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Israel’s Chief Rabbi Forbids ‘Shackle and Hoist’ Kosher Slaughter

Written by PETA | June 18, 2010

PETA’s recent undercover investigation of the largest slaughterhouse in Uruguay exposed that the facility was using the primitive and cruel “shackle and hoist” method for kosher slaughter.

This slaughterhouse is the largest foreign supplier of kosher meat to the U.S. and a major kosher meat exporter to Israel. Thanks to the PETA investigation, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has just announced that by 2011 it will no longer certify meat as kosher if it’s from a slaughterhouse that use “shackle and hoist”—that’s about 80 percent of the meat imported into Israel, so we’re not talking small potatoes!

This is a great step. Of course, the only way to know for sure that you are not supporting slaughterhouse cruelty is to go vegan. Plant-based foods are naturally kosher, and a vegan diet is in keeping with Jewish laws mandating that animals be treated with compassion and respect.

Written by Heather Moore

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  • Crissy says:

    Great stuff, you helepd me out so much!

  • betty smith says:

    i also have ate meat all my life but never thought about what the animal had to go through for me to have it but when i saw this video i could have died i was in tears this is so careless and who are the real animals here i think we are i have said i will never eat meat again i love all animals so i wouldnt eat my dog so why eat cows and pigs the crying out of those cows will haunt me every time i see a steak or etc….

  • Ryan says:

    I have eaten meat my entire life. Since I was capable of eating solid foods as a small child, I have eaten meat. Today even, I had soup that had chicken in it. While I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with just eating meat, this is beyond grotesque. My wife is a vegan, and she directed me to this website. While I don’t have any strong moral objection just to eating meat, I cannot be complicit in this behavior. I honestly want to try to eliminate all foods made from animals from my diet. It seems like it will be difficult to achieve, however. I thought that maybe I could start by eliminating all meats except fish, and then after a while just become a vegetarian. Once that becomes comfortable, I could become a vegan. I just think if I jump right into becoming vegan after 25 years of eating meat, I will probably end up “relapsing.” But this is despicable. I love animals, and I really feel that our consumerism-driven, instant gratification society is to blame here. People want to sit and consume chicken wings and beer every weekend, and they don’t want to realize that there is a dire cost to this behavior. The UN says that 18,000 children die every day due to hunger. So why do we have to gorge ourselves with excess foods that are just giving us heart disease, hypertension, and obesity anyway? I’ve always eaten meat, but I can’t allow myself to fund this type of cruelty. I just can’t do it, and that’s more important to me than joining the crew for 25 cent wing night down at Hooters.

  • Grace says:

    Oh… My… Gosh!! Every time I see a video or something like this, my mouth is wide open the whole time at what they do to the poor animals. I also feel like I’m going to cry! I am not a vegan yet, but all this has made me make up my mind that soon I will become a vegan.

  • Krasimira Buyuklieva says:

    Horrible and shameful! Stop them!

  • Helen says:

    Man’s greed for more profit fuels all the industries that need animals or animal products eghides fur etc. to exist. To my belief Muslims as well as Jews eat Kosher food. They are all cruel methods whether Kosher or not. I wonder how humans would feel if they stood in a queue smelling death waiting and knowing they were going to die

  • Carmen Ferrero says:

    Please no hurt the animals

  • cindy lynch says:

    what people do in the name of religion is despicable. How sad unnecessary and shameful.

  • thosehumansshoulddie! says:

    I would like to know how kosher is a better humane way of killing animals. This is absolutely worse than some of the nonkosher slaughter houses. This was absolutely horrendous and I don’t have a lot of respect for Jews at this point who think that kosher slaughter is better!

  • naomi says:

    I just hope that the people who read this article also read “rob’s” comments. The kosher way of slaughter ensures that the first and only cut made kills the animal instantly. i obviously don’t support eating meat at all but when i read comments like “Ana Ebert’s” that say “SHAME ON ISRAEL AND ALL HER PEOPLE” it breaks my heart that such supposedly compassionate people can judge a whole country so negatively based on this article.

