobile number) and another all the proceeds from janets concerts go 2 homeless fur more important than that…by embaressing janet at her concerts thats what ur say!!

  • Thea says:

    Just because she has money, it doesn’t give her the right to kill living things for her own desires. Her money could probably give her other alternatives.

  • Lovegreatdanes says:

    Please stop wearing fur, it’s a very cruel practice to do to animals. You can wear faux fur which would look nice too and people would like you more if you stopped wearing real fur. Please stop

  • dragonblaze420 says:

    For the sake of Animals Please stop wearing fur…

  • Keight Von Hindenberg says:

    Only ugly people wear fur, which clearly is the case. And trying to bundle up in animal’s pelts are making her look any thinner…

  • ScallyCap says:

    If you absolutely must wear fur, make sure the animal was killed via the much more humane “lethal injection” option, and only after permission from the Governor. Also, Linda, if God granted Janet Jackson with beauty, then he also granted Richard Simmons with heterosexuality.

  • Adam H. says:

    Years ago I won front row tickets for one of her concerts in Toronto…I’m glad I sold them!

  • Dorothy eaton says:

    Please don’t let any animal suffer for fashion – some of them are skinned alive!

  • Linda Joyce says:

    God granted her terrific beauty and that is not enough for her? She needs to add the beauty from another at the cost of their life? Her ugly inside trumps the beauty outside and that is almost as sad as the death of God’s creature.

  • Tatiana says:

    Wear fur is like killing animals! Do you want to be a murderess?