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Jamie Foxx: Wrong on Vick

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007

Brittania/Creative Commons

There has been a lot of back and forth over the Vick case, but Jamie Foxx’s take on it is probably the most absurd I’ve heard yet. Foxx defended Vick in this story, because he thinks dogfighting is “a cultural thing.” Wow, one would think that someone talented enough to win an Oscar, and smart enough to parlay that into a $10 million per movie payday afterwards would know that this ain’t the time to run to the rescue of poor Mr. Vick, who is about to go down hard for straight up cruelty. Who will be next on Foxx’s list of downtrodden misunderstood abusers to defend, Pol Pot?

Anyway, here’s what PETA Prez Ingrid Newkirk had to say about Foxx’s comments, “Black leaders like Russell Simmons and Dennis Courtland Hayes, head of the NAACP would agree, as does PETA, that it is cheap and dirty and wrong to call this a cultural thing — unless Foxx believes that cruelty is a black thing when it isn’t. It may be his thing, but it is not a black thing. PETA encourages people to watch our anti-dogfighting PSA with world heavyweight boxer Lamon Brewster at”

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  • Robyn says:

    To “Mike” You claim you’re educated and I won’t even bother going into that but your comment is totally wrong. YOU are making it a race issue noone else. He has a family to look after? He wasn’t “looking after” his family when he broke the law. He wasn’t “looking after” them when he tortured those animals. A real man who takes care of his family does not compromise his ability to do so!!! Dogfighting is a crime. It is murder! A one year sentence is a slap on the wrist!! The judicial system needs to take this opportunity to tell all HUMAN BEINGS that dogfighting is not okay and that anyone who is involved will have to serve time! Justice must be served and any sentence he receives will be anything but justice!

  • Robyn Newkirk says:

    Tonya Why don’t you learn how to spell before you try to make the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. No one will take you seriously if you aren’t educated cause it means you know jack! Animals are more helpless than human beings because they cannot speak out against us or stop us from hurting them. You are basically saying Vick was justified in his actions because he’s black! What a bunch of bull! You obviously don’t know any of the work Peta does if you think they aren’t there in every instance of animal abuse. Get educated or KICK ROCKS!!! antisean’s last sentence says it all. Also read the commen made by A pissed off pitbull before you say more about your “cultural stereotypes.” Those who say this has to do with culture are those who are creating stereotypes about themselves!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard…James comment “Mike should have trained Chickens Cockfighting and moved down to Louisiana where we white people are doing it BIG TYME” You’re just pissed because all the white people are killing your fried chicken less chittlins to go around for your poor family. Go eat some collard greens or something. And to the rest of you who have turned this into a blackwhite thing slavery ended over 100 years ago. Don’t blame US for some act that mistreated a great uncle of yours that you’ve never even met. Just shut up! There isn’t even a single person on this earth who is still alive that had a slave or mistreated a black man so get the hell over it already. No one gives a crap anymore about your dead great granddaddy who picked cotton for some rich old white man. Get back to the topic at hand the death of animals used for entertaining purposes. No one cares that this guy is black. We only care about the fact that someone could torture something for the fun of it. People like that are weak and feel the need to over power. Next thing you know he’ll be beating his girlfriends.

  • Robyn Newkirk says:

    Whoever thinks “we all need to take a chill pill” needs to rethink what they are saying. What needs to be done is the opposite we must take every opportunity to spread as much information we can about cruelty to animals. The last thing we need to do is “take a chill pill” or shut up. It’s called spreading awareness and people need to know exactly who they should make their idols and who is just a downright coward and should not be given any type of credit for anything. Jamie Foxx is just another stupid celebrity who obviously has absolutely no compassion. In my opinion he might as well have done it himself by making such ignorant comments. It’s not about culture anything it’s about cruelty to animals!!! Hello??!!

