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J. Lo: Ambushed! (Again)

Written by PETA | January 22, 2007

If J. Lo really has no current plans to give up her weird addiction to promoting the fur industry, she may want to seriously consider giving up promoting anything at all in public. Because this is just getting too easy. In the past year, PETA has protested the opening of her Pasadena restaurant, shouted her down at movie premieres, and showed up while she was giving a radio interview to get her reaction to some fur-farm footage we happened to have handy. And just this weekend, some PETA members posing as “glow girls” had some more input for her during the auditions for her new Glow After Dark reality show. Our friends at have the exclusive video:

PETA Blows J Lo's Glow.jpg

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  • alice says:

    The problem is people wear the fur and other countries have no animal rights. If someone in the USA skins an animal you can make a phone call. In China especially its normal. I saw a show where you go to a store and point at the animal you want skinned and cooked. It was shepard puppies and kitties. They put the kitties in boiling water and then skin them alive. They are still meowing for help. I have been traumatized ever since i saw that. There will always be people here who wear fur. It needs to stop at the source and China is a crazy place.

  • Brina says:

    Jlo is sick for not even being fazed watching the animals she wears being torture…The blood limbs suffering. The lady must be special in the head.

  • na says:

    my message to jlo is watch the video and do it for the animals please dont wear fur because cruelty is not fashion. just say the truth how you felt because they are just as bad as you then everyone will be happy remember these poor animals are skinned alive do you even know what that means or what it is they get a wild animal out of a of a cage get its hind legs and smack the animal unconcious then to stop the animal fighting back they get a knife and chop the legs off the animal alive! there so weak they can barly stand then they get a knife and cut into the flesh and then pull the skin off with the fur alive sometimes they have to pull really hard then the animal after all that is still alive for about 5 to 10 minuets they chuck the skinned animal in a crate with others that have been skinned a pile of skinned dead bodies and after that you still wear fur i will find and kill you i hope peta gets you and smashes your face in and kills you everyone of my friends will hate you then you will have no future just because your a sad cruel bitch after all the animals still look 5 million times better than you even when there skinned so sexy compared with a heartless bitch like you you remind me of the witch on narnia but you died in the end ha!!!! oh and you look like a piece of shit get a face life ha

  • Oli says:

    I keep reading magazines that JLO wants nothing more than to have a baby but can’t maybe that’s her karma for wearing fur and the day she stops she might finally get pregnant.

  • Sandra says:

    Melissa is the girl in the promo and my neighbor. MELISSA YOU ROCK!! We all know that being “dignified” won’t get you in the news. How long would it have taken to stop slavery if we were all “dignified” about it? You have to shout! These days that means being sensational and controversial.

  • Jacqueline Berger says:

    Dear Brad I fear that you could be right suggesting that concerning JLo the message could be lost but I have to focus on an interesting point here we got a very unusual phenomenon of an absolute unsensitive rude personality even being an artist she is actually one of the very rare cases reacting in that way. In Europe we have since many years big antifur actions by sending the tapes to the personal addresses of artists and celebrities and the reaction is almost 90 pct positive so just now we had a campaign in France which was also supported by Joaquin Phoenix and a huge number of French personalities stand behind it! they mention the action even in the name of the entire artistworld in France. As a result the European Parliament received the message in a very positive way. So really many people in the world have actually a problem with the heartless JLo phenomenon and they like to express that they are much concerned about it!

  • Brad says:

    I love braggers. It seems the message is actually lost here though. It just seems like a bunch of activists got together to see what type of weird ideas they could come up with to get headlines. You protesting J.Lo doesn’t make me want to purchase fur any less nor would it be a victory if she amended her ways and joined your campaign against it. It seems to me that time is just simply being wasted when it could be put to better work elsewhere. But who knows maybe these protestors get off to ruining fur coats.

  • juan de altamira says:

    look around you jlo roselyn sanchez is smarter than you she has not to hide her beauty and her golden heart because she is furfreeeeeeeeee!

  • pedro alvarado says:

    no me gustas chiquita!!!

  • OgdenVT says:

    I think it’s funny JLO was called a “FurHo” yet do feel this type of demonstration isn’t an effective way to get an ignorant celebrity to stop wearing fur. It would be nice if someone can “punk” all of the movies she has been in with footage of how an animal becomes a fur coat. I don’t know why but I’m more offended by the Olsen Twins wearing fur then I am JLO. Maybe because they are younger and have had an advantaged life since childhood. All the money in the world can’t buy them a life education. Oh and also I think they’re icky poo.

