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Jamie Foxx: Wrong on Vick

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007

Brittania/Creative Commons

There has been a lot of back and forth over the Vick case, but Jamie Foxx’s take on it is probably the most absurd I’ve heard yet. Foxx defended Vick in this story, because he thinks dogfighting is “a cultural thing.” Wow, one would think that someone talented enough to win an Oscar, and smart enough to parlay that into a $10 million per movie payday afterwards would know that this ain’t the time to run to the rescue of poor Mr. Vick, who is about to go down hard for straight up cruelty. Who will be next on Foxx’s list of downtrodden misunderstood abusers to defend, Pol Pot?

Anyway, here’s what PETA Prez Ingrid Newkirk had to say about Foxx’s comments, “Black leaders like Russell Simmons and Dennis Courtland Hayes, head of the NAACP would agree, as does PETA, that it is cheap and dirty and wrong to call this a cultural thing — unless Foxx believes that cruelty is a black thing when it isn’t. It may be his thing, but it is not a black thing. PETA encourages people to watch our anti-dogfighting PSA with world heavyweight boxer Lamon Brewster at”

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  • wendy says:

    If Jamie Foxx thinks that this a cultural thing does that mean its ok for me to hang a black person from a tree because its a “cultural thing” I dont think so. I will never watch a movie or listen to a song of his.

  • Anonymous says:

    allegro DJX was pointing out FACTS. It was the same thing as when the Romans staked the Christians out to be eaten by lions. White people gathered in crowds to watch. Again people have the nerve to say things against Black music. Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” detailed the lynching of Black people and there are pictures to prove it. I still haven’t seen anything that peta has done to stop racism. The cops beat Rodney King like he was an animal. and I have read plenty of posts comparing Black people to animals etc. Oh they’re lazy etc. the nation was built on the back of Black people! You need to do some research and get a life!

  • Anonymous says:

    oh and peta I know you said something about brittney and her new dog but will you say something about the way she is treating her kids. feeding them junk food then trying to clean their teeth with those whitening strips? even the dentist refused to do that.

  • Anonymous says:

    little big woman you need to chill. do some research. whether peta posted on white house people or not I haven’t seen it and what about the hunters and gun sellers in PA? Protesting a shutdown of the software registering program to upgrade it. they are protesting because it is scheduled at the time that dove hunting and other hunting is scheduled. the NRA doesn’t like to upset its members. will peta be there? we’ll see

  • Anonymous says:

    Laura M Fleming. re Michael Vicks father. the man wasn’t in his life for over 22 years. and he had the nerve to ask MV for $700000 to buy a house and a car “because most fathers ask for millions of dollars”. Just a gold digger only the male species. check the facts before you post nonsense

  • Jake B says:

    oh and Dana we were headed to hell in a hand basket when the bushes took control

  • Anonymous says:

    to anna I posted this earlier when someone tried to say that no one is mistreating a Black man. Yes Africans had slaves so did the Romans etc. It isn’t just a Black thing. But you have the nerve to try to justify it. This nation was built on the backs of Black people and to this day there is still racism. Go tell Rodney King that he was beaten by the cops because Africans had slaves tell that to Emmitt Till’s relatives. Unfortunately his Mother died in 2003. Two white men came to the cabin of Mose Wright Emmett’s uncle in the middle of the night. Roy Bryant the owner of the store and J.W. Milam his brotherinlaw drove off with Emmett. Three days later Emmett Till’s body was found in the Tallahatchie River. One eye was gouged out and his crushedin head had a bullet in it. The corpse was nearly unrecognizable Mose Wright could only positively identify the body as Emmett’s because it was wearing an initialed ring. AND there is still to this day discrimination. Your history book obviously was written to support your point of view but there are thousands of articles and picture out there regarding the “mistreatment” of Black men and women. But it wasn’t mistreatment it was MURDER! I had pets and they were treated well. They weren’t allowed on the furniture but I paid thousands of dollars for them when they were sick. And when my dog died of cancer on the operating table and when I had to put my cat to sleep because he was filling up with fluids that kept him unable to breath and when the other dog died of old age at 14 I didn’t just give them to the vet to cremate they were buried in an area set aside in California for pet burials. It cost more for that but I felt they deserved it and I received a certificate for each one stating that they were there. So let’s see if you can stop the racist comments.

