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Jamie Foxx: Wrong on Vick

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007
Brittania/Creative Commons

There has been a lot of back and forth over the Vick case, but Jamie Foxx’s take on it is probably the most absurd I’ve heard yet. Foxx defended Vick in this story, because he thinks dogfighting is “a cultural thing.” Wow, one would think that someone talented enough to win an Oscar, and smart enough to parlay that into a $10 million per movie payday afterwards would know that this ain’t the time to run to the rescue of poor Mr. Vick, who is about to go down hard for straight up cruelty. Who will be next on Foxx’s list of downtrodden misunderstood abusers to defend, Pol Pot?

Anyway, here’s what PETA Prez Ingrid Newkirk had to say about Foxx’s comments, “Black leaders like Russell Simmons and Dennis Courtland Hayes, head of the NAACP would agree, as does PETA, that it is cheap and dirty and wrong to call this a cultural thing — unless Foxx believes that cruelty is a black thing when it isn’t. It may be his thing, but it is not a black thing. PETA encourages people to watch our anti-dogfighting PSA with world heavyweight boxer Lamon Brewster at”

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  • Mike says:

    To a Lovely Lady. What ever. You can not be taken seriously. There is a lot more that can be asked for the apology is not meant he got caught. We sure can pass judgement because what he admitted to is wrong and a cruel sick selfish act for his own pleasure. Only a fool could take that position or someone posting nonsense to stir up people with common sense.

  • Anonymous says:

    Has PETA foregotten about hunting! Why are they so quick to crucify a black athlete for dog fighting when everyday people hunt. When was the last time a first time offender for a crime of this magnitude did jail or prison time.

  • melanie says:

    wonder how many dog fights mr foxx has bet on or sponsored after all it is as HE says a black cultural thing

  • Let's get real says:

    2wrongsdontmakeitright is right on target. PETA please just say we care more about animals than people. I can’t believe that people are so outraged over this and yet I didn’t see this outrage over Katrina victims. What he did was wrong but the media and your self righteous group is treating him like a terroist. Are all members of PETA vegetarians?

  • shanna says:

    what culture says its okay to fight anything to the death?

  • Valerie says:

    This is for 2wrongs. This has to do with common empathy and knowing that killing and mutilating dogs is wrong. Vick was wrong and anyone that defends this prectice is wrong. To kill and torture another life and to get your jollies out of that is sick and inhumane. What part of that don’t you get? Also if you want to give your dog up for any human then that is probably better for the dog to find a nice family that will love it no matter what unlike you. Vick deserves a long prison sentence. And for Foxx to be so ignorant is shocking. I won’t be watching anymore of his movies.

  • kelly says:

    ” If Mike Vick isn’t allowed to play again Black America will tear this county apart…I promise.” Mike this is what you believe? And Jamie Foxx? This is what you threaten other races with? The Africans Americans I know would be appalled at your statement. It sounds like the mob.

  • E says:

    Wow that is the most idiotic thing I have heard. That is just as stupid as saying that slavery is a cultural thing. Dog fighting is wrong. Slavery is wrong. Why must these idiots open their mouths?

  • YouMustBeJoking says:

    An Open Letter to Jamie Foxx Dear Mr. Foxx You’re an idiot. Sincerely The World

  • jen kooner says:

    he just made himself look like the biggest idiot.

  • Crystal says:


  • Kenneth Graves says:

