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Irene Survivor Nikita Needs a Great Home

Written by PETA | September 19, 2011

After Hurricane Irene blew out of Hampton Roads, where PETA is headquartered, we described some of the animals PETA rescued during the storm. One frightened dog, Nikita, was found alone in a pen, where he had only one sheet of plywood as “shelter.”

Since then, Nikita has thrived with his foster family, who tell us that he loves to run and play, gets along well with other dogs and with children, adores having his tummy and ears rubbed, and if allowed, “will lick you to death until you yell ‘Uncle!'” They quickly correct themselves, saying, “No wait, even then he’ll continue licking you.”

Nikita deserves an extra-special lifetime home, so PETA is looking for just the right family to adopt him. Nikita is about 1 year old, and he has been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, courtesy of PETA’s mobile clinic. If you live within driving distance of Norfolk, Virginia, and are prepared to give Nikita the love, care, and attention he needs,  please contact us at [email protected].


Written by Jeff Mackey

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