  • payton says:

    Wow. Poor Jamie Foxx. All of you who DEFINITLEY WON’T SEE ANY MORE OR ANY OF HIS MOVIES are going to ruin him! Please. The same people who have enjoyed his movies in the pass will continue to enjoy them now..and one main reason for that will be the identifying factor that SOME of you don’t have because you CAN’T if you didn’t get that there’s a need to state it…..All of this talk about God and kindness to animals blah blah blah. Go reread and it seems for most of you that should be to just READ A BIBLE…Genesis Exodus Numbers…count how many sacrifices of animals GOD required. If you’re going to argue a point do so intelligently accurately.

  • Nicole says:


  • observer says:

    brian you dumb ass!!! why don’t you ask vicious vick why he committed crimes that your tax dollars have to pay for him??? my tax dollars are being used for him too!!!! why don’t you ask multimillonaire vick to pay for his investigation court costs and prison time??? it’s a shame that youhim and the rest of his insane supporters are called part of the human race!!!! you’re all sickening degenerates!!! ANIMALS ARE BETTER THAN MOST PEOPLE!!!! AND DON’T CONSIDER YOURSELF VICK AND THE REST OF YOU ASSHOLES TO BE AMONG THOSE BETTER PEOPLE!! YOU’RE LOW LIFE CRAP!!!

  • MLO says:

    To all the Vick supporters and there are many of you here today???! Why are you not screaming foul to the federal gov’t ACLU Civil Rights groups? Why are you on PETA preaching rights of humans? Stop blaming PETA for what happened to Vick. PETA did not raid Vick’s home PETA is not prosecuting Vick for dog fighting and PETA did not make the rules of the NFL. Go complain to them and stop whining on here! Btw Vick doesn’t give a hoot if you support him or not. He doesn’t even know you exist and he definitely won’t be grateful. The only thing he cares about is his money!!!

  • observer says:

    NO TONYA YOU LOST YOUR MIND AND YOU’RE A LYING HYPOCRIT!!! you’re yapping about all the rotten things in the world in the same breath you’re behind a vicious madman who tortured drowned and electrocuted innocent animals!!! you’re behind a cowardly lawbreaker who lied then admitted guilt to save his ass from a longer jail sentence!!! HYPOCRIT!!! your asshole vick was a multimillionaire. why did he need to have a dog fighting ring for money???? peta doesn’t make money on dogfighting!!! peta is self supporting!!! DUMB LIAR!!!

  • Ana says:

    When I read all of the hateful and stupid comments made about PETA PETA members and animal advocates I truly understand why the world is in such bad shape. And then the biblequoting ones add just that spice of hypocrisy that makes it all the more idiotic. This an animal rights blog go to your local human blog and champion the rights of all humans. And for you racists will you even help “whites” as well??? Using the race card gets you nowhere. For blacks blacks in Africa enslaved blacks since ancient history blacks in the south kept other blacks as slaves that’s history. And yes the way the dogs were chained and beaten is similar to the ways blacks and other groups were treated. Christians were enslaved and beaten and killed for sport as well. Jews were enslaved in Egypt slavery is not synonymous with being black. Guess what humans are animals we just happen to be the most dangerous one. And from the posts I’ve read on this blog humans certainly are. Your poisoned hateful small minds are scary scary like what Vick did to those dogs.

  • Lloyd M Roberson says:

    I believe that Michael Vick has the misfortune to be blessed by God with tremendous Physical ability good looks talent enough to play a game better than all but a few men. These attributes allowed him to become famous and wealthy. What he did was wrong. There are no excuses to be made for it. I am curious though. Is Michael Vick the Only dogfighter in West Virginia? Who did he bet against and who’s dog where in the pit with his dogs? The fact that he was who he was set in motion a trait that is part and partial of life in this society. The Lynching Reflex when a black male is accused of something that offends cultural sensibilities. I don’t think that this event would have reached this level of venom if Vick was a white Air Conditioning mechanic earning fifty thousand per year instead of being a black NFL quarterback earning 50 million per year. Thats what the hoopla is about. The obscene amount of money that this young man was earning. PETA does not want this man to be redeemed They want the Justice Department to take away his freedom and the NFL to take away his right to earn money playin football Take away his money that wll satisfy the mob. Peta could take this opportunity to enlist this man into their effort to protect animals.