  • Jake B says:

    to whoever is approving the posts. I have posted several times so why does my post have to approved? your info at the comment site If you haven’t left a comment here before you may need to be approved by the site owner before your comment will appear. Until then it won’t appear on the entry. Thanks for waiting.

  • Jake B says:

    a lot of talent and little morals huh? isn’t there yet another one biting the dust at ye old white house. and another one soliciting in a restroom for gay stuff. add clinton add bush monica too. the bush daughters’ drunkeness was hushed up but one of the bushes was caught with a fake prescription. pitbull bull baiting has its roots in merry old england along with bear baiting. hunters kill former pets at these new located in the U.S. safari hunts. the animals including a lion have to be hit with sticks to make them run so the “hunters” murderers can shoot them. where is peta? and where are you yes the ones who talk about MV and JF. the blog on foxsports has been deleted because of the racist and sexist comments. it’s okay if you’re white but not if you are a person of color. someone had the nerve to criticize a poster who wished Bo Diddly well and mentioned that he had succeeded with all the injustice that he had to go through. That person said Bo was an inspiration. Yet this other ignorant person said “why bring race into it?” Listen to Billie Holiday singing “strange fruit” i.e. the lynching carried out by white racists. History has been written from a white point of view and people post the nastiest things regarding MV when they should look at theirselves. but confession is automatically forgiven at some people’s churches so it is alright to call people of color animals etc. And if that is the way white people want it then peta should protest the treatment of people of color.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Michelle I know that it is hard to think about any animals being killed by any shelters but there is no choice. In the summer you get 20 cats inwk and you adopt out 10wk. Most shelters don’t have more space than for approx 100 cats so you can see the cages fill up pretty fast then what do you do? What about the animals that are brought in that are 17 or 18 yrs old with health problems or vicious dogs that can’t be rehabilitated? Do you really want them to end their lives staying in a small cage with no contact or affection. The numbers are just overwelming.Until people spay and neuter their animalsthere will always have to be kill shelters. One of the reasons Peta started euthanizing animals from these small county animal controls is because the local animal controls were killing them by knocking them on the head gas chambersetc. Those shelters neither had the money nor expertise to do it the right way which is a gentle shot of barbituate and an immediate death instead of having them shoved into gas chambers that might take as long as 15 mins. As sad as it is as long as there are more animals than homes there is no other solution than euthanasia.Don’t let these nokill shelters fool you most of them will only take animals that they deem adoptable. So what happens to the ones that are refused. They are taken out in the country and dropped off to starve to death or thrown out of moving cars. A gentle kind loving death is certainly preferable to that fate.

  • Jake B says:

    NEW YORK Leona Helmsleys dog will continue to live an opulent life and then be buried alongside her in a mausoleum. But two of Helmsleys grandchildren got nothing from the late luxury hotelier and real estate billionaires estate. Helmsley left her beloved white Maltese named Trouble a $12 million trust fund according to her will which was made public Tuesday in surrogate court. While veterans are maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan it’s the poor wittle doggies that make the news. One of my relatives had a sky terrier that was so mean the post office delivery guy ran over it in his jeep. That dog and several yappy dogs bit several people. When I was unloading groceries taking two bags one in each arm to the house that sky terrier came around the corner at me. I kicked it in the head. No way was I going to let that crazy dog bite me. Also a cousin had a pitbull and a pitbull mix. His Mother is in her 70’s but the dogs didn’t bite her luckily but they bit her other son when he came to visit. The hospital treated him but he didn’t get stitches as they needed the deep wounds to heal from the inside out. And that stupid idiot still has pitbulls in his house. Thank goodness he doesn’t have children in the house.

  • SATINKA says:


  • Black Man says:

    Bigb I’m happy that you are at least against dog fighting! Fortunately we don’t live anymore in the times of segregation and as far as I know at that time PETA still didn’t exist! For the rest please read Allegro’s text!

