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Jailed Terrorist Suspect Will Only Eat Meat

Written by PETA | January 25, 2010

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Behold: a visit from Captain Obvious. As if the world needed another example of the proven link between violence against animals and violence against humans, Ghulam Rasool Khan—a suspected al-Qaida member jailed in India—refuses to eat the vegetarian food served to him, instead demanding “two kg of mutton and one kg of chicken daily.”

Khan has threatened to go on a hunger strike if he doesn’t get his carcasses. But if PETA India’s recent request that all jails serve only vegetarian meals is honored, then the bloodthirsty terrorist will be starving himself indefinitely.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Sher afzal says:

    Why is it then that I made an arguement on another site that murderers terrorists should have no human rights as the take away the right of another human being to live. I was told by every member I was a stereotype? Why dont people get it that if someone acts a hero for what ever reason taking life should be prepared for the outcome. Does this make me stereotype demented?

  • Eric Smith says:

    Randy I am unable to locate that part of the US Constitution which gives the government any power to grant privileges to the people. Perhaps you can enlighten me. The DMV also seems confused about this. What I can find though is the Ninth Amendment “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” In other words the fact that the constitution does not enumerate a right to choose one’s own diet doesn’t mean that such a right doesn’t exist or that the government can arbitrarily take away that right from a suspect. The US Constitution has nothing whatsoever to do with India though so I don’t see why it is even being discussed here.

  • ravi says:

    jade your comparison is a little unfair. it’s like saying a person who can’t smoke cigarettes is imposing their views on someone who is addicted to cigarettes. if i offered a meat eater a cheese pizza they could easily eat it. but if a meat eater offered flesh to me a hindu whose religion requires him to eat vegetarian i’d have to refuse it. in this instance the prisoner’s religion does not forbid him to eat vegetables. it’s not written in the quran that allah commands him to eat mutton and that veggies and rice are not halal. second india is a developing country. meat costs more what he’s asking for is a lot more costly to the prison than serving some lentils rice wheat flour bread or veggies. imagine a US inmate demanding caviar. that’s not the same thing as a hindu asking for a cheap vegetarian meal. if prisons provided veg meals they’d save on costs.

  • Kurt K says:

    Laurin I guess we should set up a criminal court for all the predatory animals in the world. We could get a CSI team on all the “murder” cases. I guess I will be more vigilant and report all the animals that murder other animals. Then we can put them to death like you suggested. The lions and tigers and bears will recieve justice.

  • Laurin says:

    All prisoners should be fed a pure vegetarian diet. Meat eaters are omnivores. That means they eat meat and vegetarian objects. A human can not live off of pure meat. This prisoner eats vegetarian all of the time. He can stave in jail. In fact that it exactly what he deserves. What gives him the right to live when he supports the murder of animals. I believe one mans life is worth one life. If you stop another creatures life your life should end as well. This is why murderers can be put to death by law. It is sad and unjust that not every human being is a vegetarian. Humans are scientifically considered “animals”. So why do we have the right to choose what animals are ours to slaughter and abuse. It is illegal to kill human “animals” but not a soul even cries for millions of cows pigs and chickens who are murdered. Majority of human kind is truly cruel.

  • cindy norris says:

    perfect. I fully support the jails being all vegetarian!!!!

  • anne says:

    lets not forget why he is in prison he is prepared to kill and maim innocent people treat him with the contempt he deserves let him starve he wants to be a martyr anyway do we really want killers like him in the world? i say let him starve and good riddance

  • Linda says:

    If he’s a prisoner he’ll eat what he’s given if not let him starve! Demanding what he wants to eat is unheard of. No meat is healtier anyway he has NO rights. Let him starve!!

  • Carlos says:

    Whether you are free or in jail please don’t eat meat.This person should not eat meat my roommate did almost the same he ate 2 kg of buffalo wings in one mealbut he noticed “some” changes in his body at his 23 years of age. He stopped his unhealthy and cruel promoting diet.

  • Robert Palmer says:

    Human rights are universal and should be respected everywhere even inside a jail. This was established via the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Convention on Human Rights. Prisoners should not be abused or tortured or mistreated. I realize most prisoners are mistreated however it is not right or legal to abuse others. Allowing a prisoner to have a vegetarian or a meat meal could be a humnan right if it is related to religious beliefs or medical needs however even without these factors it would not be unreasonable to offer some variations of the food served. That just seems humane to me.

