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Terror at 30,000 Feet: No, This Isn’t an ‘American Horror Story’ Script

Written by Alisa Mullins | April 28, 2014

Fitting his 6-foot-7-inch frame into a shipping crate, American Horror Story star James Cromwell led a spirited PETA protest at the Air France international terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. The protesters were demanding that Air France join every other major airline in the world and stop transporting intelligent, social primates to laboratories, where they are tortured—sometimes for decades—before being killed.

James Cromwell at LAX Air France Demo

“The real horror story is the pain and terror of the monkeys in Air France’s cargo holds beneath the feet of unsuspecting passengers,” said Cromwell, who also recently protested cruel experiments on cats at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. “My friends at PETA and I are telling Air France that cruelty shouldn’t fly and that the airline needs to join the rest of the industry in refusing to deliver primates to their deaths in laboratories.”

After China Southern Airlines agreed to stop shipping primates for use in experiments last month, Air France became the only major airline in the world that still ships terrified monkeys to laboratories, where they’re confined to cramped cages, poisoned with drugs and chemicals, infected with diseases, intentionally injured, deprived of food and water, and ultimately killed.

James Cromwell Air France Demo at LAX

Some of these animals come from squalid monkey farms, while others are torn away from their homes and families in the wild. The primates are crammed into small wooden crates and transported inside dark cargo holds for nearly 30 hours before they reach their final—and deadly—destination. Air France shipped at least 5,500 monkeys to U.S. laboratories in 2013.

What You Can Do

Please tell Air France that you won’t set foot on one of its flights as long as it makes primates’ lives misérable.

Stop Air France

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  • Carol Dw says:

    Air France AL, Really? Is making money SO IMPORTANT to you and your stockholders?
    Smame on all of you!!

  • Carmel Gagne says:

    What in the name of God are you people made of, torturing poor innocent animals, who gives you the right to do this, it’s horrific, I cannot believe you let this happen. Something is definitely wrong with this world when such atrocities like this still exist. Please think about it, animals can feel pain just like you and me.

  • Wendy says:

    Air France, shame on you. Stop the torture!

  • Anne says:

    Stop the animal cruelty now Air France!! How can you stand by and let animals be mistreated and murdered! Sickening!

    Read more:

  • Samantha says:

    Stop the animal cruelty now Air France!! How can you stand by and let animals be mistreated and murdered! Sickening!

  • This example of Air France shows that some people are ready to do anything for money, but they must realise that gaining it due to others suffering will do more bad to them than good. God will ensure that.

  • Ashie says:

    Air France, stop this animal cruelty!!!

  • Air France boycotted until they change this for real!

  • Johann Kilianowitsch says:

    Air France? Absolute NO GO! There are many other airlines to pic!

  • Good for him, I am all for this the BRUTAL ACTS inflicted on these animals in these laboratories, is appalling evil wicked and cruel AIR FRANCE stop sending animals to horrific deaths to the hands of these SADISTS.

  • Marilyn says:

    No flying with Air France as long as they promote animal cruelty.

  • Louise says:


  • Adeline says:

    Stop au massacre. Des méthodes alternatives existent. Je souhaite que vous ne contribuiez plus a ce trafic d’animaux. S’il vous plait !!!

  • Gayle Brady says:

    I want to be just a little more personal about this matter, because this is very personal to me! For all of you CEOS and employes at Air France who have pets that are like a member of your family, think long about this….how would you feel if you found out that some inhuman person had stolen that animal pet away from you or your family and had slowly and methodically tortured your pet friend before they killed it or let it eventually die from the torture!! As I am typing this my eyes fill with tears, “NO ONE”, not human nor animal should have to endure torture and pain like what these animals go through over and over again. Especially when each one of us has it in our power to make a decision that can stop this. If this cruelty were outlawed they would be forced to find and use humane ways to make their products. SURELY BY NOW WE KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT WHAT HURTS US AND WHAT DOESN’T!!!!

  • christine hornecker says:

    J’ai décidé depuis un bon moment de BOYCOTER Air France ! AIR FRANCE = AIR SOUFFRANCE !!!!
    Plus jaais je ne prendrai cette Cie indigne!!!!

  • Meredith Knight says:

    I will boycott Air Franc and URGE others to do so to. PLEASE SAY NO TRANSPORTING ANIMALS TO HELL.

  • Kathleen Colley says:

    AirFrance is a disgusting and uncivilised airline with no scruples or morals. We shall never fly from Aussie to Europe with them again.

  • Parker Wood says:

    I will not fly air France as long as they ship primates and make their lives miserable.

  • Beverley Covert says:

    Will not fly Air France. Shame on you.

  • Kurt Allen says:

    Keep up this very important and deeply critical call to action. Thank you to all who serve to protect animals of all species and varieties…

  • mic says:

    I will never , ever step foot on air france flights!!!!!!!!!!!! Until you stop shipping animals to their labs/torture/deaths. Please stopppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Hugo Monteiro says:

    I will not fly with Air France until they stop shipping these poor creatures.

  • Ian Hoggan says:

    Animals of the world UNITE!!!!! Hopefully we’ll drag the human race into the 21st century, but it can’t come soon enough for me. To all us vegans on the planet. GOOD ON YA!!!!!