  • little big woman says:

    cherrypop your brain is full of crap you come here for yo talk nonsense all these things have been told again and again and peta even posted on white house people read before you write!

  • allegro says:

    DJX once and for all listen to this don’t you know that when there are tsunamis and earthquakes rescue dogs are saving your life? are you so egoistic and heartless to think that a dog has not a honest right to be saved and protected from the human being maybe just out of a feeling of gratefulness? are you so stupid that you cannot think that many of us peta people are also in human rights organizations? don’t you really think??????? what kind of a stingyhearted microbrain are you? this here becomes seriously disgusting and please once again read the peta files! your ignorance is ridiculous and boring!

  • Jake B says:

    to anonymous no one is mistreating a Black man? Tell that to Rodney King tell that to Emmitt Till’s relatives. Unfortunately his Mother died in 2003. Two white men came to the cabin of Mose Wright Emmett’s uncle in the middle of the night. Roy Bryant the owner of the store and J.W. Milam his brotherinlaw drove off with Emmett. Three days later Emmett Till’s body was found in the Tallahatchie River. One eye was gouged out and his crushedin head had a bullet in it. The corpse was nearly unrecognizable Mose Wright could only positively identify the body as Emmett’s because it was wearing an initialed ring. AND there is still to this day discrimination. Your history book obviously was written to support your point of view but there are thousands of articles and picture out there regarding the “mistreatment” of Black men and women. But it wasn’t mistreatment it was MURDER!

  • Bigb says:

    PETA is a joke. Their nothing but self richeous hypocritical do gooders. If you probe their personal lives you would find things quite the contrary to what they stand for. They saw an opportunity to take down an icon just to gain recognition. I say let the punishment fit the crime. Vick admitted that he was guilty and will pay for it. I accept his apology and so should the rest of y’all. He could have used his money and took it to trial but he was a man about it. PETA and all of these other self richeous groups were not there protesting for human rights during segregation. Human rights are being violated daily but it doesnt concern people like PETA because the victims are minorities. PETA puts more value on a dogs life. Before you judge me I am against dog fighting.

  • Mike says:

    Maybe you should see everything Jamie Foxx said before you crucify him too. He never said Dog fighting wasn’t bad he said it was a cultural thing which it is. Go to urban america sometime and tell me what you think. Quit breeding hate towards humanity for the sake of some animals.

  • Pat says:

    If Jamies take in this topic is that its a cultural thing. then maybe Missippi should be allowed to own colored people because thats what they did in the past!!!

  • kris shulfer says:

    first off i want to comment on what tonya had to say about PETA picking on Vick just because he is black is completely ridiculous. what Vick did is wrong and he deserves to be punished. and what you are saying is it is ok to strangle electrocute and drown dogs is acceptable behavior?? you are sadly mistaken!!! PETA does great things and they may not hear about every situation that goes on in the world but the ones that do PETA does a great job trying to make a difference. he deserves the punishment and he made the choice to do the horrible things he has done and i do not feel one ounce of sympathy for him!!! and yes tonya there are many other serious matters going on in the world I have 2 brothers who both have been to Iraq and one there now but we the public have no control over the way Bush leads this country. PETA does make a difference and I am proud to say I am part of it!! sure there are still people who like Vick but throwing the race card is the picture is wrong!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Jamie Vick DMX and all the other assholes who tolerate and practice animal cruelty are inhumane disrespectful miserable and stupid. We should forgive as Jesus does but we should not get over it. They did not make a mistake they did these things on purpose and we should make an example of them. If we condone DMX’s and Vick’s behavior then we are just as bad as Jamie Foxx. Our only chance to end animal cruelty is to speak out and ask for justice. As an African American I am assure you that dog fighting is not a cultural thing it is an asshole thing. This is directed to Tonya and Brian. We are not placing an animal over a human or the other way aroundthey are equal. Something is wrong with you to post such things. I would not be surprised if you were in Vick’s backyard placing bets right now. You are unintelligentas demonstrated by your comment “human race” human is a species. Go back to school. A dog’s life is worth more than yours anyday.