    To the people or humans who have hunted animals visited the zoo to view captured animals for the publics entertainment! Shoot dove and other birds of prey with their trusted companion labador retriever to make sure that once you brutally shoot him your partner in crime will finish of the kill. Isn’t it funny how this world can one minute agree on the capturing and splitting up families for sale of live human beings by any means necessary track down and kill those who preach for peace assasinate those who speak for equality for all can suddenly use the word CRUELTY. You can lie to yourself and how you determine who dies in humans and animals but you cannot hide from the lord who knows who you are. I do not condone what Mike Vick has been accused of because I have never fought a dog and have never HUNTED an animal either. The word CRUELTY does not mean what you feel is socially acceptable based on your entertainment purposes for you see that deer that hangs on your wall was birth in the world just as you were. That bird you shot came the same way as well. Yes Those who are accused of dog fighting were wrong! NOW let’s put those of you on the stands who are guilty of the exact same thing hunting and capturing of animals. And while were at it for your actions you may tell your boss that this should be your last day of work because you made a bad choice and should never be allowed to work againjust as you always seem to wish for when some athlete or entertainer makes a bad choice. Your salary should be repayed to your employer just as you have wish upon Mike Vick. Your TV shows that feature some of the best HUNTERS in the businessthe capture and cages you place these once heavenly creatures that God created were comfortable in their own habitat until you came along. Yes my fellow ANIMAL lovers Dogs aren’t the only animals on the planet. Also those of you who have children and relatives remember! Once they make a bad choice in life remember they should never be allowed to work again and should immediately repay their salary to their employer. CRUELTY to animals is not meant for animals that you have chosen as your pet just as humans are not to subjected to CRULELTY because they do not resemble us. In closingI pray for all of those who have looked and lived life based on what’s important and beneficial for yourselves. When you want to permenantly destroy someone’s career for making a bad choice in life STOP and ask yourself does their crime resemble any of yours.

  • Jose says:

    FK J. Foxx I was a huge fan of his… since his days in In Living Color… BUt after what I just read I can no longer support someone with such a F’d up out look on life!!!!

  • Tina says:

    ok Jamie is a fool. and guess what we should come down harder on him too. We need to look at whats in his back yard. Is he betting on or fighting pitbulls. Culture? Last time I checked pitbull fighting was not a huge sport in Africa it was soccer. I live in an area that alot of people own pits and some probably fight them. But within a block radius The pits are sweet. My son and me go on a walk everyday and pet one so sweet it breaks your heart. found out he’s moving..we will miss him. This is screwed up. Cultural? Ghetto maybe but not humanely.

  • Drew says:

    How can Mr. Foxx try to make excuses for this poor excuse of a human being? Is it a black thing now despite this horrific crime? This crime has no color barrier and I would be just as appalled no matter who committed this horrific crime. However irregardless of race culture religion or whatever dogfighting is a terribly cruel activity. What’s even more cruel is personally getting off by drowning electricuting or hanging a pet because they pissed you offtying the noose around it’s neck and watching his loyal eyes up at you as you end his lifeor sticking him with a probe that would surely cause pain and suffering or what’s more holding a beautiful creature under water as it fights for oxygen and then it go limp in your grubby hands. Sure that’ll teach your poor dog. I can’t even begin to comprehend how any good person can defend Mr. Vick’s actions in the slightest. I wouldn’t be associated with anyone who would do this to a beloved pet or any animal for that matter. I’d be on the phone with the cops in a minute. It is truly sick. I don’t know what loyalty Mr. Foxx has to Vick but if it’s brotherhood because he feels his black culture is being persecuted unfairly for whatever reason he decides wake up Mr. Foxx and decide if you want to associate with a truly horrible mean and sick person who has absolutely no value for the life and welfare of our beloved pets. Let’s hope Foxx at least wakes up to realize the magnitude of this crime. How can he ever look at another dog again and feel comfortable with his support of him. Obviously Foxx is not an animal lover and has no pets that he cares about. I have lost all respect for Jamie Foxx. This is one aspect about you that goes against everything I believe in and I will certainly not patronize any future film. Now that you’re a big star you could give a rat’s ass I’m sure.

  • ericka says:

    This is simply crazy with all the things we have happening to human beings rapes murders molesting kids all racists crimes that we have made this top priorty in the media. Where is PETA when you have crimes against human beings? I love dogs but I do not think that Michael Vick should go to jail for dogfighting.

