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Janet Jackson Fan Sells Memorabilia for PETA

Written by PETA | December 5, 2011

A longtime Janet Jackson fan is leaving the Rhythm Nation after Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction worse than her infamous Super Bowl halftime appearance. After PETA supporter Sean Oltersdorf learned that Jackson was appearing in ad campaigns for Blackglama furs, he put his 25-year collection of Janet memorabilia on the auction block, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to PETA.

On his eBay site, “Janet Jackson: Better NAKED Than Nasty,” Oltersdorf explained his decision to bidders:

“Janet has decided to partner with fur designer Blackglama and put her name on a line of mink pelts. As the guardian to six rescued animals (three of whom are chinchillas, who [on fur farms] are bred in deplorable conditions and often skinned alive for their beautiful fur), I can’t—in good conscience—simultaneously support this kind of cruel ambition while having a care for those without a voice. I am responding with my own partnership with PETA and auctioning my entire Janet Jackson collection (over 60 items) and donating 100% of the proceeds to PETA.”

Perhaps the best part of Oltersdorf’s auction page is the picture he posted of his chinchillas with the caption “Janet, what have you done for US lately?” People who think Jackson should stick to making music—not hawking cruel clothing—can bid on the collection until December 9.

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  • Kelly Carson says:

    Well! everyone has their own ideal what life should be like but it will never be that way… Shame on you for dogging Janet Jackson for during something with her life… you have know ideal of how these animals are being killed or if there being killed.. you don’t work with Blackglama… so before you judge someone please read up on their business find out what they are about …

  • Andreas says:

    I can completely understand this fan. I’ve also really liked Janet Jackson. But teaming up with Blackglama and bring out a collection of fur articles is enough for me to throw away her CDs!!

  • steph says:

    Mr. Oltersdorf, you are wonderful! Not only to rid yourself of the memorabilia, but that you are donating the money to PETA! You are a compassionate, humane human being. Mr. “Chocopuss,” you are NOT (and no one made me God, and yes, I am judging you – sorry – can’t help it, especially when you have to mention Gaddafi). You and Janet deserve each other.

  • chocopuss says:

    Shame on you judging someone else, who made you God? Collaborating with Blackglama was a wise career move for Janet. The same effort that PETA puts into animals, should include human beings as well. Do you see what is going on in the world? Do you see how soldiers are dying? Do you see how Gadaffi died in the streets like a dog? Do you see how elderly people and getting their Social Security checks cut? To me, that’s inhumane. We are going through rough economic times and it’s only getting worse. We have to put more emphasis into our own species. If someone rocks a leather jacket or a fur every now and then, does that make them bad person? Says who? Janet is business woman that wants to expand her brand. This is business, don’t take it personal. And you weren’t a TRUE fan in the first place if you had to sell your collection over a business move made by an established, consummate entertainer. She doesn’t need your support, she already has REAL fans.

  • Dervi says:

    This is awesome. Good job. Don’t be a fan of someone who’s like her.

  • lisa says:

    The whole Jackson family are freaks even Micheal was.

  • Curtis says:

    Wow shame in Janet. Sean, you are an inspiration. I hope Janet gets the message. Thanks for helping animals. You rock!

  • WinterT says:

    Great way to boycott animal cruelty and it shows that having the memorabilia is just not worth it. Good for you Mr. Oltersdorf! I also see these so called “idols” as disgusting when they contribute to animal cruelty, it’s not worth being a fan anymore.