  • Dana says:

    This is for the comment by Mike the educated black man Basically what I take from what you are saying is he should have know better and not took part in dog fighting because he is a Black Star and therefore if he was caught it would be much harder on him. It does not seem to matter that this is immoral illegal and takes someone with no compassion to even participate in!!!! Jamie Foxx is a great actor but Vick was a great football player so apparently you can have a lot of talent with very little morals. Great if I did not realize before that the world is headed to hll in a hand basket I sure do now!! The media has shined a big light on the underground world of dog fighting…people that did not even realize it existed do now. People have had a chance to look at dog fighting up close and there is NOTHING entertaining about it in fact it is down right disturbing that people actually watch and gamble off of innocent creatures!!! So for Jamie Foxx and people like him to start showing any support for this is STUPID!!! They need to keep their mouths shut for the simple fact their careers might just be the ones under fire next…Trust me animal lovers make up a vast majority of the United States and they are not going to put up with this kind of ignorance from people any longer!!! It is one thing for me to go see a movie with Jamie Foxx in it and not realize where he stands on this issue…it is by far another for me to go support his pay check knowing where he stands….so no more Jamie Foxx movies until he educates himself on animal abuse…one must often think that when supporting Vick they are doing more so for the reasons they are involved in illegal stuff as well!!!!!!!!

  • cherrypop says:

    I think you animal rights people are full of crap. First yes what vick did was wrong but what about these white men that hunt and guess what they are not eating what they kill or horse racing the way they beat the hell out of the horse to entertain people and i could go on and on you people are full of crap you just need vick to make a name for you because nobody gave a damn before this. Tell you what if you attack the president or vice president or congress for hunting i will believe you people care as of right now i think you are a joke that needed someone famous for people to know and care who you are

  • Logical says:

    A few years agothese poor creaturespitbullsas the 90 year old Senator called them.Were supposed to banned from the entire U.S.And now they are the most protected species on the planet.I have compassion for animals….BUT COME ON PEOPLETRY TO RUIN A MANS CAREER BEHIND AN ANIMAL THAT YOU WANTED OUT OF THE COUNTRY…BE HONESTWHAT IS THE REASON BEHIND THIS SHARADE ?

  • Ann says:

    I can’t believe some of these comments. Michael Vick found Jesus because it is a pr move and he wanted to get out of jail. This wasn’t a mistake this was murder. People do also care about other people but that doesn’t take away from caring about animals. Additionally Jamie Foxx is a total idiot. What a stupid thing he said. And this thing about him being black is ridiculous he murdered animals. End of story.

  • Enrique Amaro says:

    Vick’s “INMATURE” venture was CALCULATED WELL THOUGHT OUT AND PLANNED. His “MISTAKE” was carrying it out. When you have “MONEY” you are rich but when you are “POOR” you find “JESUS”. So to all Vick’s supporters out there continue “FIGHTING” the good fight for Mr. Vick just don’t “LOSE” or else you’ll get “SLAMMED” to the ground get “CHOKED” or “DROWNED” and then maybe only maybe you “WILL GET IT!!!!!”

  • Laura M. Fleming says:

    What realy sewed this up for me was what Vick’s own father said That Vick was fighting dogs in their garage even 6 years ago despite his parent’s objections. His father also said he didn’t understand why Vick was denying anything because he has been doing this for many years. “That’s his thing….that’s what he does.” Soooo this is a behavior that he has engaged in for may years NOT “A MISTAKE.” Big difference!