  • anthony says:

    WOW!!! I can’t believe you all hold what Jamie Foxx says of all people to light and let it affect you. I think i read some of these comments more for comic relief than anything else. Look in the mirror and say “Jamie Foxx ruined my day today and I hate him going forward because he didn’t say what I liked.” Tears…

  • Susan says:

    I think he needs to learn that if you’re going to say something stupid dont say anything at all…

  • black~girl says:

    I completly dissagree with “vegan4animals” I’m sure Vick is a young educated and WAS a succesful black man and he STILL made the choice to do what he did. And every other youngsuccesfuleducated young black men has got caught with there paints downand yesgot off by the skin of their teeth. When did you think someone was not going to be made an example of? And Mr. Vick is that man. What he was doing was wrong be it BLACK OR WHITE.!!!! Socity make’s it a racial issue and by your comment you are to. To me you sound like an angry black man who is upset cause ANOTHER black man got caught!!!! Who cares if Mr. Vick lost millionsnow he need’s to donate the rest to stopping the dogfighting ring’s. And he should have thought about his family before he killed helpless dog’s. As far as his sentence goeshe should get the maximumthose dog’s didn’t get a choice in their sentence.And just incase you have not noticeda white man has already torn apart this country!!!!

  • James says:

    So you don’t think dogfighting would be a cultural thing huh… Would you consider Bullfighting a cultural thing? How about cockfighting??? Of course they are cultural!!! You see bullfights outside of spain and latin america???? or cock fights outside of Asia??? Think before you criticize

  • Chyllene says:

    I just wanted to say. That no one is able to voice an opinion about anything anymore without a fear of PETA NAACP or the likes from coming out of the wood works to destroy the life of the comment maker. Everyone is upset over what Michael Vick has done but you are very naive to believe that this is not something that happens everyday all over the country. There is dog fighting chicken fighting and people fighting. I am not going to make a comment on right or wrong. Just the fact that it happens. And as much as you are upset about it things are not likely to change anytime soon. People have opinions and should be free to voice them as long as it does not incite violence or harm. Feel free to say what you like about my post because I believe in free speech.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mike yeah right! anymore prophetic bs?

  • andimal23 says:

    vegan4animals are you crazy? “And for the record this has become a black and white thing and anyone who denies that is living is lala land!” This has NOTHING to do with Michael Vick being black white or purple…it has nothing to do with being male or female…it has nothing to do with being rich or poor…it has everything to do with a HUMAN BEING starving animals beating them and taking their lives for FUN for SPORT for MONEY MAKING for ENTERTAINMENT. I don’t care that Michael Vick is black and I don’t care that he is a celebrity. If my own mother did the things that he has done I would expect her to receive the same punishment. Actually because of his celebrity status he got off easy. Any Jane or John Doe in this country would have received the maximum fines and the maximum sentence for such henious acts. It has nothing to do with being black so get off your “young educated and successful” high horse and go learn something about humanity compassion and taking care of our earth and God’s creatures.

  • 2wrongsdontmakearight says:

    you people are CRAZY. When did animal life become more precious then human life.the signs outside the court house are sicken And to say that it was not a mistake is absurbd. a mistake is not a one time thing.Who are any of you to say what is in that mans heart. How is he any more of a montster then some of you people who hurt HUMANS for wearing a fur coat. I do not agree with any type of animal cruelty. But YOU people are rallying behind animals and not a human life. Where were you when the children in MD were stuck eating paint of the four college students were murdered. NOWHERE because to you your beloved pet means more then those poor souls. I know that this will touch you people the wrong way. BUT I WOULD NEVER PUT MAN OVER BEAST. And yes I have a pit bull I love him dearly and consider him one of the family but if I had to make a choice between my pet and ANY human life. Than I would kiss him good by and choose the human.

  • Anthony says:

    O.o You know what strikes me about this whole ordeal is the hypocrisies that follow it. Am I mad about the death of the animals or the act of dogfighting? Regardless on how you feel about dogfighting or Vick I’m sure we can all agree killing animals is wrong. And to this point I would like to ask PETA to stop killing animals. Over 10000. I would like to ask Ingrid Newkirk to seek forgiveness for the thousands of animals she personally killed. I would also like to ask that she do what she said she could. Make Peta a no kill shelter. The only reason it is not is because of money. I would rather have one less ad campaign than one more dead animal.

  • influence14 says:

    First of all Foxx’s statements are being taken out of context because if you look at it it is mostly young black men partipating in this sport. Second of all if Peta were so outspoken for the ethical treatment of humans then they really would stand for something!

