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Jane Goodall to Air France: Stop Shipping Monkeys to Their Deaths

Written by Paula Moore | May 12, 2014

Jane Goodall©

Just days before her highly anticipated talk in Paris on May 14, world-renowned primate expert Dr. Jane Goodall, who recently turned 80, fired off an e-mail to Air France—the last remaining passenger airline to ship monkeys to laboratories for use in invasive and deadly experiments—urging the company to end its part in this “cruel trade.”

Dr. Goodall explains to Air France executives that in their natural homes, long-tailed monkeys—the species Air France most often ships to laboratories—form strong bonds, live in groups of up to 30 individuals, and “travel up to a mile a day playing, foraging for food and socializing with one another.” She further writes, “Babies are nursed by their mothers until they are more than a year old and females remain in the same social groups for life with their mothers, daughters, sisters and cousins. These social, intelligent primates can live to be more than 30 years old. Air France is unfortunately ensuring that they don’t get to experience any of this.”

Inside laboratories, monkeys are routinely locked alone in cages, poisoned, mutilated, starved, shocked, and infected with deadly diseases in what Dr. Goodall calls “dreadful experiments.” Earlier this year, China Southern Airlines agreed to stop shipping primates to laboratories, making Air France the only remaining airline in the world that continues to confine monkeys to crates and keep them inside dark cargo holds for up to 30 hours while transporting them to laboratories in the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Goodall joins a growing list of animal advocates—including, most recently, actor James Cromwell—who have called on Air France to do the right thing and stop giving monkeys a one-way ticket to a laboratory where they’ll be tortured and killed.

What You Can Do

Please speak up for monkeys: Tell Air France officials that you won’t fly while animals die.

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  • Mary Zech says:

    I will not fly Air France until this stops, either.

  • Robyn O'Neill says:

    Air France has long been my favorite airline. When I found out about this practice of shipping animals to their deaths I was appalled. Air France should cease this horrible torture of innocent, intelligent animals.

  • I will not fly with you until ths ends,Neither will any one else I know


  • Manel Dias says:

    Thank you very much Dr. Jane Goodall for intervening for this subject. As a young beautiful vibrant lady who visited East Africa and fell in love with these magnificent Monkeys/Chimpanzees etc and have contributed the entire life towards their sake should know way better than anyone else about this species. I cannot fathom why & how on earth these Air corporations keep exporting the primates to different parts of the world.Specially when knowing these creatures are eventually going to be abused and make them suffer the hell on earth,yet these Air corporations allow the innocent animals nightmaric abuse carry on without any sympathy or compassion shown to them, simply to gain the money & profit.I will never fly Air France and so many who know the cruel acts done by this Airlines also will never fly via Air France.

  • We will not fly while animals are tortured and die.

  • Debbie White says:

    How about this AIR FRANCE maybe this is the only way you’ll LISTEN….HMMMMM STOP FLYING THE GREEDY SKIES OF AIR FRANCE. How would you like to be stuffed in a uncomfortable small for your size box??? Please close your eyes for a moment and imagine how you might feel if someone did this to you. You might feel terror and total panic at whats being done to you wondering why someone is doing this to you.

    Do the right thing if not for the animal for your little ones, who no doubt would not want animals to go through such torture and abuse.

  • Malka Kessler says:

    I cannot make my plea to you, any more eloquently than Dr.Goodall already has, so I’m just begging you to do the right thing by these beautiful, sentient beings. Please STOP sending these animals to the torture chambers! PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING! Please make the last transport of these animals, that you have already done, the last. It is my belief, that when you know better, you do better. Dr. Goodall has informed you and now YOU KNOW better. The balls in your court. The world is watching!

  • Carol Vincent says:

    It is and always has been cruel and unnecessary to treat animals like this. They suffer and feel pain too.

  • Anke says:

    Yes, please stop this cruelty…!

  • Gabby says:

    I never liked AIR FRANCE !!! not only for their poor service on board but also for the staff and their all proud as a peacock – attitude !!! Moreover , when hearing about this NIGHTMARE that they r one of the last airlines companies who are still shipping monkey to be tortured and killed , that’s just OUTRAGEOUS !!!! What is wrong with you people ?????

  • Magda de Paiva says:

    To Jane Goodall,
    My admiration for your lifetime work can not be expressed with words, only feelings can. Now I want to thank you also for your letter explaining the lives and feelings those monkeys they ship for lab experiments. Maybe they will listen to you and all the knowledge you accumulated all these years.
    Thank you again.

  • Patricia Hunt says:

    Stop contributing to the torture of these
    Incredible animals. People will not fly Air France when they find out that this is going on.
    It will become very public and detrimental to Air France.
    There is not enough money in the world
    to condone this torture.

  • Thank you for speaking for these animals so closely related to us.

  • Alice Maria de Ataide Fernandes Garrido says:

    I will never fly with Air France!Shame on them.

  • Heather says:

    Thank you god for Jane Goodall. What an absolutely fantastic person
    to have devoted your life to our animals on this planet. I personally
    adore monkeys of all types and wish everyone would feel the same way. Using monkeys to conduct experiments and die unnecessarily
    In cages is such a catastrophe.

    • Monique Duphil says:

      I am ashamed to be French, knowing that Air France, who used to be my favorite airline, is THE line still choosing to take innocent and intelligent animals to torture and death. This is inexcusable. Cruelty, stupidity, indifference, cocktail of the three factors? Air France, wake up!
      I miss you!!

  • Anahid Rosa says:

    Stop shipping these poor monkey to their death!!

  • I will never fly with AirFrance as long as they continue tomship monkeys to labs. SHAME on them! HONTE a Air France!

  • This is totally wrong! How would you feel if you were one of those monkeys being experienced on.

  • Stop this horrible cruel trade. These animals deserve to live in their habitat.

  • Beatrice Wilkie says:

    Dear madam or sir,
    please stop shipping animals to laboratories!
    Kind regards

  • Yro says:

    Stop please

  • Jeannie Stoddart says:

    What kind of society do we live in – stop this misery NOW

  • Martin says:

    End this Cruelty now!

  • Sharon Langhammer says:

    She is my idol and has been forever. It has to stop. These tests have been proven to be unnecessary and I pray Jane and Cromwell have made a difference! We are the dumbest animals for thinking we are better than the other animals we daily abuse . It makes me I’ll. thank you Dr. Goodall.

  • Claudia Marrapodi says:

    This is about time – not just great apes deserve life, respect and security, but ALL monkeys, and above all – ALL ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop shipping ANY KIND OF ANIMALS to their deaths! This should be clear to Jane and to Peta, isn’t it????????????????????????????????????????