  • carolyn says:

    tonya your the biggest idiot nobody is against vick cause he is black this shouldnt even be about his skin color. anybody who is picking on vick cause he is black is stupid. people should pick on him for what he did to those dogs. I dont care if micheal vicks skin color is neon pink he is a dog killer who should burn in hell!! how would you like it if someone beat and eletrocuted your dog. GROW up animal haters

  • jennie tomlin says:

    I am a member of Peta but i didnt know they killed animals. could someone who knows about this inform me please

  • Michele says:

    CherylnCharlotte dog fighting was already illegal before Mike Vick was involved. Wow you are really clued out! PETA and its supporters have always been against dogfighting but people like you NEVER paid attention until a celebrity became involved. So you are the ones who are actually helping PETA’s campaign by constantly keeping the story in the news! Thank you for that! And for all of you who are complaining that PETA cares more about animals than the human race 1. humans ARE animals you twits! 2. somebody has to stand up for the rights of our fellow earthlings who do not have a voice 3. human animals are the ones who have fucked up our earth so badly with socalled progress industrialization and convenience 4. nonhuman animals are not capable of the viciousness that humans have displayed over the centuries. I do not love nonhumans more than humans nor do I love humans more than nonhumans. I stand up for nonhuman animals because there are too many of you sick people out there who are destroying our earth and the other beings who live here. And I would rather spend my entire life living in a forest or on an island with nonhumans than spend time with all of you proVick antiPETA and antianimal losers out there. I have asked this question on other posts before what the heck is so wrong with wanting to save animals? What exactly does it take away from all of you who do nothing but criticize PETA supporters? Does helping animals harm any of YOU in any way? If you are all so sure that Vick has changed his ways yeah whatever! then go and volunteer for a “Save Vick” organization and stop wasting your time trying to convince animal rights people that we are wrong you are wasting your breath animal rights people are very devoted to the cause and hearing some lameass insults from people who have nothing better to do is BORING! We have pretty thick skin and we are out there working in many ways big and small to make a difference for the animals who suffer at the hands of barbarians.

  • SATINKA says:

    ….BUT HE’S FOUND JESUS!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • RONIE says:


  • raven says:

    I’m not god I’m not jesus and I’m not religious so don’t tell me to forgive this MONSTER who claims he made a “mistake” not one not two not three but 68 times. This sick rich SOB doesn’t need sympathy he needs tough love. Prison for 5 years with medical treatment and a ban for life from the nfl regardless if he becomes an informant anything less would be a disgrace and the condoning of his monstrous actions. Anybody who would excuse his actions because of “culture” is just as DISGUSTING and IGNORANT as vick is jamie foxx doesnt surprise me.

  • DJX says:

    I understand that dogs is a mans bestfriend. People today are so hypercritical. You will witness a man betting his wife say nothing you see grown man on TV after conversating on the internet looking to have sex with children and say nothing. Yet you are so vocal when a dog is abused. No one wants to recall that about 40 years WHITE MEN HUNG BLACK MEN FROM TREES AS A SPORT. THAT WAS CRUEL AND UNCALLED FOR. BUT NO ONE LOST THEIR JOBS OR ENDORSEMENTS. WAKE UP AMERICA RACISM IS STILL ALIVE WELL.. WHY IS A DOG MORE IMPORTANT THAN A HUMAN BEING???????

  • theresa Denton says:

    Please people and especially Jamie Foxx this is the 21st century okay ?! This is by no means a “cultural thing” as Foxx called it every “so called culture” has done IT black white asian hispanic etc that by far does not excuse it for any culture. African Americans want every other race to view them as equals then sure as hell stop making it a race thing!! I never looked at Michael Vick as black white green etc I looked at him as a sorry human being with little to no feelings for animal or human. I am a white female who was born and raised in the South and am probably the most nonracist person you will ever meet aren’t you glad I did not follow the “cultural thing” ??

  • Donna says:

    Michael Vick reminds me of a Sociopath you know people who don’t have a conscience? Oh and now poor Mike is sooo sorry yea sorry cause he’s BUSTED!! Its all an act so he can kiss up to the judge for a soft sentence and kiss up to the stupid NFL who should never have anything to do with him ever again. He’s reprehensible. And as far as Jamie Fox is concerned I think he’s just an ignorant ass. And by the way those who are of the opinion that this is a “black thing” I guess it is since it was his “black” associates who turned his ass in.