  • Jill Oleszko says:

    I travel on many airlines but won’t touch Air France – if it’s the only carrier that goes to my destination then I simply wont go – end of!

  • Mary Anderson. says:

    I will never fly Air France until this cruelty stops. Wake up Board Directors and Shareholders, this archaic, evil practice is costing you all precious dividends. You may not care about the animals like some of us but you no doubt care about your pockets, so even if you are heartless enough not to have compassion for our fellow sentient beings, surely that must hurt. Well done to John Walpole and all others who have actively made a stand! I applaud you.

  • damidaux says:

    signer pour que ces horreurs s arretent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Martha Sanz-Degerth says:

    I used to fly with Air France/KLM, but since it continues shipping terrified monkeys to their death in laboratories, I will not fly with them again. Please!! stop this cruelty!!!!

  • Claudia says:

    Air France, please show you are human beings! I hope you loose countless passengers if you don’t stop participating in this horrifying business!

  • Elizabeth Melican says:

    I am in France now. I flew with another airline. Air France, this is disgracefiul. It’s time to join the rest of civilisation in the 21 st century and stop this barbaric cruelty.

  • Sonia says:

    Shame on air france… some would do literallly anything for money, totally forgotten that a human being should be compassionate

  • Maria Silva says:

    Stop it !!! They have feelings too !!! Put yourself in their place !!! They deserve to live and have decent life !!! I wish all of you went through all the pain and suffering like they did !!!!


  • Evelyn Dow says:

    I do not fly air France for these reasons. They need to reform their practices as regarding animals being transported.

  • Rosana says:

    Please James Cromwell help to stop this CRUELTY: Tens of millions of animals are slaughtered and butchered in China each year. Animal fur is in high demand, and the Chinese deliver. What does not get exported outside of China usually ends up on a dinner plate The sad fact is that the animals suffer horrendous torture. They are captured on the streets, and packed by the dozens into small cages, without ability to move. They are then tossed like inanimate objects from the trucks, onto the ground, hitting each other and the steel cages. These cages are later stacked, and the real nightmare begins. The animal is brutally pulled out of the cage, and tied to prevent resistance. It is lightly stunned by a blow on the head, but still alive. If the animal is not heavy, the worker holds it by its hind legs, waves it in the air and then bashes its head against the ground. Once the animal is subdued, a new and incomprehensible stage in this ongoing nightmare begins. The worker cuts a tiny incision in the animal’s rear, and then methodically peels away the skin. This skinning process takes about a minute, during which the worker actively keeps the animal alive, as it is believed that it is easier to skin the animal while it is still warm and blood flows through its veins. The nightmare does not end here. The final stage in this unbelievable horror is when the animal is tossed aside, and slowly, amidst a heap of its dying friends, it perishes as it is no longer able to withstand the pain. In other cases, when the animal’s fur is not needed (mostly with cats), the animals are put in a sack, and are then cooked alive in a barrel of boiling water.

    We shouldn’t just turn our backs and pretend this isn’t happening to cats and dogs in china and asian countries.
    Some people have the attitude that we kill Pigs,cows and chickens and so we shouldn’t judge them for eating cats and dogs! The animals we eat are bred to be eaten and because of our laws are killed in a humane way.Dogs and cats are not bred to be skinned alive for their fur and boiled alive to be eaten.We must put a stop to this.

    You as an actor, you are famous, so you have more power than me! Please, I beg you!!!

  • luana says:

    Bad, bad choise to ship monkeys to labs Air France….change mentality please !

  • Donna says:

    Now that I am privy of this information, I will not choose Air France in my future flight plans

  • Lea Buijsse says:

    I will not fly with Air France. There are principals in live that we need to have and must show.

  • I’m never flying Air France again. So sad.

  • Sarah chandler says:

    I’ll never fly with air France again

  • Zeli says:

    So disappointed on how cruel an airline like air France can be. They need to stop

  • ads says:

    Never air france for me till the stop this cruelty.

  • Kelly says:

    I just love James Cromwell!!!!

  • I just cancelled my Air France flight and switched it to British Airways. Can you publish the most animal friendly airline so we know who to move our business to?

  • klara says:

    Air France better give in, this is totally unacceptable, these animals are not on this earth to be used as experiments they are our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, if this doesn’t change after all other airlines have i don’t know what they are thinking in their corrupt minds. shame on you air france.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Shame on Air France for not following the compassionate examples of other airlines that have refused to transport animals to laboratories to be tortured and killed.

    Kudos to James Cromwell! He seems to be an amazing person and animal rights activist!!

  • Nan Newall says:

    Air France should join the 21st century and not partake in such a heinous act, which is nothing short of terrorism against primates.

  • Loes Walsteijn says:

    Tourists should avoid carriage tours in busy stinking towns.

  • Julie says:

    I love all the love we are putting together to set this change in motion. “may all being be free from suffering..”

  • Hare Fratsheid says:

    Animals have a different DNA than humans, dogs won’t get sick from the same spider bite while for human deadly. So this is not only real sadism and barbarism, but also a totally waste of money. Animal testing is beyond disgusting. This evil must stop!

  • eddy says:

    I was a loyal “flying blue” air france/klm customer…no more…I just returned my airmiles card after donating my remaining air miles to a good cause….never will I fly air france/klm again…..