  • Kristine says:

    WoW this was the most complicated debate I’ve ever come across in a thread. But yet so simple I like Jade and I understood her perfectly. By way of debate I enjoyed the well written english language putting another to their shame. Even though it truly was pretencious. LOL

  • Andrew says:

    We all agree that the consumption of carcasses is abhorrent but to demand 2 kg of mutton and 1 kg of chicken per meal means this person would eat 6lbs of animal flesh at one sitting that is truly gross. As a prisoner he does have rights if he does not like vegetarian food he has the right to starve himself to death. The prison furnishes food and as someone pointed out in another post it is not a four star hotel. He will probably come out of prison in much better health on a vegetarian diet.

  • smaro says:

    wait… he is just a suspect and already in jail?? in my country they have to prove you are guilty before they put you in jail…

  • Randy says:

    Senor VC Gosh again you’re somehow confused. I’ve already said that 1. Prisoners have some rights 2. One right is not to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment 3. Cruel and unusual punishment has no set definition and as such would be considered on a casebycase basis in court. So how does repeating what I’ve already told you change the fact that prisoners’ OTHER rights are restricted? It doesn’t right? you admitted so yourself in a previous post. How does cruel and unusual punishment have any bearing on whether a prisoner can demand special food not on the menu at a prison? You’ve yet to tie the two things together despite repeatedly babbling that cruel and unusual punishment’s interpretability somehow disproves a point I’ve made which you STILL have failed to identify. If you consider it as Jade has saidthat not giving vegan food to a vegan is cruel and unusual punishment then I agree with Jadeit wouldn’t fly in court. You’d have to cater to everyone’s dietary peculiarities.

  • jade says:

    vegancoin “prisoners do have rights there is no way around it. i suggest you do some research before regurgitating your confused pointless and malicious distortions here. and defining “cruel and unusual punishment” is not nitpicking it is an essential part of the legal process.” The ONLY rights they have are to not be treated like some of those prisoners were at Gitmo the nude pyramids or defamation of character. And other rights such as exercise outdoors and such can be taken away for infractions. What is NOT cruel and unusual punishment? giving people a diet that everyone in the system eats. It’s a choice to eat it or not if they were FORCE FED against their will that’s cruel and unusual punishment. In conclusion Cruel and unusual punishment nude pyramids torture not defined by the laws of this land beatings for stealing extra food. What is NOT cruel and unusual punishment denying a vegetarian’s demands of a vegetarian meal denying an omnivore’s demand of having meat included in a vegetarian diet. Please don’t be such a buffoon as to assume that being denied the right or even privilege of having a vegetarian meal is cruel and unusual punishment. It’s NOT cruel and usual punishment if you don’t like it don’t commit the crime.

  • vegancoin says:

    jade ‘n ralph prisoners do have rights there is no way around it. i suggest you do some research before regurgitating your confused pointless and malicious distortions here. and defining “cruel and unusual punishment” is not nitpicking it is an essential part of the legal process. “Under the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution individuals convicted of a crime have the right to be free of “cruel and unusual” punishment while in jail or prison. This means that after a criminal defendant is convicted and sentenced the Constitution still acts to guarantee his or her fundamental rights concerning conditions of confinement and treatment by corrections personnel. Inmates’ Eighth Amendment challenges to punishment and confinement conditions are typically brought in connection with federal civil rights laws including 42 U.S. Code Section 1983 and the Prison Litigation Reform Act. What is “Cruel and Unusual” Punishment? No universal definition exists but any punishment that is clearly inhumane or that violates basic human dignity may be deemed “cruel and unusual.”… source httpcriminal.findlaw.comcrimescriminalrightscruelunusualpunishment

  • Randy says:

    Vegancoin said “but for you to make the blanket assertion that all prisoners have committed a crime…” I never asserted or implied this. Wouldn’t the multiple instances where I stated sometimes INNOCENTS are EXECUTED contradict this interpretation? Once more learn to read. You also claim I asserted that “prisoners are treated fairly and that the criminal justice system is practically flawless” Again I never asserted any such thing. I never gave an opinion on whether I thought the prison treatment was ‘fair’and I’m pretty sure pointing out that innocent people are imprisoned contradicts your ludicrous accusation that I think prisons are ‘flawless’. Please continue to dream up arguments you think I’m making. It’s beginning to get kind of fun guessing what random accusation you’ll make next. “it depends on how one defines cruel and unusual punishment.” I’m not sure why you’re nitpicking thisI never used it to support any argument. I just gave it as an example of a right prisoners actually do legally have. Of course it’s up to interpretation. That’s exactly why I haven’t used it’s application to support any points. Here since you think it’s such a shoddy argument identify the argument I made using the existence of the right to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment as support and point out how the interpretability of the law affects the logic of the argument. Good luck. Imaginary arguments you dream I’ve made don’t count. You mentioned “prisoners legal rights are limited while incarcerated” TADA!!! That’s the only thing I’ve been trying to get you to understand the whole time. Innocent or not. Fair or not. Prisoners’ rights are limited in prison! I don’t know of any prison system that doesn’t limit rightsand thus here and in most places the jail sets the menu and prisoners with limited rights have no ‘right’ to demand special diets unless it violates a right which they retain in prison.