  • nicole says:

    to ken danforth who do you think is resposible for pit bulls being the way they are??? not to mention that pit bulls arent mean dogs. people made them the way they supposibly are. people use them and take advantage of them cowards that cant fight they go and buy a dog to turn it into something they cant be themselves. and also you can train every dog to do whatever you want him to its not the race pit bulls arent mean they just dont let go go once they bit. you can turn a golden retriever into the same ‘killing machine”. and again its the human then that made it that way because we humans have fucked up minds and and all these ideas some people have of cruelty and torture and pain… no animal has that in them its all a result of the sick minds of mankind. its like sayin all pit bulls are mean and dangerous so therefor all black people must be like vick. so you said you dont even want to go to the race thing when youre to dumb to realize that you already did….know what youre talking about next time dont talk about dogs or anything youd be better off just keeping your sh…hole or what you call mouth shut. period!

  • Melissa says:

    To all those saying we “care more about animals than humans”. I am getting sick and tired of being told I care more about nonhuman animals than humans. I am not only an animal rights activist I am also a human rights activist and an antiwar activist! You don’t have to speak out against every injustice is a SINGLE sentence and EVERY sentence! If someone is fighting child abuse do you criticize the person for not fighting cancer? If someone is fighting rape do you criticize the person for not fighting sweatshops? If someone is fighting to stop war do you criticize the person for not fighting cruelty to seniors? Caring about a dog does not mean you are no longer capable of caring about a human. There is enough room in my heart for all sentient beings on the planet. It’s sad that your heart is so small that it can only hold love for one species. I am not more concerned about a dog. If Vick forced children to fight and murdered them I would be just as outraged! “What about our kids that are getting killed people starving our troops getting killed.” I care VERY much about children getting killed people starving and our troops getting killed ANY victims of war actually not just ones from my country. Does that mean that I can’t care about animal abuse?

  • nicole says:

    vick just because hes mankind should not ever be called a human being. hes going to pay for what hes done in the after life. whatever he says how hes sorry… people will maybe forgive but never forget and god i pray for his forgiveness and no matter what he will face god aswell as all the other bastards that treat animals that way their time will come. judgement day!! think about all the dogs that are getting killed all over the world especially in southern european countries like spain greece hungary and so on. people hang them on trees or throw stones at them until they die kids 6 7 years of age even do that. mankind are the beasts we are the cruelest creatures on earth destroying everything our environment. liek someone said she would pick any human over beast?? animals leave us alone or did anyone ever see a deer coming into our backyard with a riffle shooting one of our kids so it can take it home to its fellow deers to eat or just to take a picture with it and thinks what of a great jobs it has done killing a human that didnt even know it was a target. one day when i have enough money what ill do is move to a place thats big enough to be home for as many dogs as i can take and ill go to the shelter and will travel to greece and take all the dogs i can give them a home and ill take all the dogs no one wants. before id waste only one dollar on any so called humanitarian organization ill spend a thousand on saving a dogs life or any other animal what makes all the “humans” in the world think that they have the right to decide whats beast and what isnt. who gave them the right to kill anybody animal or human being. there only a few “human beings” in this world the rest is scum trash worthless. it makes me sick how the governments of all the different countries in the world spendd so much money for example to rebuild iraq and how they want to make a chnage in the kids of iraq or afganisthan. all thats going to happen is that those kids will grow up to be inhumane. people that will kill other people again not worth a thing. angelina jolie goes and adopts children that propably will grow up to become rich spoiled brats that will spend a few thousand $ a night on partying and the next day more money on a $50 000 dress or suit or car when she really should maybe just adopt a few poor animals that will be more thankful to her for just giving them a lil bit of food and attention than she can ever imagine and more thankful than any human being will ever be. but thats just my opinion people can choose some want to help other people and some choose to help the animals which is what i do. oh and i hope that anybody who ever was cruel to an animal will get punished in the same way. may there be huge creatures waiting for all of you in hell ready to do to you what you did to them i will never be forgotten and you can start praying as i will that afterwards you might be forgiven.

  • Laura says:

    I am so sick of the RACE CARD! If I thought there was a problem with race making a fair desion on somethingI would give it much thought.Now the RACE CARD CRY WOLF!!! IS ANYBODY guilty? EVER? NO MORE FOXX MOVIES FOR ME AND BELIEVE ME I AM NOT ALONE!