  • kelly says:

    Cheryl and Charlotte you have some nerve preaching religion! Dog fighting goes on in the South because YOU Southerners sit idly by and don’t lift a finger to stop it. You let your good ole boys tell you what to do. Maybe you really should be listening to Jesus.

  • Jake B says:

    You know I didn’t get the Boy George comment at first but there should be protests against the war by all people. They are now offering $20000 signing bonuses to join the Army i.e. cannon fodder. And don’t think that animals aren’t being killed or murdered as that is the term some of you stated in this post. And those terrorists don’t like dogs. I saw a video of them testing a poisonous gas on a dog tied to a pole. So get over there to Iraq and protest the animal killings murders.

  • dogfighting is ok says:

    i eat meat i love dogfight mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Mirian Tanjutco says:

    My God!!!!!!I’m not surprised about Michael fox coments. Don’t give me that bul s…..about he did a mistake and I do not want to hear because he is black I’m so sick of that story. Yeaaaaa everybody made mistake but not does kinds of mistakes Michael you and vick can go to heal. I do not want to see Michael Fox any movie for the rest of my life he is the same like vick.

  • IN SHOCK says:

    the most shocking thing here is not only that there are motherfvckers like vick out there but there are people like some of the ones posting here SUPPORTING him!!!!!! what a twisted world this is!

  • Lori says:

    Jamie Fox insults all African Americans by calling dog fighting a “cultural thing.” What an absurd and ignorant comment. Animal cruelty is something that prevails in the entire human race not any particular group of people. By making this entire debaucle a “race” issue the focus has been taken away from what really happened. Stop using idiotic excuses for the cowardly acts of a man and his “friends.” A MAN and his friends. Not an AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN and his friends. Simply one man who thought nothing of the suffering of the dogs in his care. Nothing more nothing less. Period.

  • Cameron Longwell says:

    I think Vick was a complete retard for thinking he could fight dogs in his own backyard be the superstar he is he was bound to be caught!! and jamie foxx is the biggest dumbass in the world to defend vick bc he has just put himself in the gutter with vick!!

  • Tonya says:

    Jamie Foxx is RIGHT!!! What about those dogs that kills people. Society has lost their minds. You are more concern about a dog. What about our kids that are getting killed people starving our troops getting killed. So everyone at PETA KICK ROCKS!!! LEAVE VICK ALONE!! You are only doing this because he is BLACK!! I will be behind Vick all the way. All of you are HYPOCRITS!!! This lady in Ohio killed 17 animals where is PETA!! I can’t see you!!! She only got 1 year. I don’t hear Peta anywhere. AGAIN KICK ROCKS!! Find your money somewhere else.

  • Brian says:

    I can’t stand you People!!! Why are you all so worried about animals instead of the “Human Race”??? Don’t you think that maybe you shuld put forth all of this time that you have towards things that are a little more Noble? How about all of the Money you throw at Congress and Lobbyist’s?? How about all of my Tax Dollars that the Federal Gov’t is using to investigate and Prosecute this case?? Man come on let the Man be he made a mistake big deal it’s not like he ripped a Poddle out of a 8 yr old girls arms and smashed it on the concrete right in front of her!!! Lets get real on here!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    James are you a complete dumbass! PETA… do you know what it stands for? For animals not humans! Just because they help animals does not mean that they value their life anymore than a humans. There are other groups out there. Some help humans some animals some blacks and hispanics…etc. Of course PETA is going to push for the safety of anything that is not capable to speak for it’s self. That is what they are here for.

  • Renee says:

    PETA is a JOKE!!! You care more about a damn animal than human beings?? Why not crucify Boy George. He has killed thousands of men and women young and old all races. These are human beings. Get outraged and picket the white house. Human beings are being tortured and killed every day in Iraq and Afghanistan… I wouldn’t hurt any animal I don’t own any animals and don’t care to own any and would never own one but I don’t think their life should be put above a human life…. Get a life PETA dog’s Go sit on a bone!!!