  • rob says:

    No animal deserves this cruelty.

  • C, Thorpe says:

    What’s left to say about humanity? We’ll stop at nothing in our greed stupidity gluttony not only to eat but to satisfy our bloodlust and power over animals. One day the animals will be avenged.

  • rob says:

    I agree with Marcia.

  • Elliot says:

    I am an orthodox Jewish vegetarian. The Kosher slaughter laws were primarily designed to minimize pain to the animals. To become certified a ritual slaughterer is tested on multiple volumes of extremely detailed laws. It is my impression after seeing this video and a previous one from Agriprocessors that the meat from these plants are either not kosher or not in the spirit of what the Jewish law intended. There are many Biblical laws prohibiting not only being cruel or causing pain to animals but even causing them discomfort. One is even required to feed their animals before they themselves eat. In our rush to mass produce beef poultry fish eggs and milk our society has sacrificed it’s humanity.

  • rob says:

    The society for the prevention of cruelty to animals should intervene and demand the end of this type of animal slaughter now!.

  • halina says:

    A head Rabbi taking a stand on animal cruelty is great! Next step is to recommend Vegan diet for All Good time now to do a Halal investigation as well likely at least as cruel Will any Mullah take a stand.? Let see and go for Honest Reporting to investigate and report back to us. ShalomPeace Halina

  • Adela says:

    I’m a vegan of about 35 years and a veggie of 40 years and before the emergence of PETA but… I wish PETA started already to investigate halal slaughter and give Kosher a break already! It’s highly dishonest to take sides. PETA has muslim articles in its website but only criticism for Kosher!

  • MARCIA says:


  • Deborah says:

    It is really heartening to read all of these enlightened comments by PETA members! No wonder they are so successful! deborah

  • rob says:


  • April Silverman says:

    I’m so ashamed of “religious ” jews who eat this meat. Beyond horrible! Thank you for letting me knowalthgough I am vegan. April Silverman

  • robert says:


  • Crista says:

    It shows how people can be like “heads in the sand” when they tell you to stop sending such videos to them. They don’t want to see the truth and that shows me that they don’t want change. It sickens me to no ends what people can do to helpless creatures I speak more for animals because their is not enough of us that stand for the animals. If we had to choose I would be one of the few who stand with the animals. Is that wrong? I think not. Imagine yourself on that shackle and hoist. Pure torture! You have to watch while these cold heart bastards cut you and bleed you out.

  • anne johnsson says:

    I find it incredible that people can treat animals this way! These countries are barbaric and cruel.I would never visit a country that treats animals in such a disgraceful manner.

  • Ruth Serra says:

    Jennifer Yes we and all of peta group are wondering what are you doing here? This is for people who love god’s creation and will not harm them in any shape or form. Have you ever asked yourself why would god creat animals to be killed? I guess you have not or else you would have had more compassion towards a lessor creation of god it tell’s us all here what kind of person you are. As far as to your statement of jesus killing fish it does not state that he kill any fish. Genesis 129 And God went on to say Here I have given to YOU all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is the fruit of a tree bearing seed. To YOU let it serve as food. Where in the bible does god make mention in the beginning of creation that animals should be used for food? Nowhere. Everything else was after human sinned.

  • Alicia says:

    I worked on a kibbutz in Israel and it was all vegan. I didn’t know that until I arrived and it converted me to veganism because it was so good. The best things for animals is vegan but the decision to ban this shackle and hoist method is huge and I’m sure everyone who eats meat would think so also.

  • Candy says:

    I was outraged when i saw this video!!! I could not even get through the whole video because it was so sad and horrifying!!!! I am a vegan and after watching that video i am very glad that i am!!! All those poor animals!!!!! I wish every person who worked in a slaughter house could get slaughtered themselve!!!