  • Barbara Boyd says:

    Maybe peta should check out Foxx’s palace? Sounds like he supports this inhuman dog fighting. Vicks knows right from wrong. Dog Fighting is just wrong!

  • Anonymous says:

    lady A mistake is stealing a lipstick Vick tortured and killed the dogs with no compunction. Vick did not ask for forgiveness for torturing and killing many dogs in the pit the other dogs used in training as well as the cats kittens rabbits also used in training. Jesus also said “Blessed are the merciful…” Vick was not at all merciful to these dogs and other creatures. Vick is only sorry that he could not continue with his dogfighting and that he is losing money and fame. He is not sorry about anything least of all the creatures he so barbarically used and killed. So interesting that his supporters at the court today all got on the GodJesus bandwagon now everyone is yelling forgiveness. Easy to say that now if he hadn’t been caught with dog fighting he would still be doing it. And all of the Vick supporters would still be there making excuses for his horrible actions. How many would you like a convicted murderer to say to you “I made a mistake when I killed your family member”. Killing is not a mistake it is a horrible immoral crime.

  • Tamara says:

    You go nan! You hit the nail on the head!!! BTW I totally look at Jamie Foxx in a different light now…and probably will not go see any movies he is in…sorry I saw “Dreamgirls” now…thanks alot asshole for being stupid…”Dreamgirls was one of my favorite movies and you’ve totally ruined it for me…

  • Lou Ann Nodine says:

    I will have to disagree with the lovely lady. This was not a harmless mistake. This was the torture and murder of helpless animals. When we have a phycopath in our mist it’s a bad idea to just turn the other cheek. Jesus may forgive this monster but I sure won’t. By the way isn’t it something how criminals always seem to find Jesus only after they have raped murdered and pillaged the innocent.

  • Erica says:

    This pathetic loser was just X’ed from my book. I will never watch another movie or show with him in it. I hope his career sufferes deeply for his uneducated words.

  • Curious says:

    I always thought Foxx was a great actor but now i don’t care about him.

  • kelly says:

    Nan Mclain is completely right. Some people in this country call slavery a “cultural” thing. Others say that beating women and children are “cultural” things. Does that make them right? Heck no! “Cultural” is being used as an excuse by criminals thugs and losers to advance the notion that they can commit crimes. But then Jamie Foxx is a pretty disreputable figure any way.

  • mackinnga says:

    and who exactly has went to jail for slavery? who has paid for those crimes?

  • Angel says:

    Vick simply apologized because that is what people wanted to hear. He did not make a mistake he knew what he was doing and what was happening to those animals and still chose to do it.

  • Mike says:

    As a young black educated and succesful male I agree with Mr. Foxx. He’s not saying what Mike did was right he’s saying that Mike should have realized that’s he’s now a targeted BLACK superstar and his actions are now under a microscope and because of that he needs to be more careful in his actions and his choice of friends! Mike Vick just lost over a 100 million dollars not to mention the fact that he might serve a year in jail…. What more do you people want this man has a family to look after! If you take that away from him what point does that serve? He’s not gonna get a slap on the wrist let the punishment fit the crime and that’s it! If Mike Vick isn’t allowed to play again Black America will tear this county apart…I promise. And for the record this has become a black and white thing and anyone who denies that is living is lala land!

  • vegan4animals says:

    Jamie Foxx needs to shut the hell up. I just lost respect for him. His statement makes it appear that black culture is cruel to animals and that is damning to all blacks. It’s a racist statement. No black culture is not cruel to animals. Thugs and sadistic scum like Mike Vick are. Culture is NOT an excuse for cruelty. Never has been never will be.