  • Ken Danforth says:

    Come on people I love dogs too. Pets! Dogs like Great Danes German Shepherds Dobermans Cocker Spaniels Terriers Collies ets. But PIT BULLS. They have there place…where in the hell is PETA when PIT BULLS attack and kill Americas kids? As we read about oh say 1 per month. Or the most recent attack in Washington State a middle age lady while she slept. Come on PETA. Where were you then. You hypocrites! A Pit Bull is not a pet. They are dangerous and untamed. They fight they kill they harm. I would just as soon kill one that crosses my path as take a breath of fresh air. They turn on their owners. They are extremely dangerous. PIT BULLS arewere meant to be aggressive. This sub culture does not fight Collies Jack Terriers or poodles. Hell these are PIT BULLS. They’re just doing what they do…What a bunch of hypocrites you people are. Mike Vick should pay a fine play football and watch all you idiots cheer for him the minute he scores his next touchdown. All you want is to be able to cheer for your athletes and then tell them how to live their life. How funny. .I wont even get into the Race thing. What hypocrisy. PETA get a life

  • killi says:

    Lovely Lady please look up the word mistake. A mistake is calling someone by the wrong name dialing the wrong number. He killed and tortured living creatures! We all have the right to pass judgement now that he has admitted to the horrific things he has done!

  • Jake B says:

    This is a Blackwhite thing. People are accusing Black people of playing the race card and calling Vick a murderer. What about those people in Louisiana who are still having cockfights. Peta go there and protest. John Wayne Gacy was a murderer. Timothy McVeigh Terry Nichols were murderers. Eric Harris Dylan Klebold were murderers. MASS MURDERERS ALL WERE WHITE. Then you have the KKK hiding under their sheets skinheads etc. murdering innocent people blowing up buildings etc.

  • Jake B says:

    whether or not Michael Vick made a mistake misjudgement etc. it doesn’t excuse the ongoing discrimination against people of color. Peta may want MV to state that what he did was wrong but where are they when a pet pig gets hunted down and killed with a knife. And if you check out foxsports’ blog about MV you will see the racist and crudely worded sexual remarks of what those ignorant people want to happen to MV. Yes they justify slavery using the bible and it was okay for a young boy to be kidnapped beaten hung stabbed and shot then drowned just because he was Black and supposedly whistled at a white woman. This is their mentality so what makes you think those people are going to go along with your program of not eating meat and not carrying guns to kill animals and people. Why don’t you Peta go on foxsports and tell them that this isn’t the way you are i.e. inciting a riot against Black people and other people of color. There was even a mention of killing Martin Luther King all over again. And just in case you can’t find the blog here is the web address msn.foxsports.comnflstory7153596?forumkeyStoryCommentstopickey7153596pageno101

  • Dolores Van Winkle says:

    Mr. Vicks’ actions are deep rooted and “very” personal. Here is a person whose heart is so black ‘scuse the pun that we should all be terrified. His apology is so transparent it falls on all of our deaf ears. We know where he is coming from. He is sorry he got caught has no respect for creatures of the earth…is planning in his head how to hide his his football career and going on with his good life.I say Michael you can’t fool the animal lovers so don’t waste time trying. What goes round comes round. I hope when you are sitting alone in prison your dreams are of those you have killed and tortured… not of all the football games you miss. Your apology is not accepteble and your remorse is not believeable. We have all been given free will and I have not read anywhere that your arm was twisted to participate in this horrendous activity. Even some of the “Big Bubbas” in prison are dog lovers so your number is up and over with. There I feel some better.

  • Cheryl-n-Charlotte says:

    I support Mike and the entire family 100. I think all of this mess was a setup from the beginning. I was born and raised in the South and know for a fact that dog fighting has been a part of the south forever. Not just dogs but chickens also. But for some strange reason it didnt’ become a crime until Vick posted the money for it. What’s the difference in the good ole boys doing it in their backyards behind the whiskey bins and Michael Vick. Oh yeah I just figured it out Mike is a black man with money! The only crime Vick has committed is being BLACK with MONEY and the good ole boys can’t deal with it. Brenda Marcus and especially Mike keep your heads up. Remember Romans 818 says that I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the Glory that shall be revealed in us. We love you and will always support you. We love you. Not for your money but for yor heart. Unfortunately man looks upon the outside but God looks upon the heart. And I believe with all of my heart that the Vick family has a good heart. If you’re ever in the Carolinas holla at your real fans.

