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Jail for Sale?? PETA Party in the Clinker!

Written by PETA | June 18, 2008

Without letting even the tiniest opportunity to help nonhuman animals swim by, my inventive comrades have devised a delightful new stratagem to help free some of our sea-dwelling sisters and brothers.

The Pitch: To open the world’s fist-ever Lobster Empathy Center in the lobster-execution capital of the world (Creative, yes?) The Setting: A prison (Bloody genius!)

mikefeeney / CC

In the state that boasts the world’s “best” (read “most evil”) entrées of lobsters boiled alive—or still struggling on a plate, only to be eaten alive—the lovely town of Skowhegan, Maine, has unassumingly put their jailhouse up for sale. Muwahahahahahahaha! So with foresight in our eyes and love for crawly crustaceans in our hearts, we placed our bid to lease the space with a theme so poetically apropos: “A prison is the perfect setting to demonstrate how lobsters suffer when they are caught in traps or confined to cramped, filthy supermarket tanks,” our offer letter explains.

The proposed attraction would include wrapping visitors’ hands in giant rubber bands for the duration of their stay, serving faux-lobster treats, and giving kiddies free stuffed toy lobsters labeled “Lobsters Are Friends, Not Food.”

Can’t wait to go, right? I know, me neither! Sadly, our dreams will have to be put on hold for a bit, as the prison was just sold to the highest bidder. But do keep us in mind if you hear of any sweet oceanfront prison property up for grabs!

Now if all this talk has given you a hankering for some vegan lobster tail, here’s a recipe to satisfy your urgings.

—MissyPosted by Missy Lane

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  • Nicole says:

    This is stupid.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Chris just an FYI that was not my comment it was Juneau’s. The name of the commentor is listed BELOW the comment not above.

  • lynda downie says:

    What a hell of a fate to have their claws bound crammed in with other lobsters piled on top and below in a filthy tank in a foreign noisy environment and the worst is yet to come! And then all the human excuses for doing this to these animals. It’s indecent!

  • Chris says:

    Maya please define crazy. How in the universe can you know if a lobster feels pain when dropped into the boiling water? Intelligent people who don’t really know say “I don’t know.” I stopped eating lobster when a friend in Connecticut plunged 2 lobsters into the pot. I heard the noise. I refused to eat it and ran out the door crying in the snow. Perhaps I am crazy but proud to be if it involves torture. I hope that the next time you eat lobster you will vomit it up. Watch the word crazy it is an inappropriate term and I feel you are using the word crazy as a smokescreen to hide your lack of knowledge in this area. Nice people sensitive people debate in a kindly way. Perhaps you are trying to drop us in the boiling pot? Remember people who claim to know all know very litte and hesitate to expand their minds through education. They stagnate.

  • Juneau says:


  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hey there whatev’s you You make an excellent point and you are very smart to question claims without scientific proof. I appreciate that. Just so I have some “street cred” LOL I am not a marine biologist but I am earning my master’s degree in biology. While I probably need to do more lobster reading I can tell you that the brain stem and the thalamus are the parts of the brain responsible for fear and pain. This is a very primitive part of the brain that lobsters do have. I can assure you hat “nature” would have a very good reason to make lobsters feel pain. If a child grabbed a hand full of stinging nettle they would feel pain and jump away. This is something that evolved in animals to protect us from getting injured or killed. Any living creature that needs a significant life span to breed has to be protected from injury. Lobsters and other animals that are able to move from place to place need a mechanism to protect them from injuring themselves that mechanism is pain. Also let’s think about this logically. It does not take a rocket scientist to see an animal who clings to the side of a pan of boiling water and clangs on the lid when dropped into the boiling water to realize that the animal is probably terrified and possibly in serious pain. I don’t know about you but I could not sleep at night if there was any chance at all that I was boiling an animal alive who could experience severe pain and terror. Thanks for listening. ps If you want to read a good article on the subject here’s a link httpwww.lobsterlib.comfeatdavidwallacepagelobsterarticle.pdf

  • Crystal says:

    Peta great idea I don’t think many people know a lot about lobsters or the fact they can live well past hundred years the little lobster eaten are basically babies! How sad keep up the great work..

  • whatev's yo says:

    Maya I am slightly confused. How does a crustacean’s eyeball particularly relate to a human’s? Certainly they are both photoreceptors but we are vertebraes whereas they are not. I would just make a guess that our nervous systems differ. I mean I’m no marine biologist but I must assume that lobsters are not that similar to humans. Chris I would like to point out that while they did rub the affected areas “some scientists responded saying the rubbing may reflect at attempt to clean the affected area.” Furthermore while opioids are present in the body there is no conclusion as to how their simple nervous systems react to the opioids. While morphine has been tested in the animals there has been no conclusive evidence given by these experiments. At least according to the same sources you’re likely reading. I would just like to say that you cannot compare the human nervous system to the nervous system of a crustacean. Those analogous arguments are completely fallible. That would be akin to comparing how grass feels to how oranges feel when they are eaten because you know they feel pain too. Research has been done afterall showing that trees do seem to shy away from fire. That the leaves are curdling in heat has been unfounded because bananas taste good.

  • voiceofreason says:

    “shawshank redemption” I am very sorry that I appeared like God to you. Our knowledge of this planet and this universe is relative sure we do not know everything but we do know SOME things. In addition antennas are made to smell feeltouch sense heat and get an overall sense of environment. Pain is not one of these functions. They smelledtasted the acid and responded to it. Have a good day everyone it has been a gorgeous one . vor

  • Maya, CVT says:

    PETA that’s a brilliant idea! I really hope it works out what a cool thing! Voice of reason Hello Just so you know lobsters do actually have pain receptors and especially in their eyes. Having our eyeballs boiled is one of the most hideous disturbing and painful things imaginable. You might be interested in new research concerning lobsters which shows that they do feel pain and fear. They are also really facinating animals. I’ll see if I can find the literature for you.

  • Chris says:

    Actually lobsters probably can feel pain. Lobsters have opioid receptors and react to opioids if they did not feel pain there would have been no need for them to have this. In experiments they also reacted to acid dropped on their antennae yes cruel experiment as well!. Pain is an essential sense for animals to have it has its protective functions. Why take any chances and believe they don’t feel pain when in actual fact you don’t know? You don’t need them to survive and in actual fact the high saturated fat content is all but good for you. Please verify facts before calling it “reason”.

  • Tabitha says:

    And that particular town is FIFTY THREE miles from a lobster fishing port speaking of research.


    “voiceofreason” i think that you are not very reasonable because you are not GOD to decide or judge if an animal feels pain or not! if you don’t have an understanding for unknown creatures this doesn’t mean that they cannot suffer! the human being knows very little about this planet and the universe and when they arrive at the end of the line with their wisdom they establish a “GOD” in their image who tells them that all the other living beings are at human’s disposition for to be exploited in every way or the second solution the incoronation of prehistoric culture hence feel free to slay whatever crosses your way! it’s so sad that the human being is so simpleminded and stops in the middle of it’s road!

  • voiceofreason says:

    Could you be more specific of how the lobsters actually suffer as they are being boiled or are trapped in netsat the store? Keep in mind that since a lobster is a crustacean it has neither pain receptors nor a sense of pleasure or happiness. That shrill noise that you hear as it is dropped into the boiling water? That is the pressure being built up and then released from the heat. I am not condoning the mistreatment of animals in general. But please call it like it is nothing more or less. Your friendly neighborhood voice of reason