  • christine says:

    This is pathetic. Apparently no one is able to have an opinion anymore in the country without people boycotting them. I don’t always agree with everything peta does..I mean it’s great saving animals etc..but there are just some things I really don’t agree with but that’s just my opinion..however you don’t see me boycotting phat farm cuz russell simmons is affiliated..that’s dumb. You have your opinions and make your choices and others make theirs. It’s a free country if you don’t like it start your own country..make your own rules and ban all meat products but until then you really should stay out of people’s business and respect others opinions because that’s just what it is an opinion..there is no right and wrong in may not like it but tough…some people may not like yours.

  • tom says:

    ok dudes sure what happened was disgraceful and he should go to jail for what he did BUT why the attacks on Jamie Foxx? he is expressing his views just as you are here i was thinking of joining PETA but reding through your posts on this matter and others i wont be becuas eyou are all elitits scum and forcing your views on others. everyone has the right to defend themselves and tohers and thats all Jamie Foxx is doing defending another human being and if im not wrong arent human beings animals to in the vein of being MAMALS? fools.



  • anthony says:

    Dolores Van Winkle…your imaginations runs as wild as stevie wonder’s creative mind. I wish you knew the prison system as much as you know how to communicate to dogs. When he goes to jail mam he will be locked up with the “WHITE excuse my pun collared” criminals where its almost like living on a college campus eg. Martha Stewart…be real. Not that I’m defending mr VICK but its comical that you and others do not accept his apology and remorse but if he had not made those statements there would be more comotion about him NOT making a statement. Did you want him to cry?? Did you want him to apologize to all dogs in general whom can’t understand him? Have you ever seen a public figure ever make an public apology??? Most times than not they are reading a script. You all are more angry that he’s trying to take a step towards the right direction!!! Its like a doublededge sword with you guys…DAM IF HE DO AND DAMMED IF HE DON’T…I hope when you sinned or made a very bad decision you hope whom all were hurt was able to forgive you whether it was right away or in the future…maybe all who believes he deserves jail like I do should allow him to do his time and make up for it….if not why don’t you go live in another country that doesn’t believe in those rights and chances. I hope this entry makes it this time…

  • Francel De la Huerta says:

    I love humans I love learning from you and at the same time from me. I love animals I cannot have an interesting conversation with them as I can with people BUT in no way their life is less precious than mine. WHY? Because I die like they do. I feel like they do. I need to eat survive like they do. I get sick like they do. I think and can process more difficult thoughts than animals do reason why I can CHOOSE whereas animals react more instinct like. Maybe we all think this difference makes our life more precious but it is our “great gift” the human brain that allows us to bullshit ourselves. Say whatever you want choose to live however you like maybe there isnt even an afterlife in which all of us “will suffer” for our Baaaad actions so what is the difference right? Well I am right now here with my dog she is sleeping in my lap and the difference is that I could choose Right Now to kill her maybe burn her cut her and see what happens and while I am thinking this she just keeps sleeping. Does this makes her stupid thinking most probably if I do it she will die and nothing will happen to me? no just ignorant about my intentions. I am pretty sure she is not right now thinking of ways to how to kill me. THIS IS THE POINT! We can choose to be cruel or not with people animals nature. The sad thing I can see here is if we cannot tolerate each other and keep having meaningless wars where we kill each other for no other reason than the hatred we have been taught to breath and believe in and ultimately with CONVICTION we end up believing in it then STUPID to think animals should be treated better RIGHT?… If we cannot even respect each other human beings. We do not all have to think the same way but there are certain values we can all share in my very humble opinion one of them is LIFE. Without it me you and everyone wouldnt be sharing this instant at this precise moment. Why not choose life for every other living being too? I mean it is their right we just happen to take it from them.

