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Jada Pinkett Smith: Animal Activist?

Written by PETA | November 10, 2008
evasitoe / CC
Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith, who currently stars in the number one film in the country, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and is married to megastar Will Smith, recently made a compassionate pledge. The longtime animal defender recently told reporters that she just can’t go on keeping her beloved animal friends in tiny cage prisons. Apparently, the rock-star frontwoman of Wicked Wisdom was moved to action by the family snake, Beauty.

“I think I’ll never get an animal like a snake again where I have to keep her in an aquarium,” Jada said, according to Contactmusic (via OneIndia). “We have this whole thing for Beauty outside for her to be in a natural habitat. But at the end of the day, she knows she’s caged into her aquarium. We can’t set her into the wild now, but I told [our daughter] Willow we won’t do this again and won’t have any animals that need to stay like that.”

Good for you, Jada! Then she added this bit, which makes our campaigning hearts flutter: “Maybe when I get older, that’ll become one of my activist endeavors.”

Of course, we couldn’t be more delighted to hear this! Jada and Will are one of Hollywood’s hottest power couples, with considerable influence—and if Jada turns over a new leaf, that should have serious repercussions with her fans.

Written by Missy Lane

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  • Ash says:

    Em hold on a minute on a major fur retailer website it mentions will and jada as their clients and there’s a picture of them wearing rabbit i think it was fur coats to a red carpet event. Also for some premiere they showed up with Mary J. Blige a notorious fur hag and were all totally dressed head to toe in leather?? Look it up you’ll have to do some digging around. That put me off Will ever since i found it out a year or two ago.

  • summer says:

    Good job jade!! I myself am in your boat. I have two pet snakes and love them so much it is hard for me to keep them locked up in tanks. I bought them before I realised that they should be in the wild and now if i set them free they would never survive. I hearby pledge I will never get another animal that has to stay in a tank or cage again!

  • Susan LanglandMyers says:

    jeff thank you for your comment I totally agree Im one of those unnamed people ina famr community of average auto worker families in Michigan people drop off cats constatly we out of our own pockets spay neauter immunize shelter and feed and actively look for homes for these pooor animals because the thought of somone just killing them because people are cruel is beyond our definition of humanity. some we fins homes. many live out there lives here and at the neighboring farms each of us are paying 100 dollars a month in food alone. but they are happy and healthy but it would be nice to deduct it a fraction from taxes.or have these big celebs make vouchers at feed places to relive the financial amounts of the costs. none of us are wealthy lol. Instead celebrities buy and sell and donate time and all the other hoopla it really offends me. and then harp about meat and hunting etc. i dont hunt and fur is a big nono in my community I wish they would help or stop bragging about their animal contributions sounds harsh but it is a hard road at times to follow

  • Finn says:

    To Robin Lynn…I heard Pink on the radio having a go at J.Lo for wearing fur and making fur underwear. It was like a stand up comedy routine she said “Why would you get a wax then? Wear your own fur bitch!” Pink’s great and J.Lo is a fur hag.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I’m pleased as punch that she took this first step. This couple has always struck me as exceptionally talented and intelligent. Once people take a first step to help animals they often take many more steps after that. Most people don’t take that first step at all. Let’s be glad she did. Exotic animals suffer more horribly as pets than almost any other animal out there. As a vet tech I watched snakes iguanas and geckos die in front of me and the owner had no clue the animal was even sick. Snakes geckos iguanas and birds belong in the tropical rainforest not in pet stores!!! Of course as I mentioned in the octopus post pet store animals cannot survive in the wild. I hope this wonderful celeb also asks some experts biologists wildlife rehabbers wildlife vets NOT pet store peoplehow to improve life for her snake he is still depending on her to care for him and to learn about and RESPECT him as a living being. Thanks!

  • Robin Lynn says:

    Not at all impressed. I will be if I ever see her do some real animal rights activist work on even donate some of those millions to animals in need. There are too many not famous selfless people out there who are really for animals and do everything for them and really get it and get nothing in return. And then celebs who do little for animals and benefit a lot by it. I’d like to see some really famous stars approach other stars who wear fur in front of the media convince them to stop supporting designers who use fur in the spotlight and see what happens then on behalf of animals. Any star up for the challenge or too afraid it will ruin your career?

  • Jeff says:

    That’s great! Thank you Jada for showing your kids to have compassion for animals!

  • yin says:

    but she still eats steak.

  • Kelly says:

    How wonderful.

  • Tom says:

    Will Smith stole her from me. I love that woman.

  • Tammy says:

    Yay for Jada…Keep it up pretty girl! You rock!