  • Andrew Holtz says:

    POINT You are misguided with your attempt to make Mike Vick a villian. Face it most to all talented and powerful Americans recieve the “benefit of the doubt” when committing a crime however all this talk about Mr. Vick being “evil” and getting what “he deserves” is out of line. He fought dogs that are bred to fight. The only thing he did wrong was running an illegal enterprise. What he did is no more “cruel” then how we all treat “animals”. Animals never ask us to tame them into our “pets” nor do they ask us to allow “legal hunting” nor do they ask us to build giant factories for the purpose of “mass production”. KFC and others in the industry practice far worse animal cruelty practices and don’t even get slapped on the wrist. Be serious and be real! Wake up and stop looking for the easy target. This man fought dogs! When they were not fit to fight we figured it was best to put them down….i guess he could’ve just given them to the SPCA waited for an adopter OR allowed the SPCA to “humainly” Kill the dogs. Isn’t hunting so much fun and cowardly! What is hard about hiding in camo along agents that mask the human smell and shooting a high powered weapon…impress me by hunting with a bow and arrow or not at all. WAKE UP!

  • taylor says:

    please people stop pretending that color is not evident in this case when majority of “animal lovers” in picket lines are white and majority of Vick supporters are black. foxx was simply saying that even though people of ALL colors may love animals that ALL those groups don’t personify these animals as actual people like other cultural groups do. did vick break the law yes. should he pay for that yes. as should paris hilton nicole richie and lindsey lohan but i guess drunk drivingdrug possesion and possibly killing a person also illegal just doesn’t warrant public outrage and demanded jail time.

  • 2wrongsdontmakearight says:

    to Nan Mclain You are a racist Bigot and just plan stupid. Your comments are ludicrous to compare dogs to Blacks AfroAmerican African American or what ever you would like to call us is just plan ridiculous Im sure you use another word. And to make light of the fact that not long ago your people were hanging his people is nothing to be proud of. And it is for that statement and others like it that this situation is now a racial issue. I think that your comment only reaffirms my earlier statement. That you would put a dogs life over a humans life. And the nerve of you to compare the stealing beating killing torture and enslavement of millions of human lives to the vile treatment of several animals is just insane. Unless you are comparing USThem to animals? Please dont try to back petal out of this. Its clear how you feel the same way your ancestors felt that WeThem are no more than animals and that was their justification for slavery in the first place.

  • A says:

    To mackinnga ever heard of the Civil war? Take a history class and answer your own question!!! “I would like to speak in terms of praise due to the many brave officers and soldiers who have fought in the cause of the war.” Abraham Lincoln Source July 7 1863

  • patty says:

    To the young educated black man who is basically saying if Vick doesn’t end up back in the NFL the country is in trouble give me a break. Personally if he pays his debt to society and works on being a better person I don’t care if he plays or not. But do not play down the seriousness of what he has done. I don’t care where you come from if you were born here you know that dogfighting is against the law. He knew it and he did not care. He is a typical young athlete white or black who lacks values and has too much money. He did not make a mistake he made decisions. Now he has to pay for those decisions plain and simple. I do feel for his family and his fans but more that anything as a dog lover and owner I feel for the animals he helped systematically torture.

  • James says:

    What Jamie said was on point. You pitiful peta people care more about animals than human life. So quick to raise hell about an animal life and can care less if a sex offender is let go and still harming people. America finally got them a high profile Black athelete. You couldn’t get OJ and we all know he killed that white girl you couldn’t get Michael Jackson for feeling on white kids and you couldn’t get Kobe for having sex with trailer trash. So you finally found something that would stick. Tell me this pitiful peta people when there is no one there to adopt these dangerous and deadly dogs why is it okay to put them to sleep? Isn’t that killing too? DUH! Mike should have trained Chickens Cockfighting and moved down to Louisiana where we white people are doing it BIG TYME! Pitiful People.