  • Patriot for freedom says:

    Ok this is what I don’t understand. I’ve looked all around this website and I wonder why the members of PETA think we all should not eat animals? I don’t remeber peta being like this with the Vice President or with the NRA. And then you here the comments from peta supporters like “Vick needs more that what the courts give him”. How does peta come of being soooooo perfect. All I can say is look out peta your day is coming…

  • Andrea says:

    To lovely lady There is bad judgment and then there is Vick’s judgment. My bad judgment has never killed anyone!!! My bad judgment has never caused death to any creature! Get over it? He murdered living creatures!!! In a horrific way!!! Destroyed the lives of approx. 60 dogs by having them dog fight! These dogs will most likely be euthanized because of this monster’s actions! Get over it? I don’t think so! Vick isn’t sorry about anything but getting caught and losing $ over this! Someone that does this for 6 years is twisted in the inside this type of action goes to the core of WHO he is! He didn’t smoke pot he KILLED!!!! Get over it? I don’t even know what a person with that kind of mentality is doing on PETA blogs. Pulling the “I found Jesus” card so typical… there is no redeeming Michael Vick… those dogs never had a chance to a decent loving life they were brought into this world to fight and were killed. Thos dogs never had a chance so why should Vick get a “second” chance? And no I’m not comparing a dog to a human not to Vick at least a dog is much better than a monster like Vick. And we can ask for much much more harder sentencing more funding for dogfighting operations more funding to rehabilitate dogs victim of such abuse… there is a lot more we can ask. Even if Vick gets the hardest sentence available nothing will ever bring back those poor precious dogs.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    To A lovely lady Sure we have all done wrong but have we all broken the law? Just because he pretends to be contrite should we should act as if nothing happened? The rapist the murderer the child molester can also act repentant. Should they be let off the hook? If noone can “cast a stone” then ALL criminals should be allowed to roam free. We have laws and Vick broke some of them. Now he has to pay the price.

  • Karen says:

    2+25. That’s a mistake. Torture and killing? Not a mistake. Furthermore this involved purchase of property building of kennels purchase of animals. Training them to be violently agressive fighting them torturing them killing them…. “I made A mistake” ??? Please!

  • Karen says:

    Jamie Foxx…what a moron! I’m glad I got to see ‘Ray’ when it came out because I won’t be going to any more Foxx movies. He’s lost a fan. Ingrid Newkirk put it best when she said Cruelty is not a black thing. As for “cultural” in its purest sense…yes….there is a culture of depraved cruelty. There is and always will be. They prey on children and animals… We hunt those people down and try them for their crimes. Then we jail them or we execute them. Oh he’s acting out a culture alright.

  • shannon says:

    One correctionVick didn’t make a MISTAKE he made a CHOICE. Big difference there!!

  • anti-sean says:

    Alovelylady as is common when people violate standards of moral decency and commit such crimes the public will speak out against these actions and condemn the person. This isn’t people crying over spilled soymilk it’s people reacting to a sizable criminal enterprise the leader of which has just publicly announced his guilt and admitted to previously lying to the public his fans and law enforcement about killing several of “man’s best friend.” While it would be nice to exercise perfect passivity in this case and emulate the perfection of Jesus the admitted criminal must be publicly shamed to prevent recurrence of his crime recidivation. I would much rather seem deservedly harsh on this person than not come across as harsh on the practice of killing domesticated animals.

  • nan mcclain says:

    You know I come from the South where slaves and racism were “cultural things”. Do I condone them. No!!!!!Should Jamie Foxx use this as an excuse for the terror and torture that dogs went through? No! After all it wasn’t too very long ago that my relatives were hanging his relatives. Does that make it right? No! Wake up Jamie there is NO excuse! Unless of course you believe that slavery was excusable.

  • Cynthia says:

    When I hear the words “cultural” I don’t necessarily think black. It could mean subcultural i.e. southern or georgian or bostonian…this is not about race it’s about a choice bad one at that that this guy made.

  • Maureen says:

    Jamie Foxx is a great actor but as far as these comments go he lost a once in a lifetime opportunity to keep his mouth shut!

  • A lovely lady says:

    I think we all need to take a chill pill. None of us are in the position to pass judgement on Michael Vick. The man made a mistake. Get over it. We all have used bad judgement and done wrong in life. Let’s forgive as Jesus would do. He has apologized for his wrongdoing. What more can we ask for.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Bullshit rationalization by Foxx. Vick is crying crocodile tears and kissing judicial ass now. He would still be dogfighting if he hadn’t been caught. Just hope the judge isn’t susceptible to his calculated and insincere groveling.

  • keith says:

    Jamie Foxx has got his brains in his arse. and act he is just a steotype.