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Israel Poised to Ban Fur

Written by PETA | May 28, 2009


pelotes.jea / CC

With the weather warming up, a lot of fur-wearers will be retiring their pelts to closets and vaults until autumn. But that doesn’t mean that “fur season” is over.

Consider this—right now, the following is happening around the world:

  • Baby seals are being shot and beaten on the ice floes off Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.
  • Also in Canada, mother bears are in danger of being shot—leaving their cubs to starve to death—so that their fur can be used to make pointless ceremonial caps for The Queen’s Guards in the U.K.
  • Animals on fur farms are being packed into tiny cages, going insane from stress and captivity, or being poisoned, electocuted, or even skinned alive.
  • Elsewhere, wild animals—or perhaps your cat or dog—are caught in cruel steel-jaw traps, terrified and in anguish.

But while those winter coats are forgotten about for a few months, there are some people who will still have fur on their mind this summer, including the entire nation of Israel. Israeli Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz has introduced the world’s first nationwide bill to prohibit the fur industry. If it becomes law, this bill would prohibit the production, sale, and importation of all fur products throughout Israel. Very cool news for a hot season!

Check out PETA Asia Pacific’s site to encourage continued support for this historic bill. And if that just whets your appetite for some serious warm-weather fur-fighting, check this out too.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Chloe says:

    Yeah makes fur illegal! I wish fur was illegal in America and Canada too! I think fur on people is ugly. I think that if you wear a wild animal, you might as well being wearing your beloved pet, it’s the same thing and all animals feel pain, sorrow, and suffering, just like love. But so many animals in the world don’t feel love. No one has ever loved or cared about or for them. This is wrong and we need to put an end to fur farms and animals being used for fur and skin. I am Jewish and I have made my Hasidic Jew family members stop wearing fur. It’s not for religion that is worn. It’s just another tradition like Amish-ism (wish really isn’t a religion, but more of a way of life).

  • Natalie Le Neve says:

    This is fantastic newsbut every country needs to implement this total ban on real furit is so true what another person wrote on herethat we are a country of nosy parkers and that we like to know what is going on in other peoples lives but when it comes to torture and brutality on innocent animals in other countries we turn a blind eye and dont want to know! shame on us human beings for doing this!! animals have no voices they need us to speak for them. I pray to god soon in time these sick fur farms get shut down forever.

  • Barbara Rea says:

    This is wonderfull! I hope and pray that this bill passes I hope other countries soon follow Israels foot steps We need to stop this horrible crulety in the name of fashion!

  • Roxy says:

    W00t! Go Israel. It’s sad some people on here are hating… if you want to talk human rights go look at how Jews are treated in other Middle Eastern countries. Israel can always improve in that reguard but so can the US Iran Ethiopia England and every single country in the world. As someone who has actually visited let me tell you. I have not seen one person wearing fur not even fauxfur. There is also virtually no resteraunt or eatery in Israel that doesn’t carry at least a vegetarian if not vegan meal. I also didn’t need glasses to read long lists of ingredients full of weird “monoanddiglyceride” crap. They also have some banging animal rights protests the heat makes nudity way more comfortable too. Thanks PETA2. It’s not everyday I hear good news about where half relatives live

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    Israel will make an interesting subject…

  • SecondHeirofMesopatamia says:

    We will also ban fur. and shut down the fur trade in the middle east.I’m looking for reponses in comment form but first please read my brother’s other comments. Good Day AshurbanipalII brother of the heir

  • HeirofMesopatamia says:

    Help!!!Save us and our loyal animal friends from our sworn enemies and the eneimies of every middle eastern animal the kurds SPITWe must act now if we are to stop them!! From killing of all of Iraq’s native animal speices they consider them delicases yech For centuries we have been against meat Sargon III heirofmespatamia

  • HeirofMesopatamia says:

    P.S. HTML HaHa

  • HeirofMesopatamia says:

    Please help us rebuild the great nations of assryia and babylonia. For centuries my people have beens slauqutered and we are more than willing to help find more “Ethical” ways of treating animals for example we optain animal hair and transform and multiply the cells once our nations are reformed we will give much to PETA in return like donations our heartland was once in sudan so we ask PETA sets up shop their. Good Day Sargon III Heir of assryian and babylonian royal family

  • Lea says:

    To answer the question below Israel will be able to stop defending its right to exist when Hamas terrorists stop trying to destroy Israel and stop keeping Palestinians under Hamas’s fundamentalist idea of Islam which is totally unethical and cruel to both human and animal. “Posted by Lori May 29 2009 0204 PM What a wonderful thing that Israel is proposing to do. I just wish they would stop oppressing the Palestinian people as well.”