  • The Dude says:

    Wow this is getting comical. I will not reveal where I standing on this issue however let me point a few things out. PETA is for the ethnical treatment for animals they do not believe that hunting Fishing or eating animals of any kind is ok. Hunting Fishing mass producing animals for food is legal. Dog fighting is not. Killing animals for a bet is not ok for any culture. As much as PETA would like to stop these things the fact is Hunting Fishing and eating animals is legal. Dog fighting is not. Killing an animal for its fur is legal. Dog fighting is not. Killing an animal because it eats your garden is legal. Dog fighting is not. Putting an animal into a cage to create soft tasty meat is legal. Dog fighting is not. PETA cant fix or protest everything that happens. PETA trys to get the message out to the people abusing animals especially domesticated ones like dogs. Dog fighting is not OK. Now they have a poster boy named Mike Vick or Ron Mexico to help them spread the words Dog fighting is not OK and you bet your ass Not Donkey they will exploit this. Why is PETA coming after Vick so hard 1. He abused dogs in the worst way. 2. He can now help spread the word and educate the people out there that for some reason think it is ok to abuse animals or think that Dog Fighting is a sport. PETA is not an organization for human right so get off the Where were you when this happened or that happened. If youre so concerned then join their cause and protest. Look I eat chicken and fish so I can hardly call myself a PETA person but I dont fight my dogs or eat at KFC nor do I buy products that participate in the cruelty or testing of animals. And that is what PETA does makes me aware! Now PETA people give Mike a chance to redeem himself the killing of these dogs could be saving a lot more. I really dont believe that Mike thought it was a big deal to be doing what he did nor do I think he thought anyone would really care. Now he knows. Now he cares maybe for the wrong reasons like losing 100 million and being banned from football but its a start. Mike Vick already stated he needs to grow up. So Mike go correct yourself prove it by being real and educating the people about your MISTAKE and well see you on Sundaynow please put the cards away..

  • Robyn Newkirk says:

    Ken Danforth Good job you followed all the steps on “how to PETAbash.” You made yourself look extremely ridiculous since none of your points make any sense!! If you think PETA doesn’t care about people as well as animals YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. PETA is for peace between humans and animals and for both humans and animals and is against the suffering of any living thing!! You say “Where’s PETA when pitbulls attack America’s kids.” PETA is an animal rights organization for one in case you didn’t realize that and PETA does not think training pit bulls to be aggressive fighting animals is fine either. Get your facts straight before you attempt to make a fool out of yourself again. You must really not know what you’re talking about. Do you think we would really ask that Vick’s case is treated seriously and then cheer for him? Inform yourself and then maybe TRY to make a point.

  • Angela Hart says:

    PETA has just used another method of lynching when the organization targeted Mike Vick. Dog fighting didn’t start yesterday and PETA didn’t just hear about. What about horse racing. A man rides the horse with a bit in the horses mouth. Runs it as hard as it can and whips it as he goes. If the horse gets hurt badly it’s killed. If PETA is going to be self righteous treat everyone the same!

  • too many haters says:

    Jamie is right Everyone deserves a second chance. Some people just want to crucify this guy. You are not God. The bible says that as long as he repents of his sin’s. Who do some people think that they are. If Jesus can say father forgive them for they know not what they do when he was getting crucified on the Cross then who are we. We are not God. He deserves a second chance afterall he has apologized. Some people are just taking this to the extremethere is not 1 that is perfect but God. I have found out that These people will never forgive him but I can guarantee you that most of them will be in church singing come Sunday morning. I do not profess to be a religious man but I would guess that most if not all religions have forgiveness and love at their core. What Mike Vick did was illegal and immoral and he will pay for that crime in accordance with our legal system and if you believe he will answer to a higher authority. I have no problem with that what I do have a problem with is how people most of them white insist on piling on and dragging this thing out and punishing him more than the courts and the NFL. It’s the mob mentality of dragging someone out of jail in the middle of the night because you are not happy with the punishment.

  • Robyn says:

    To “Renee” Human beings are responsible for all of the destruction that has and continues to go on in the world. All of those problems you mentioned.. are animals responsible for them? Do animals start wars between countries or pollute the earth? NO!! That’s why they need help as well as all living things suffering at the hands of the evil human beings. Check yourself.