  • pcb says:

    In response to Lejane… The point I was making that actions by activists might hinder campaigns. Actions that might be deemed as immature and ineffective. Also there’s a difference between intelligence and ignorance before I joined PETA I knew animals were killed for fur but I didn’t know the true extent. While I’m a protester not everyone else is celebrities like Beyonce Christina Ricci and Nicole Richie. I don’t think anyone can say Ignorance on furfarms is Bllshit because I was ignorant before I signed up with PETA.

  • K says:

    While I do applaud these girls for being so courageous for speaking out on the animals’ behalf I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed as I feel people watching these girls being dragged off the stage shouting slurs will think nothing more than “lunatics”. I support PETA 100 too. I’ve also had concerns pcb has mentioned. While there is nothing wrong with criticizing a celebrity the namecalling and antagonizing I feel with anyone it puts up a defense and almost makes you not want to even hear the message. And for certain celebrities I feel they draw a line between themselves and PETA. Perhaps the civilized reasonings though have not had an effect on Jennifer Lopez and hey take advantage of every opportunity possible right? But ultimately in the end PETA and other AR activists are not here to “make friends.” We are here to rock the boat fight injustice and demand change.

  • steve says:

    hey lejane….. a lot of people have heard what peta has to say. they just don’t want to listen to their hypocritical propaganda. and who made the group thats famous for over the top publicity stunts the where with all on everything holy…..

  • jimmy says:

    i don’t understand why this silly babe doesn’t get it that furtime is over!

  • Lucas says:

    I’m going to go buy a trap line just because it is my right to do so.

  • juanito says:

    woooow bernardo! i just had a look at ornella muti and arielle dombasle on infurmation! they are really hot!!! forget jlo she’s out of fashion and boring!

  • bernardo san felice says:

    from the psychological viewpoint furwearing people have to hide something the absence of internal or external beauty. look for example at furrefusing celebrities like anna nicole smith both her internal and external beauty make her appear like marble in the sunshine and she got a loving man in her life! if you look at the pictures of jlo with her men do you think they are looking happy!!! as jlo told us she is still jenny from the block and nothing more. all her artificial bling cannot turn her into a warm hearted honey like for example vegan actress ornella muti. with her 53 years she looks astonishingly beautiful and juicy for this she made an ad saying too pretty to wear fur and really in front of her jlo is just a little shadow always considering that she has 20 years less than ornella!!! but i think it is absolutely right that peta does not leave her alone with her fur thing but you should consider another strategy because until now it didn’t work like that with jlo. the problem is that she knows exactly that by law she doesn’t do anything wrong. it is shameful that there is no law against this horrible thing so she should be persuaded in an other way for example making her understand that fur wearing women are not attractive in men’s eyes because they are hiding exactly t h a t thing that enlightens men’s heart a beautiful body having it’s origine in a beautiful mind or make a surprise on her next anniversary a baby racoon or ferret as i know she has already several dogs in one way or another you have to touch her heart! if all this is for nothing then you can be sure that she is ill and time shall quickly show it!

  • Tracy says:

    Webmaster I signed up for Turnkey and then tried to sign in to post a message here but it says Peta is not signed up for Turnkey. Blog editor I totally agree with Hrotti’s statements. “Dignified” is the key word. Protests like the one discussed in this blog entry just make Peta members and I am a Peta member look like lunatics.

  • Lejane says:

    And why can’t we criticise celebrities? Are you saying they are too stupid and uneducated to know what is going on. Bullshit I’ve know since I was a teenager what happens on fur farms and I am now 45 years old. Are you saying they don’t read that they haven’t heard what PETA has to say. Ignorance is a card that is played too often. If JLo didn’t know before she certainly does now. Beyonce is fully aware of what happens and Christina Ricci portrays herself as an intelligent person but perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps she is just an idiot who is too stupid to know what she is doing.

  • pcb says:

    As a supporter of PETA I’m proud that campaigners are trying to make a difference. However I feel strongly that the use of humiliation tactics on celebrities like J.Lo isn’t going to work.You might be hurting the cause rather than helping it. I feel to support the cause a more organised and educated approach is needed. Celebrities are very influencial in today’s society and it although these protesters have good intentions I think they are going about it all wrong. I feel is also important not to criticise celebrities as most of them are ignorant about how violent furfarms really are. Beyonce’ and Christina Ricci were unaware of furfarms yet tactics used on them might drive a wedge between celebrities and PETA itself. I think there could be more dignified methods to enlighten people about what’s going on.

  • Hrotti says:

    yo fall back. Lol. im gona go buy a bear coat.