  • BRENO says:

    I hope one day every man realize that we dont have the right of killing and torturing animals.

  • Zoe Stein says:


  • robert says:

    I think it is wrong to kill any animalafter all God said in the commandments thou shalt NOT KILL!.

  • Athais says:

    Andrea The bickering back and forth about what the Bible says only shows how inconsistent the Bible really is. As for myself being an Atheist I only need to look at the rational and logical. Eating meat is not logical or rational since it leads to arteriosclerosis and other health problems. The one thing I noticed after I went vegetarian was that my irritable bowel syndrome was noticeably less troublesome. Not to mention the 100 pounds that I was able to loose. That says something to me. The other thing that I look at is the fact that killing animals means that you are ingesting negative energy. Animals sense what is happening. They smell the blood in the air. They hear the other animals bawling. They are fearful and saddened at the time of slaughter both negative energies. That negative energy is transferred to the meat that is eaten. So people who eat meat are ingesting negative energy. The other thing is that people who work in these places are mentally affected by what they do. They kill animals all day long. Or they chop up the meat all day long. That is not an easy thing to do. Eventually they become cold towards life itself especially animal life. I have known slaughterhouse workers who have suffered terrible depression caused by the constant killing. Eating meat only perpetuates the suffering of animals and the slaughterhouse workers as well as harms the health of humans in general. Cutting back on meat is the best thing to do if you must eat it but there are so many vegetarians and vegans out there that have proven that humans can survive without meat that I can’t understand why people still continue to eat meat. Personally video such as this one causes me to have nightmares but I feel that we all should watch the suffering of animals because we owe it to them. I don’t believe in a god but I do feel that humanity in the future will judge us upon how we treated the most helpless of creatures animals babies women mentally and physically disabled and the elderly.

  • Mrs R Buckingham says:

    Why wait until 2011 and all the poor animals that will have to suffer until then! Please stop this inhumane treatment now!

  • jingbo says:

    Religions can sugercoding any kill war and torture. I am not sure why America is one of the most religious country in the 21st century. There are churches at every single corner and that certainly did not stop killing animals.

  • Marge scott says:

    To many animals are killed in disgusting ways just in the name of relidion.My husband worked In the Middle East and would often see families take a sheep onto the beach and kill it their In a hole.letting it bleed to death then eat itHe was sickened by itand would allways move awayBut this Halal killing Is didgusting.and should be banned along with the Shackle Hoist torture

  • Jennifer says:

    So I am guessing all you people are completely antiJesus…considering the sheer number of fish that he must have killed in his day? I don’t see one post here that agrees with the torture of animals. But to say that eating meat is against the Bible is insanity.

  • Ruth Serra says:

    Jennifer Since I just made a simple statement accordingly to the what is written and understood and in behalf of all of the animals that God Created but you are against the animal rights to live as God ordained I have no idea Why you are here in the PETA SITE since this is for Animal Lovers and it seems you are NOT. Come on Now wouldn’t the Holy God given Adam the right to kill and eat the Flesh of the animals at the begining along with the vegetation. Accordingly he did not… Or else he would not have made the Statement. Can you Prove otherwise? Your Statement Jennifer If eating meat is immoral then all these people were immoral and sinned in eating meat. Yet the Bible presents them as good people and never once implies they did anything wrong in these cases. First of all there is no one that is Good Jesus Stated Only God is Good… I am sure You will agree. It is Man and Women who carry the sin of disobednece to God’s Law. So they were all sinners and paid for thier sin. You and everyone have a right to make a descions as they did weather it is right or wrong it’s your choice you will be judge by what you will do in God’s Good Earth to animal or people.

  • saraswathi says:

    avoid unnecessary suffering

  • Tiani says:

    There are a LOT of things in the bible that completely contradict itself. Have your own morals and beliefs from your own experiences and values. Be vegetarian or vegan for yourself the animals and the environment. The primary matters and the things that are most affected.