  • melissa walsh says:

    Everybody is right if they ban fur trade completly it willgive the boost for other contrys need to ban all fur making and trade. If you kill an animal you must eat it and use all of its body dont waste a thing…. if you arent in need for food LEAVE ANIMALS AND THERE FURS ALONEE!! THEY NEED THEM MORE THAN WE DO. Melissa

  • Mitzi Ocean says:

    Hi all I am smiling and have a good feeling in my heart for I wrote the article quoted here above on our bill to ban all fur trade in Israel and the vast majority as your comments are thoughtful feeling and supportive. I am glad too that almost all of you understand the high level of this important path and that it is all about the animals and nonpolitical but what I hope is but the first step on a global path of enlightenment towards animals. Thanku to u all and peace and light to all

  • Dalile says:

    Bravo Israel. It will be a great decision and an example for all other countries Thank you for your compassion Dalila

  • Shira says:

    OMG!!! Israel ROCKS! I am very connected to Israel and Jewish people have always cared a lot about animals. The laws of Kashrut forbid eating many kinds of animal so all thats left after this law is passed is poultry fish and beef.

  • Miles says:

    Google ‘kosher’ before you praise Israel. This is just as bad as the fur industry. And harriet the purposeful annoyance helping unfortunate people has nothing to do with the fur trade in Israel not that Israel will help people nonJews the ones suffering but this is an entirely unrelated subject.

  • harriet says:

    Israel should start focusing its energy on taking care of its people and suffering neighbors before it can even think about stopping fur. Does someone have their priorities mixed up or what?

  • abby says:

    God bless Israel. If greed wasn’t the first thought in most people’s mind we would have a more gentler and compassionate world to live in. It’s time we put people and our furry friends towards the top of the list.

  • Angelica says:

    Good for israel. There is so much animal cruelty it is disgraceful. It is great to see a country concerned with animal welfare!!!

  • Ruby T. says:

    Israel once again leads the way as a shining example of the best of humanity.

  • Joan Carles says:

    Great!! While many countries keep demonizing Israel here’s a good lesson in humanity for this hypocritical Western world. Todah Israel! Interestingly figures like Bashevis Singer and other holocaust survivors have raised their voices against the horrible meat industry as a form of animal holocaust. What does the rest of the world need to realize that what we are doing to animals is terrible another human holocaust? So sad.

  • maxine b robinson says:


  • Ruth says:

    thank you Israel! you are the best!

  • Karen the great says:

    I agree with Rex’ mom…My boyfriend has been to Thailand several times and has told me that every hotel has a monkey tied to a chain to amuse the tourists. They tend to be obviously very dysfunctional and angry…yet it still amuses tourists ?

  • Lisa says:

    this is one of the best news ever!!! i really hope this became an examble for all the other countries! i love israel

  • carol Joy says:

    This proves the bible came out of Isreal and Jesus out of the jewish people I know its the willof God to stop this horrid fur industry woulgnt it figure the first ban of fur there in the world in gods countryIsreal is way ahead of the game Im not even Jewish and these people writing in about palenstiens being oppressed over thier is just muslim propaganta to destroy Isreal and unforntuatly its been working and to addn the muslim religion cares less of nothing for animals and not much for thier own people thell kill em if they turn to another religion But here in the US everyone call your reps and senators cause the truth and lapeling act and ban on racoon dog fur is in the house now and going to the senate this makes them have to lapel all fur this isnt the best as banning all fur But its abig step to help stop the flo of fur from getting thru and people aware of the animals suffering LETS all call Isreal and give them our support on Ban And hope other coutries like US does it eventually

  • S.R. says:

    Thank You Jeff Mackey for posting this.

  • David says:

    Good for Israel. Anyone think of the Uzi or the Galil? Great…ban fur. Keep pumping out guns and bombs…but ban fur. Good for you.

  • Yaakov says:

    I’m proud to be israeli! love eretz israel! and to those people writing negative stuff about israel israel doesnt kill no children hamas does they throw rockets at israel and kill innocent kids AND DOGS in israel “palestinians” need to stop suicide bombing israel

  • Jim says:

    If you are going to ban fur why not also ban leather? It’s an animal product as well.