  • carol bise says:

    First the NAACP coming out and trying to softpedal the barbaric actions of Micahel Vick and now Jamie Foxx paradig his own ignorant and brutal thoughts on the subject of dogfighting. I will never watch another foxx movie. Like the bumpersticker says’the more humans I get to know the more I love my dog’.

  • Courtney says:

    Dear Twowrongsdontmakearight You seem to be misguided about what PETA stands for and PETA represents. You go off about how Peta is anti human yet you somehow forget that this is an animal advocacy group. Why aren’t you on a human rights organization’s tail about not condoning animal abuse even though we can all collectively agree it’s wrong? As a proud member of Peta I also do other volunteer work with Amnesty International and at my local food bank. I ask what have you done for your fellow human? And animal abuse IS a human rights issue. If anyone is an animal abuser I sure as hell don’t want them walking around on my streets if they apparently like picking on the weak. I’m sorry if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable that people feel the need to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • Melissa says:

    Whether you care about animals or not there is no reason to EVER EVER treat them in this manner. This was all inflicted by HUMANS for entertainment! I do not care what race that is not the point. Lovely lady Jamie Foxand all you people that are trying to make this sounds like no big deal. You would not think this if you were treated the way these dogs were. Imagine being beaten starved forced to fight. It is funny how people can become so defensive and selfish inless this was to happen to them. God help you all for being so selfish and make this about race!!! We will all be judged one day and animals are God’s creatures too for those of you that think us humans are so much better! During times like this we should all stick together and try to make things right! And Michael Vick and the rest that were involved need to be punished and then hopefully there is hope and prayer for them to become better people. I am a proud owner of a pit bull and she has never harmed anyone she is just happy to be loved!

  • observer says:

    anthony only animals that have been badly torn apart no hope for survival are euthanized through peta. 2wrongs you are stupid and a hypocrit!!!! outer actions give a pretty good idea of whats in a mans heart. hypocritical words give a pretty good idea of whats in a persons head. bullshit!!!!! where were you when the children in md were stuck eating paint??? where were you when the four college students were executed???? I would choose your pit over you any day ‘cuz I don’t like bullshitting stupid hypocrits!!!!

  • Terrell says:

    What Vick did was wrong and his punishment is coming. But now that PETA has made it’s present let’s see them go after everyone with the same equal attention. We are now watching Peta in the wake of this. Remember justice is for all and not for some. No sport should kill animal deer hunting birds ducketc. Let’s see what is yet to come.

  • Steve says:

    Are PETA members perfect or what? They just sit back and point fingers and never forgive anyone. Michael Vick is 1000 times more human than any PETA member. I support Michael Vick. PETA is a joke.

  • kathy says:

    lovely lady is way off base. what vick did is not a mistake. his actions are calculated to make money from the suffering and murder of innocent animals. get with it lovely lady.

  • Lisa says:

    I have always been for Peta as thought they saved lives. We have a nokill shelter where I live and many animals are matched and go to good homes. They do not just send the dogs or cats off to anybody…you have to come visit them first and get to know them.. However after reading many things about Peta I am thinking they save animals just to eliminate them. That is no solution. Granted some animals need to be put down as they are too far gone….But Peta is killing way too many. Peta you better come clean or you may find yourself to be the next lucky 7. If you care about these dogs you can ask the NFL Nike VIck’s and his cronies to fork over some bucks to care for these dogs you will look better in the publics eye than asking them to be euthanized. You are killing the heros of this whole mess. You are killing the Grand Champions that we are all rooting for. Come on Peta step up!! I do believe it would be in your best interest as many people support you and give donations. You may find yourself with Vick SACKED!! Please when you ask for these dogs to be saved please do it with more sincerity than Vick’s. Don’t do it to save face but do it from the heart….THE WORLD IS WATCHING!! His apology was worthless lacked substance…In fact the worst acting I have ever seen. We truly are not stupid people out here watching this.