  • jade says:

    Vegancoin “but for you to make the blanket assertion that all prisoners have committed a crime and deserve to be “punished”” If they are in jail they are either arrested under suspicions of an event or have committed a crime. If they are exhonorated they leave the prison if not they stay in it. Regardless the time they are in the prison they must follow what is done in the prison therefore their “rights” are suspended. They also love the privilege and “right” to demand they eat only a certain type of meal. Seriously it’s just like this If it’s a vegetarian being denied a vegetarian meal you’d be in an uproar on prisons giving “cruel and unusual punishment” but if it’s an omnivore demanding meat it’s “You’re getting punished you deserve this” I’m sorry the vegetarian can’t get a vegetarian meal and it’s not “Cruel and unusual punishment” if they don’t as they are still being served a meal. Nor is it cruel and unusual punishment for an omnivore to be denied meat they’re still getting nutrition. Unfortunately people’s ideas on this are going the way of the dodo bird and what’s sad is the definition of what a prison truly is has gone from punishment to prisoners getting better treatment than those of us who are free. That’s where you need to think about it if you do the crime you do the time and without the luxuries of ordering what you want to eat.

  • vegancoin says:

    Randy come on my dear man it depends on how one defines cruel and unusual punishment. i’m sure i can find some madcrazy examples… besides i don’t believe the point of this blog entry was to debate constitutional law and prisoners rights. prisoners legal rights are limited while incarcerated but for you to make the blanket assertion that all prisoners have committed a crime and deserve to be “punished” are treated fairly and that the criminal justice system is practically flawless is just plain foolish and arbitary nonsense.

  • Taxpayer says:

    Who does this guy the terrorist think he is hurting by refusing to eat a veggie meal? In prison they serve you a meal. If he dosen’t like what’s on the meal he dosen’t have to eat. He will either get tired of not eating or starve to death but I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

  • Randy says:

    Vegancoin said “but in my mind it is a stretch to connect innocent prisoner that were wrongfully executed with all prisoners must eat meat because they don’t have any rights” I did not draw this connectionthat’s your misunderstanding. You refused to admit that prisoners have their rights taken away and the death penalty is a clearcut example that can be interpreted in no other way. Second I never said they must eat meatthat’s your assumption. If they are served Hamburger Helper and a potato they are free to not eat the meat but they have no guaranteed right to demand a special vegetarian meal ie. Jailcook make me Quinoa Helper instead!. Even detained immigrants who technically aren’t true criminals aren’t allowed to determine food options while in detention but they can pay to get better meal options. It seems that perhaps you think that people here are arguing about whether or not prisoners SHOULD have certain rights as opposed to whether they DO have rights. SHOULD they be able to demand vegetarian meals? Who knows? Are they legally entitled to vegetarian foods? No. Just look at any article touting ‘vegetarianfriendly’ prisons and you’ll find a wealth of prisons that refuse to cater to vegetarians just as the Indian prison refuses to cater to the ubermeateater. PS. How exactly does you agreeing that the right to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment existing in the Constitution makes my conclusions incorrect? Do you even know how to make a point? What exactly is this bandwagon fallacy you speak of? You continuously accuse me of making illogical conclusions but rarely bother to say what those conclusions are. What the hell are you smokin’ anyway?

  • vegancoin says:

    Randy then we both agree that justice isn’t served here in america that the crimal justice system is dysfunctional. there are many issues here but in my mind it is a stretch to connect innocent prisoner that were wrongfully executed with all prisoners must eat meat because they don’t have any rights. bogus my man. “The only right I’m aware of that’s guaranteed to all classes of prisoners is the right to not be subjected to ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment.” as outlined by the constitution i believe it. that is why i question your vapid and unbelievably dense conclusions and twisty logic. you are once again promoting the logically incorrect and completely erroneous bandwagon fallacy.

  • Jade says:

    Cathy if that were the case then there was no reason to post this story up to begin with really. The prison itself gives vegetarian meals. The only reason it’s any “news” worthy is the prisoner’s demands which are being denied anyway due to the fact that the prison is indeed giving him only vegetarian meals. I haven’t lost focus my issue with it is that people are trying to say that it’s a right for vegetarians to have a vegetarian meal no matter what the prison serves. That said like this alQaida suspect they have no right to demand a meal that is different from what is served in the prison. You lose your right to choose when you step foot in the prison meaning vegans could end up with omnivore meals every day and the reverse.