  • roxanne says:

    wow if this passes in Israel then I can only have respect for them for leading the way

  • Rita Poluchuck says:

    I hope other countries will follow in the same foot steps of this wonderful and compassionate country of Isreal.

  • Shari says:

    THANK YOU ISRAEL! This is good news to hear! You have my full support!

  • nicole says:

    Yeah Israel! It is great that a country is finally taking action! It is amazing that countries like the United States still think fur is “attractive” and “luxurious”. Why would someone want to wear a bloodied pelt? I hope countries will take Israel’s lead and stop the bloody killing of animals.

  • erica says:

    Rexs mom I had watched a documentry and there is a specialty dish in india which involves goat fetus in a soup!!its absoutley disgusting!!I don’t know but it doesn’t sound very humane to me more like animals abortionist

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The fact that India has 300 million vegetarians and major religions that oppose any form of cruelty against animals vindicates my comment. Ahimsa is a Indian creed for not causing any suffering to any being.

  • Rex's mom says:

    I am wondering what Brien on this site said about Thailand being an animal friendly nation. Unless they stopped Thais take baby elephants from their mothers and beats and tortures them to break their spirit so they can be used to pull lumber and other things. I hoped that country did stop torturning elephants and if they still do it it is still a very cruel country. Not too sure about India either. I think they do some cruel things to animals too.

  • farah says:

    What a wonderful thing that Israel is proposing to do. I just wish they would stop oppressing the Palestinian people as well.

  • Lori says:

    This comes to no surprise that the wonderful country of Israel would do this. I find it a shame that my own country United States has not banned such killings for fur! Its an Outrage to say the least. The next time you see someone in fur you might mention to them how so many helpless animals were killed so they could enjoy “a luxury” item. Viva Israel. IsraelNeshama

  • Robert says:

    Israel is one of the most educated countries on this planet per capita their people have the most degrees. This shows the aware and educated are the most caring compassionate and by being informed they know the suffering of animals is an important topic. We love Israel!

  • Brad says:

    David. My sentiments exactly. I posted something similar but i suppose it wasn’t approved by the blog owner.

  • David says:

    Wow one of the only good things Israel has ever done. Congrats to them. Now if only they’d stop bombing groups of small children in Palestine…

  • claudine says:

    I officialy love israel!!someone please give more information about the wonderful country and there humane lifestyle please!!america get with the program already!!

  • george says:

    i love you israel

  • lynda downie says:

    Way to go Israel!

  • Wayne Glasman says:

    Israel has long been one of the most humanitarian societies on the planet. Hunting is virtually nonexistent and their has always been a very strong proenvironment and wildlife recognition. Hopefully this ban will pass the Knesset and will be the beginning of a model for the world to emulate.

  • yvonne says:

    wow!.. I’m very impressed.. I do so hope it actually does go through.. and if it does.. surely a shining example to all the other countries.. who do and continue to support this ghastly trade.. by either producing fur ie. operating fur farms.. or importing fur pelts..or products derived form animal furs.. it’s time for them to move out of the ‘stoneage’

  • Tanya says:

    When this does happen this needs to make the news. Other countries need to wake up and realize WHY fur is being banned. People need to see that if one country is banning fur THERE IS A REASON FOR IT. From what I understand soon in Europe products tested on animals will be banned. This also needs to make worldwide news. We are a country that sticks our noses into everyone’s business but yet turns a blind eye to the torture and cruelty of animals. If it wasn’t for those whose hearts mind and souls cared about the animals our government obviously would not. I really pray for the sake of our animal companions other countries will follow in Israel’s footsteps.

  • Bernice Jasper says:

    Israel is a far better country then is often portrayed. Civilized democratic and humane.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Israel is replete with vegetarians meatless eateries dog and cat shelters and equine sanctuaries. The antfur movement is strong. A great book is Judaism And Global Survival by Richard H. Schwartz. India and Israel are two of the most animal friendly nations and so is Thailand.

  • carla says:

    High five Israel! Why don’t the rest of the “stubborn and ignorant” countries including my own USA wake the f….up and hop on board to end this Pathetic tradition of humans wearing fur. Because people who wear fur.. look like a bunch of morons!