  • Woofenstien says:

    Jamie Foxx is about as apple pie and talented as WalMart and Target and is actions are as tasty and rice and wheat gluten .. Pure crap! I’m just surprised that the almight Al Sharpton hasn’t come to Sick Vick’s rescue.

  • Francel De la Huerta says:

    Jamie Foxx Being such a talented actor it is really sad that you think that dogfighting is ok having the excuse that is a “cultural thing”. It may be a cultural thing because it happens and it is still happening reason why dogs die in this kind of “activities” for human enjoyment the problem is that YOU and other people justify this because you WANT to see it as something normal that should happen every day. Part of being human is understanding that some “cultural things” are all wrong and should be changed because they are not OK! Sorry but you have just lost a fan and believe me Ill start talking to whomever I can about your poor judgement and that the roles you play in the movies are totally different from the person acting them. I suggest you start playing roles that seem more appropriate for you and not people who are likeable persons because it is preeeetyyyy difficult to believe you in them right now. PS PR are NOT going to help at least wont change my mind about you. And another thing why do we always have to see issues as something racial? and why do we always have to think that in a matter of choosing human life is more precious? Life is life. Period. We are ALL living in the same world humans animals plants. Therefore we all have the right to live. The problem is that we humans think we are better than the the rest of the nature and that it is meant to be at our service BUT WE ARE PART OF NATURE and by not respecting it we are choosing to to hurt it. Animals DO FEEL PAIN the reason why we think it is ok to hurt them is because they are incapable of telling us “hey this is hurting me”. They cry in a different way by making loud noises when hurted but we CHOOSE not to pay attention to their cries as if they were meaningless. Guess that makes us humans cruel but definitely not better than the rest of nature.

  • Donny says:

    Just another stupid actor yet again playing the “race” card. Jamie stick to your craft and shut your stupid mouth. Every time an African American plays up the “poor Black upbringing” issue they set back race relations in this country by 50 years and damage their own cause. Get over it this has NOTHING to do with race you imbecile. Cruelty has no race boundries.

  • Don says:

    And just who cares what J Foxx has to think about this?? This just goes to show you that big stars like Foxx and Vick got poopoo for brains

  • Jill says:

    In response to the message below… Like hell I can’t pass judgement!! Vick is a murderer!! He made a mistake.. no sorry I can’t buy that for a second. Dogfighting is not a mistake but a choice! If I had the power the man would be in the gas chamber. JESUS DOES NOT AND WILL NOT FORGIVE HIM!!

  • Grace Whorton says:

    Now I will be sure to add Jamie Foxx to my list of “idiots in movies” to NOT see. What a stupid thing for him to say. Idiot!

  • lovely lady says:

    I never said that Michael Vick was not wrong for what he did. What I said was we are not in the position to pass judgement. Obviously you guy have forgotten that Jesus forgave Saul who is known in the bible as Paul. Paul was a brutal murderer of HUMANS might I add. Jesus saved him and made him one of his disciples after him repented. Paul went on to do great things for the Lord. Jesus has the power to change people. As Jesus would do let’s forgive and forget. The man is suffering for his transgressions. He has lost his job and fans. He has lost the trust of American people. What more can we ask. Put yourself in Michael Vick’s shoes. How would you feel if it were your son or daughter? Would your feelings change. People make mistakes. Let’s move on.

  • A pissed off pitbull says:

    This has nothing to do with Vick’s skin color. Tell a blind person what Vick did and lets see if he is judged any better. Playing the race card is a way of switching the victims around. The victim here isn’t Vick the victims are the dogs! Vick could be pink yellow brown purple blue red albino it doesn’t matter. I feel bad for African Americans because statements like Foxx’s stereotype everyone. And am I seeing things or is Lamon Brewster not African American? So bullshit bullshit!!! To those playing the race card stick it up your ass! Vick is a murderer no matter what his skin color is… and don’t insinuate this is a “cultural” thing when it isn’t… this is an evil twisted thing and that’s all there is to it.